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  1. so guys can you help me choose? ill buy from this site the language is greek but the features and brands are in english you just choosing the desirable features
  2. oh there are so many things to keep in mind.. i think i ll stay with this bad boy
  3. i think im close to chose i have a question, some phones have gps as an extra and im wondering why? isnt it easy to just download it? aslo is radio useless? it is also as an extra to some phones
  4. apparently it depend on your goal but .. lets have a thread like this,if there is not one already mine are the weighted back extensions and push ups
  5. i agree but if a mainsteam journalist liked him and wanted to broadcast this video but censored it,it wouldnt make any sense nough with BS,wut he deadlifted on that day?
  6. well,i thought you were joking then but you were right
  7. hey guys,lets have a thread like this for the moment i dont have scientific results to back up,only my personal experience in the past years i began using ice on injuries,shoulders mostly and knees,and pain lower dramatically then i move to having cold showers after work out especially after a heavy work out,and i think it was more reliefing than warm water,not sure though and lastly i tried some winter swimming, i did it only 3 times till now and only the last one i stay in the water lonng enough,20 minutes, and that last time i had pain in my lower back cos i lifted after many days off,after the swim in the cold sea,it was November,i felt much better like 70% of the pain gone. the question is do they really work or its just a placebo?
  8. cold shawers fast diet (not sure) vit D zinc boron magnesium sex (with a woman)
  9. never say no to a nice travel,book,meal,chick
  10. you got to iced it
  11. there it is i found it i remember i made this thread so im reading David Coperfield now its quite nice read