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  1. Yes if you take a look at my bench that's exactly how I press I flare my elbows under the weight
  2. I recommend dave tates so you think you can bench series on you tube I don't agree with his ideas about pressing the bar in a straight line although I think he changed his mind on that one but the way he demos the set up is solid
  3. I'm doing my best just gotta get used to being hungry lol
  4. Sorry to high jack op but I have to ask @ElChapo what In your opinion is the best way to diet on t3 obviously a caloric Defecit is the major factor but would a low carb vs a low fat diet be for effective for fat loss?
  5. Tower block deadlift disaster! 200kg barbell and fat man fall through ceiling leading to death of couch potatoes watching jeremy klye below
  6. Thanks mate im pretty beat up from the constant meet prep so hopefully the break from heavy loading will sort me out
  7. Okay so after a not so good build up to a competition I had to pull out of due to injury i returned to the gym today I will not be competing again this year my current focus is rebuild repair and get less fat im on restricted calories not counting just cutting back on food and running t3 at 50mcg per day and I'll try do cardio when I can be arsed. Bench day Bench press 100kg 3x10 (boring ) Incline dumbbell flies 20s 2x12 Seated dumbbell shoulder press 30s 2x12 Cable flies 2x20 Sides raises 12.5s 2x12 Tricep push downs 2x20 One arm chest supported rows 2x15 Barbell row 100kg 3x5 Pec is in pain again so that sucks gonna visit the physio. Didn't really have a training plan today just winged it but I'll write something up soon
  8. I'm not gonna give deadlift advice to anyone as I suck at deadlift but with your bench your set up needs work you have zero stability on that bench and cutting yourself short as a result. So I can see you are attempting to arch but you're going the wrong way about it you seem to be arching up as the bar is on the decent you the arch needs to be locked in for the entire movement and needs to come mainly from the upper back and hips. Your arse is coming of the bench and your moving all over the place you're losing alot of power because of this and this is most likely due to the position of your feet and knees, when you drive with your legs and your knees are above your hips your arse will leave the bench you need to position your feet in a place that best allows your knees to be below your hips your feet can be what ever works best for you I bench on my toes and that works best for me but we're all built different find what's best for you, Once you find your ideal position remember to keep everything tight there's not a muscle in my body that isn't flexed when I bench people have laughed when I tell them to squeeze the glutes on the bench until they try it and see how it makes a huge difference. Also focus on pulling the bar down and storing tension into the muscles of the upper back.
  9. Yeh the bar just has to come to a steady halt you could be paused for ages on the chest but if the bar is wobbly you won't get the press comments also depending on the federation you lift in there us a start command before you can bring the bar down
  10. There actually isn't any requirements for a pause as in held for a second or two the judge is looking for a controlled stop of the bar on the chest then the press command can be given
  11. That's exactly what I do lol its better than getting bollocked every weekend and ruining squat day I can't drink in moderation I have one drink and thats it time to party lol
  12. Get smashed it'll be fun I do it a few times a year to remind myself why I don't drink lol I'm going away with the lads from work for a mad weekend in august to one of those parkdean resorts they have swimming pools and mini golf I can't wait lol
  13. I'm gonna skip the brits and do it next year, for now gonna work on rebuilding and improving a proper off season is needed
  14. One of my training partners is at 175kg at a bodyweight of 90kg never touched any peds