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  1. Since you use just 25 mcgrm, and do so in a single dose, when do you use it? Is there a specific time/protocol you use?
  2. Welcome buddy.
  3. Welcome buddy.
  4. Took it resting on the bed. I definately don't get enough cardio for sure.
  5. Worse. Stevie Wonder could teach Ray Charles to drive and he would get a fcuking license. Riding my motorcycle is a bit like Russian roulette, fortunately there are no laws governing loud pipes here and most bikers make them loud on purpose - if they can't see you, at least they may hear you.
  6. The booms tick a a pressure activated shotgun she'll in a tube. Most use rifles, more accurate, less damage to the head and hide, which they sell. If you're out in the everglades shooting something goes unnoticed for the most part, the FWC Officers (Fresh Water Commission) get alerted to it the same way the regular cops get alerted to dead bodies dumped in the glades, masses of vultures flying in circles and taking turns to land and have some lunch.
  7. They usually give us a wide berth which is good. My kid has a small aluminum Jon boat which rocks like crazy when you move, I'm always wondering what's right below us as I am standing up wobbling around trying to take a piss and not fall in
  8. I've seen videos where they're on the green and eat the ball as it's hit towards them.
  9. I usually run around 130/80 to 140/90 Can't say I took close to beginning the T3 but after years of high blood pressure and treating it with pills I have a fairly good feel for when it's creeping up.
  10. Ran one over by accident on a dark road once. Used to catch the small ones all the time when fishing in the everglades. They usually only come up to the houses if there are small pets (food) or small kids, a gator took a 2 year old a few months back at a Disney hotel. They get mean and aggressive during mating season though. I have a video somewhere of one of my officers trying to move a big sonofabith out of the road by bumping it with his police car, the gator turns and rips the front bumper of of a ford crown victoria.
  11. Not an accident, but Radiation therapy to my neck/throat for months. It burns the cancer on the inside and burns the outside of the neck too. It destroys your taste buds and your saliva glands. Burnt. Dry. No saliva. Constant pain and the feeling of sandpaper every time you try to swallow - even water.
  12. The lake behind my son's house, and what's in it......besides gators His house is on the left with my red minivan parked outside.
  13. Central Florida, about 30 miles east of Tampa.
  14. We are surrounded by lakes, they put them in all new communities as an anti-flood measure, they are all loaded with gators, and water moccasins. Here is the view from my upstairs movie room.
  15. She's 30 mate, twice as old as @Disclosure likes 'em.