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  1. I guess so, me personally I don't smoke, drink or party hard, so i would say i save quite a bit in comparison to others that do.
  2. if you can't afford it, why even contemplate the idea
  3. I can vouch for this, pounding headaches, none stop eating & some WT, I agree not worth the time or money. hence moving to hyge now
  4. just try it bud & see how you get on, one things for sure it hurt like hell pushing in, PIP was very bad also , must be the carrier oil or something, If it does hurt I would try mixing it with your other oils & see if that helps
  5. orals kill my appetite too, especially drol, even at 50mg, killed mine by end of week one. Like your self I opted to try inject version. unfortunately for me it killed it even quicker !!
  6. alright bud, what about Hygetropin 100iu kit's ? not sure if their green tops though, pic doesn't show viles
  7. The names Anthony not Trevor & things are not that bad, but thank you for the concern
  8. ye 10 weeks is rather short, 14 weeks min (my opinion) 16-20 weeks where the magic really happens for me. unfortunately EQ requires patience & quite a bit of oil lol & yes of course with NPP/TREN/DECA your going to see quicker more dramatic results.
  9. 600mg of EQ & did nothing ? firstly 600mg of EQ most would say is moderate & how long did you run it for bud ?
  10. it was a rendition of a rap, "spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics" & no I'm not retarded but thanks for asking
  11. "look.. old n fat walks out cuz he's paranoid, quick get his ass another steroid !! "
  12. £110 a day allowance for food & drink ? that's bloody good going if so mate, are you sure that doesn't include your lodgings ?