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  1. of course they get suprised usually a smile is enough
  3. lol this happen they found a bomb forgoten from the WW2 and they evacuate the whole area in order to disarm it
  4. lovely!!! who is the real father?
  5. does whey have enough gloutamine already? fish oil helped me,i think,with joint pain,as anti iflamation but havent used fish oil for months and im ok i believe vit c helps for joint pain,also cold shower,ice,stretching,good form and crdio once in a while helped the most
  6. hey lads a gurl from London told me once in Greece how much did i paid for parking the car i told her its free nd she told mee that in London you pay for parking eveywhere,not in certain spots but everywhere she was right or exhaugurating?
  7. im reading Middlemarch fuk me,right ?
  8. well you deserved that for that warrior film avatar you have
  9. noone remembers the second m8
  10. Don't call pregnant women 'expectant mothers' as it might offend transgender people, BMA says
  11. do three triples on your 80% RM alternate from Front to Back
  12. squat every day
  13. say : bitch stfu and suck this dick
  14. lol i ve seen the vid before he aint swedish he is