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  1. I never get night sweats thank god , but what i do get is hot flushes through out the day, acid reflux I get bad, insomnia I've just started getting, libido through the roof 2 weeks in !!
  2. try it, not sure what your expecting to gain & keep though.
  3. they're still about mate, found em
  4. I pin blue 23g 1/4 in my delts with no issues.
  5. every time I go I get a box of everything, blues, greens , barrels, swabs, 100 in each if memory serves me well & a sharps box of course !!
  6. that's my view. if bodybuilding isn't expensive enough as it is, why pay for something if you can get it for free
  7. I guess if it's convenient & it works for then fair enough mate I work in Birmingham city centre so it's convenient for me to pop in & pick em up
  8. it's not an illegal sex traffic organisation mate lol you go in ask for what you need / want. they bag it & you go
  9. all from needle exchange for free, simples !!
  10. how much bloody gear do you keep lol
  11. I do all my jabbing at work & no I'm not a professional boxer
  12. gear on the road / gear on tour / gear spill
  13. oh & by the way, anavar only is pretty much gay tbh mate, what are you expecting ???
  14. I'd quit the gym no doubt !!
  15. I've used Iveco before, great trucks. our business wouldn't be the same with out them !!