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  1. main factor is time, no ones realises how long it takes especially if training Natural plus as other said everyone widely underestimates Bodyfat. just keep plugging away and you will get there.
  2. simple math will determine how much you will weigh at 12% based on how much you weigh now and what your bodyfat is currently, take into account some muscle loss and you should have an idea.
  3. I do work at all the compounds they are my bread and butter lifts, my goal is size and aesthetics and I am classed as one of the stronger ones for my size in my gym, but still nothing in comparison to you lot.
  4. that turd looks a tad dry to be a fox, the ones that get left in my garden are wet enough for the damn dog to roll in.
  5. what a great thread some seriously strong folks out there, makes my lifts look puny. ( Note to self my main lifts need work)
  6. Welcome, as others have said just lift weights and eat food, post up your training program,and diet. Tons of advice on here before you go down the Gear route.
  7. In Brazil its compulsory to vote, proving you voted is important when you need anything that involves federal bureaucracy, like getting new documents, leaving the country, sometimes even starting college. You could be as harsh as saying no vote No National health. depends how far you want to push it.
  8. agreed 6 week test and see how i go, if it works i am trying it for Legs as nothing seems to bring my quads up to any size
  9. Mine are just under will let you know if i get to 100 reps and whether i get over 17 inch arms, sure its a load of BS to be honest but mixes up my program for a couple of weeks,
  10. First week was damn sore after the 4th day, but by 7th day my body had got use to it, One thing to note increased strength, I lateral raise the 17.5kg with ease and can even get the 20kg moving, before i did it i struggled with the 15kgs At the moment i am testing the 100 reps with a standard 7ft barbell twice a week, supposedly you can only achieve this if you have around 17 inch arms. I got up to 60 reps at the moment ( last 15 cheats to be honest).
  11. From mild experience i can say they work, I did Lateral side raises every day at home 2 x 50 reps with a weight i could handle for 4 weeks as a test. I also did a 1 shoulder workout per week. I saw growth for sure and would look to do it again potentially. All i would say was i seemed to gain more niggles in my shoulders, No way i could do it any longer than 4 weeks. Next one i am looking at doing is 4 weeks of Squats or lunges.
  12. sounds like my Wife, will moan she is not losing weight even though she is "dieting" then sneak is the Kitchen for a choccy biscuit
  13. what is one persons Deficit is not another's, example being my metabolism is damn slow. takes ages for me to lose weight Also does she drink enough water?
  14. so true great information in this thread, keep sending it across to my mate who is always looking for the "secret"
  15. everything I read Carbs and DNP = Major Heat and sweats, I get the idea of eating plenty of fruit, Veg and water as DNP seems to be harsh on the body.