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  1. Welcome buddy. Canada is cold, England is mostly, Sunni, but can be Shia.
  2. Welcome buddy.
  3. New

    Welcome buddy.
  4. Says the Spaniard in London shagging like an alley cat
  5. It's all about adaptation to change. I'd you get stale bread, make bread pudding, right?
  6. Fcuk all. We would just move on.
  7. It's not the money mate, this is uk-m, it's the aggravation of ordering something and not getting it. It's the hassle that's the issue.
  8. Why are so defiant? Maybe a side of the D'bol? I seriously would like to hear what you think you should do?
  9. You forgot the actual message, "Josh is busy right now with his scumbag friends and some coke, but he's promised to get a job soon, if this is a prospective emoloyer, just kidding."
  10. Nice, and that's for free?
  11. True that, and what's worse is some of the serious sh1t is nothing but a joke too
  12. Someone once said to me that it's 80% diet and 20% weights (leaving aas out of the equation), after getting my lifing in order, I am tending to believe him, I've always struggled with the diet part. Welcome buddy, and good luck.
  13. Never let logic get in the way of a sense of humour mate, it's not good for you
  14. There's a downside to everything I guess