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  1. so its not matter of big cities .. m8 you have a mayor who justifies the terrorism of his people against your people and you support this sht this is madness this is London
  2. you call that free democracy? you re getting a free kokhold m8
  3. really son? tell that to Tokyo a city with 14 mil population zero musllims imigrants and zero terrorism
  4. not a ssingle answer was given on that day
  5. lol umad? you say that this is the best you can? a muslim mayor who said Terror Part of Living in Big City
  6. how come and you have muslim mayor?
  7. it could be worst lads if he was at Sweden he could have said he is 12 and set new world record
  8. agreed but now that i found someone who selling so pure goat's milk so cheap i should prefer ir
  9. 1)pussy 2)coach squattinh tree fiddy 3)Pyrros
  10. in everyway i.e. goats are free range and have no hormones to maximize their milk production
  11. they sell it 1 euro per littre on market ready,meanwhile goat's milk costs 2.60 goat's milk is superior
  12. they chose an muslim imigrant kid to hold the flag on the national day of revolution against muslims and they allowed her to wear that thing on her head keep in mind that there is dress code for the students on the parade that they must wear all a certain uniform and nothing else damm we ve been cokked
  13. we were enslaved to muslims for nearly 400 years and we celebrate the day of the begining of revolution with street parade,a student and a military and every school gives the flag to a student to lead this is 2017 celebration
  14. whale?