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  1. Cheers Lee I appreciate you're feedback mate
  2. RW is an absolute monster isn't he, pictures of him scare me, f**k knows what he looks like in person
  3. I Have to agree with you on this actually, the combination of all the above seems to be the general feeling regarding gut growth. roelly winklaar If I'm not mistaken sorted his gut after spending time in Kuwait mind you.
  4. I second to that regarding the malt loaf lol tasty as f**k !!
  5. Morning all Is my Lilly Legit ? Any help would be appreciated guys @Dead lee @DLTBB @ah24 @Pscarb@noel @GMO
  6. I'm pretty sure exogenous insulin contributes to gut growth
  7. the force obviously
  8. how many times do you want to say adex
  9. Does seem rather cheap tbh , may be it's an introductory price. But still, I won't be using
  10. I bet he's "ROARING" to get started, or should that be raring
  11. no but GainTrain Pharma would be a cool name
  12. I thought I was pissing orange juice when I ran tren
  13. the whole subject of Insulin is so conflicted, seems every one has their own believes / protocol etc
  14. On the contrary my good man. I think you'll find a lot a guys on here source on line, including my self