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  1. Yup, familiar with Gilden Coral, althiugh not a big fan. I go to a really good all you can eat sushi place - high quality sushi at a good price. You can order as much as you want, but they charge you extra if you order stuff and don't eat it. The sushi rolls are typically 8, 10 and 12 pieces per roll and they charge you an extra 25 cents for each piece you don't eat.
  2. Four sheep! You planning a dirty weekend mate?
  3. I bet they stepped up the security with Prince William being there.
  4. Chelsea 2 - 1. Love to see arse-n-w@nkers sour puss when he loses.
  5. Never happen to missus thinks putting gas in the car is a blue job, coincidentally I always seem to be the one using the cars when they are low on gas.
  6. You melted the wax and now have an ear shaped candle, just stick a wick in it and light it up, the wax will soften and drain out.
  7. I think he uses Castrol not Synthrol though.
  8. U wat mate? U lookin fa bovver? I would rejoin mate but my ladyboy loving, Muslim hating, conspiracy theory, flat earth, NWO, Internet fighting skills just aren't up to it anymore. And besides, I don't have 18 inch guns and can't be bothered with all the bashing people to make them your friends nonsense. I guess I'll just have to stay half a septic mate.
  9. How much was it for bro? A Farthing over three Guineas and it requires special attention.
  10. Fat people love buffets, obviously. Can't help wondering if the buffet owners see the really fat people coming in and realize they'll lose money on them, but love it when the anorexic looking customers walk in.
  11. I thought they all had a crack in the vagina?
  12. With your personality if you could have one drink, one cookie, one anything, you would be addicted, obviously you cant. Access is an important key, if it's not in your house you can't eat it at night, not without a lot more work or effort. Don't buy the sh1t and keep it out of your house. Use a sugar substitute for a while and see how that goes. We know it's not an issue of willpower, but it's obviously a bit more difficult to control an addiction if you're surrounded by what youre addicted to...just ask @Disclosure.
  13. Welcome....errr buddy? (Chris/Krissy).
  14. Welcome buddy, I always found the south coast a good place to get mussels, cockles too.