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  1. I hardly drink now and never have more then 2 drinks if I go out. I'm not surprised that the article says the older people are drinking more than younger people. I've been single and dating a lot the past 2-3 years. Whenever I've dated an older women (40-50 years old), every single one of them , and their friends, drunk a huge amount and all thought their drinking is normal.
  2. This is the question I'm most interested in. Anyway, I would get my testosterone tested using medichecks before going to the doctors to check it is low. If you go to the doctors too soon and it's within normal levels they won't test yo again anytime soon.
  3. I would do this. Bang on their door every time they wake you or their kid up. Also complain to the council several times every day. Be as annoying as you can until it stops.
  4. You can still have a tv. I know someone that used had one and used it to watch DVDs. He let an inspector in and as it wasn't set up to watch tv he was fine.
  5. I'm 33 and I've never owned a tv in my life apart from when I lived with a girlfriend, that was her tv and I never watched it. I've had one visit about ten years ago. Told him I don't watch tv and he asked if he could come in but I said no. Never heard anything again.
  6. Yeah, he did. I expected him to lose the fight when it was announced.
  7. Too right he didn't want a rematch. He was well past his best at this point. He was nearly 38 and taking on a a big, talented, young and undefeated (apart from one where he got injured) fighter on a weeks notice was brave as it was.
  8. Lot's of fighters can good good against average fighters. You can't tell how good someone is until they fight the best. Haye has massive weaknesses -Poor chin -Poor infighter -very bad footwork -Awful stamina and can't maintain a fast pace. -He isn't technically very good. I can see why he avoids fighting anyone with a pulse. Can't blame him, he has managed to trick people into thinking he is good and made money fighting the likes of Harrison and Bellow.
  9. It is his fault. It's 5-6 years since he fought Klitschko and hasn't fought anyone decent since. He isn't even trying to get proper fights these days.
  10. Should you only be nice to people you're in a committed relationship with? I can't see why people think it's acceptable to play a part in potentially hurting and ruining someones life who hasn't done any harm to you. What s**t person you must be.
  11. I wouldn't sleep with someone in a relationship and have turned down women before because she had a boyfriend. Always try and be nice to people who haven't done me any harm so wouldn't feel comfortable doing that to another bloke. So yes, you're a c**t
  12. I'm interested to see the results.
  13. I had used them once before without any problems. Wouldn't use them again. It wasn't like they made one mistake and put it right straight away. They tried to ignore me for ages. I used goldenglo last time.
  14. You said you're certain it's not under dosed and then at the end, say a new batch can be worse and many labs start good and turn to shit. Which one is it? You can't be certain some isn't under dosed.
  15. 001-30530 but to be honest I wouldn't trust that the batch number means anything. It's not like they will print out new labels ever time as this will cost them money