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  1. Hahaha. Clearly had other things on my mind!
  2. I've done this for years. I pour it into whole milf or protein shakes. Not had any problems so far.
  3. My ex is a teacher and got a 2.2. It's not a problem.
  4. I mentioned before that I was scammed by uk-melanotan.com. I put in an £56 order and it wasn't ever sent out and they were ignoring my emails. I sent another email telling them I was leaving bad reviews telling people what happened. Funny enough, they responded to this one and said they would give me a refund if I deleted all my bad reviews. I did and I was finally refunded £51. The idiot couldn't even get that right despite asking me how much my order was (he had no idea depite me giving him my order number) but losing £5 is much better than £56. He only refunded me as i told him I was going to post on as many sites as I could. I would still wouldn't advise anyone uses them!
  5. I ordered from uk-melanotan.com on the 27th September and haven't got anything yet and they are ignoring my emails. I had used them once before and didn't have any problems but seems like I might have lost my money. I put in an order with Golden Glo a couple of days ago and already had it delivered. I still have big problems with their website loading but I'll use them from now on.
  6. This is so true. I never get hit on when I'm single. As soon as I'm in a relationship I get offers! Pisses me off!
  7. I've ordered elsewhere now. Couldn't ever get their site to load.
  8. Does anyone else have problems with their website? For me, every page takes ages to load.
  9. If my girlfriend did that to me I would end it. I wouldn't be able to trust her and would end up having to hide things from her in case she couldn't keep her mouth shut.
  10. When did this happen?
  11. Liquid calories. It's an easy way to get lots of calories in. Takes away all your excuses. Takes less than a minute to drink a litre of whole milk. Sort your diet out and stick with it beforestarting a cycle
  12. At Asda a can of tuna is 54p, 26g protein. You can get eggs there for 8p each.
  13. Yeah. You would be stupid to use any PED's if you were a footballer. They are given long contacts and even the average players get paid well. The risk/ reward isn't worth it. It's not like MMA where you'll only get paid well if you keep on winning. Look at Rooney. Been s**t for years but still one of the best paid.
  14. You have failed to get your training and diet right but looking into starting a steroid cycle. Surely you can see this is stupid! You're not eating enough and taking steroids won't change this fact. You'll end end up in the same position after your cycle unless you learn to eat more. I only weigh 90kg and if I was eating 3000 calories I would very quickly lose loads of weight. You can't expect to be bulking on that. Bump your calories up to 4000- 5000 calories and you'll put on weight.
  15. Eat more than you are now. It's that simple. Try drinking calories if you struggle to eat enough (whole milk is good)