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  1. SIS

    Just different oils buddy, should still be fine!
  2. I had there oxy 50 and there wasn't jack s**t in them I should have known at a price of £20 ?
  3. Lol ? I always have a good laugh when I see a reply like this.
  4. Don't start taking roids at 16, your balls will become wee marbles and you'll stunt your growth, wait a few years on till you've maxed out your natural gains and then think about using steroids you'll get more out of them if you build yourself up first with out them.
  5. Holly s**t is that real? Can't get my head around it llf, I'll make sure that I don't get gyno lol
  6. Jezz that's bad gyno, I've never seen it that bad before, I'd be more worried about that than how i looked at the moment!
  7. Sorry buddy just realised that there's three pages and your at the top of this one lol
  8. Sorry buddy just realised that there's three pages and your at the top of this one lol
  9. Why are you asking were sis is from if it's baltic your thread is about? Are you saying the two are the same?
  10. It looks very like you are the source from your post's!
  11. That's christmas ruined ( he's fat.) lol joking buddy!
  12. I'd stuff sent from EU last week and on the tracker one of the stop of points it's said customs so I thought game over but it just put a little ✅ and moved on to the UK and was at my door two days later, but I made sure that i wasn't at home just incase, so when I did go home there was a card from parcel force saying left with next-door and it was to.
  13. Llf just noticed the date on the post ffs
  14. Were ever you buy your juice am sure that would be a good place to ask first