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  1. Fcuk me that's a lot of food mate
  2. 8 years on gear.....8 I say!
  3. Help with what mate? You just got back on a bulk and your cuts don't work....what direction you going in?
  4. Yup, could well be mate.
  5. Strange bro, be interesting to see what the Doc says, some are definately in locations where lymph nodes are located, but some are not from the sounds of things. I was thinking localized infections like cat scratch fever, insect bites and such.
  6. Who's the guy in the pink? I need him to show me his delts workout!
  7. Big Daddy STE would win the prize for 2016 for sure.
  8. I'm already in that boat dude, my 3 and 5 year olds both speak Arabic and English, when my wife speaks to them in Arabic I'm lucky if I catch the odd word or two.
  9. Your wife is from Europe? Have her teach you European, I hear it's an easy language to learn.
  10. Or in this case, how macho he ain't.
  11. Any infections bro, colds, coughs, flu? Any skin/scalp issues you've been scratching? Any animal bites/scratches (cats in particular), insect bites?
  12. But everyone's a tough guy instead.
  13. How big are they? Are they just under the skin?
  14. No issues. Using Pharmacom sib. Use it only every now and again though.