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  1. I think the main problem is guys are taking to much. I've read guys saying 100mg of d'bol & some one else saying 150mg of drol, no wonder they feel like s**t !!
  2. Milos Sarcev apparently got him self into trouble injecting calf's, synthol I think
  3. 14 years & not one major issue can't be just luck but if aspirating makes you feel comfortable & safe then by all means
  4. no s**t depends where you shoot !!
  5. there's no way you were deep enough in that case, where did you shoot out of curiosity ?
  6. no need if you go in deep enough ( so the Mrs said)
  7. just because it's a great deal, it means nothing, up to you my man. why not just stick to a good lab that has a been tried & tested. There's plenty of good UGL to choose from
  8. never heard of them my self, so i'll stick to tried & tested just googled them, there's a little info
  9. I keep saying this, why pay when you can get everything you'll ever need for free lol
  10. My first run with Wildcat & I'm up 90lbs (joke by way) But ye I know what you mean bud
  11. Wildcat, loving it !!
  12. hmmmmm We are talking about green tops here right bud ? Might have to go IM in that case, It's my first run with Hyge GH, only three weeks in so it's to early to tell I guess Ye I've been looking at ansomone & Genotropin (something to think about no doubt)
  13. I was assured that it will pass eventually. How did you get on with hyge in general ?
  14. Ditto !! I'm starting to look like bubble wrap !!
  15. that's exactly what I thought. but there's a member on here who's ran Lantus 30iu AM & 20iu PM before bed for 4 weeks. Me personally I would never start insulin that high, I would taper up weekly & assess how I react.