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  1. Deadlift day Deadlift no belt 190kg 2x5 best iv done for reps beltless Defecit deads 160kg 2x8 (easy) Barbell rows 100kg 2x8 Reverse hyperextension 10kg 2x15 Hyperextension 2x15 Hanging leg raise 2x15
  2. Come to central fitness mate world champion power lifters and all the equipment you need
  3. Thanks mate no offence taken
  4. It takes time mate you have to work it in slowly figure out where it all lines up most efficient, I used to bench thumb length away from the smooth with a pretty flat back over time I brought the grip out and improved the arch
  5. Thank's mate 190kg is nice, iv worked on this style of bench for a few years now mate its not as easy as it looks mobility is key even if your naturally suited to it
  6. Heard back yesterday they where very apologetic and assured me my belt will be here tomorrow
  7. Mate you could open heavier on the deadlift you wanna open on something you can double any day of the week
  8. 200kg Slingshot bench ig won't embed for some reason https://www.instagram.com/p/BR5qgHmjXhS/
  9. Bench day Bench 160kg 1x8 Slingshot bench 180kgx1 200kgx1 (pb) Dumbell chest press 35s 1x15 45s 1x10 Side raises 12.5s 2x15 Cable flies 1x25 1x1 Tricep push downs lots of reps Hammer curls lots if rep's
  10. 8s for size apart from legs 20s for legs
  11. Squat day Squats 210kg 2x5 rep pb Romanian deficit deadlift 160kg 1x8 (pb) 140kg 1x8 (misloaded) Reverse hyperextension 10kg 2x20 Hyperextension 2x20 Unilateral leg extension 2x20 Unilateral leg curl 2x20
  12. Comp day certainly gives me a edge it puts me in a completely different place mentally
  13. No cable flies.... routine sucks