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  1. Sorry mate here's one from when my back was so bad I couldn't bench with my feet down
  2. Don't worry @Quackerz is s**t nobody listens to him
  3. It doesn't!
  4. If that squats in a suite it doesn't count lol
  5. @Donny dog post a video of your bench up
  6. You want to minimise exertion when warming up for a max I dont go over 5 reps on anything not even the bar for you id go the empty bar for a couple of fives (treat the bar like it's got your max on it no matter the weight respect it treat it as if it was heavy) do a set with 40kg for 5 if it felt slow do a triple if that wasn't fast do another you should be moving the bar quickly before you even think of going for something heavy then go 60kg for 2 80kg for 1 then try your max. Here's an example of my warm up on bench Empty bar 1-2 sets x5 60kg 1-2 sets x5 100kg I go 1x5 then do a few triples until the weight moves fast that's when I know everything is firing properly I'll do a 120 double and I'll make 10kg jumps toward my target weight going in triples then doubles then max
  7. Squats and deads Speed Squats Did 170kg 6x2 ironing out technical issues with my squat last set was my fastest so I think little tweaks are helping Speed Deadlift Did around 10x3 with 140kg again working on speedand form got some good speed up with the later sets then pulled a comfortable triple of 180kg
  8. Thanks mate hopefully I can get back on track
  9. I won't be benching next week at all haven't decided what I'll be doing instead but probably will just be some light isolation stuff
  10. Bench day Bench press 145kg 2x5 Close grip bench 130kg 2x5 Dumbell shoulder press 20s 1x20 35 35s 2x8 Cable flies 2x15 Shoulder raises 12s 2x15 Tricep push downs alternating grips 3x30 Pec is buggered.... everything is to be honest iv over done it lately iv ordered peptides recommended by @swole troll tb500 bpc and mgf to try get this pec working properly who knows mabey the tb500 will have some effect on my back too I may even chuck some npp in as i have zero intention of backing away from this competition
  11. Meh iv seen a man do a full power meet with 1 arm
  12. I realised I'm only 8 weeks out from the euros now so I'm backing off onto reps for a few weeks before I start 4 weeks of peaking. Squat day 215kg 2x5 Speed dead's 140kg 5x3 Leg press 180kg (plate loaded) 2x8 Abb wheel 3 sets Yoke 95kg couple of sprints up and down the hall 115kg couple more sprints 155kg walked the hall twice Chins 5x5 surprised these where easy. Yoke feels better seems to be aiding my back injury but it's still very much slowing me down. I have started taking ipam and mod grf 100mcg of each twice a day and 8IU of novo rapid which is taken pre workout I need to be pushing my recovery now I'm also considering some mgf and tb500 for a niggle in my peck Test is at 500mg per week no other anabolics being used
  13. Well done mate!
  14. Don't forget jaffa cakes I'm dead serious every meet iv been to I take jaffas this is based on advice from the president of the gpc who now in his 50s still pulls over 300kg
  15. Most important things to remember for the comp are 1 jaffa cakes and 2 spare boxers