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  1. Should you only be nice to people you're in a committed relationship with? I can't see why people think it's acceptable to play a part in potentially hurting and ruining someones life who hasn't done any harm to you. What s**t person you must be.
  2. I wouldn't sleep with someone in a relationship and have turned down women before because she had a boyfriend. Always try and be nice to people who haven't done me any harm so wouldn't feel comfortable doing that to another bloke. So yes, you're a c**t
  3. I'm interested to see the results.
  4. I had used them once before without any problems. Wouldn't use them again. It wasn't like they made one mistake and put it right straight away. They tried to ignore me for ages. I used goldenglo last time.
  5. You said you're certain it's not under dosed and then at the end, say a new batch can be worse and many labs start good and turn to shit. Which one is it? You can't be certain some isn't under dosed.
  6. 001-30530 but to be honest I wouldn't trust that the batch number means anything. It's not like they will print out new labels ever time as this will cost them money
  7. I'm certain the sis labs test e 300 is underdosed but I wouldn't believe a random report on a internet forum.
  8. Maybe I got a bad batch. No doubt this is under dosed
  9. I'm chucking my sis test e and ordering from pharmcom again. I'm sure the one I have from sis labs are bunk or under dosed
  10. I have been using pharmacom test e for ages. I couldn't get hold of it so have switched to sis labs. I've been using sis labs for 4 weeks now and my libido has crashed and I've started getting acne. I never get acne on cycle, usually get it during pct. This stuff is either bunk or under dosed.
  11. Yes it was uk-melanotan.com. I finally got my money (well most of it) after I threatened to leave bad reviews all over the internet. They didn't even know how much I spent despite me giving them the order number. They still refunded me the wrong amount despite me telling them how much it was. They had no intention of replying to me and giving me a refund until I started leaving bad reviews and suddenly they wanted to give me a refund.
  12. Hahaha. Clearly had other things on my mind!
  13. I've done this for years. I pour it into whole milf or protein shakes. Not had any problems so far.
  14. My ex is a teacher and got a 2.2. It's not a problem.