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  1. I put 10 lbs on eating lard, does that count ??
  2. Liver her alone !!!
  3. been looking at cialis my self, great benefits regarding NO, BP & prostate. Thinking of going with WC my self
  4. I'm using the same test bud & the pip's quite bad. Was advised to warm oil before hand, but didnt make much difference. Try it though. Either muster through rotating or change lab like you suggested.
  5. Would proper use be 1-3 iu with 2-3 meals per day? & 4-6 weeks on & the same off ?
  6. yes you can run it for 12 weeks & gain well i'm sure, me personally I run for at least 16 weeks & longer if still gaining.
  7. don't waste anymore of your time with this !!
  8. It's the same person buddy !!
  9. him / her by any chance ?? Oh & we can all tell what clubs you got to
  10. If I'm not mistaken I can't see Arnold !!
  11. Cool. I'm like your self, 30-40mg is more than enough. I've read guys on here going up to 100mg ED & yet they wonder why they feel like s**t !!
  12. Do you whole dose either pre or post. Or split the dose pre & post ?
  13. On the contrary my good friend. Luckily for me she has two glass eyes !!