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  1. Local guy in my gym is vlogging about his prep for a coming show. here is part 1. Gives an indication of what it takes, sure others can relate.
  2. Need to get a pair of Elbow Sleeves, any recommendations on whats the best for say under £30.00. cheers
  3. intrigued to see what difference they make, claim to thicken the entire arm
  4. got a set of beast grips this week very similar to fat grips, and a lot cheaper
  5. welcome enjoy the banter
  6. there was a recent BBC program about steroids think it was Reggie Yates who was on it or that Doctor who has a twin they talked about drug testing and the fake penis. On the show Mike Tyson was discussed and he was on Steroids, I also watched the documentary about him at a younger age and it was suggested on that program as well. In his Autobiography Undisputed truth sure he mentions steroids as well.
  7. Old school Bodybuilders including Arnold use to talk about putting full fat Cream in their diet when bulking, cannot be that healthy though.
  8. wow i am being a pussy, its a tad achy that's all.
  9. Thanks guys guessed as much, need to work on the technique for sure
  10. Pinned for the first time yesterday with Test E, chose Quad over glute so i could see what the hell i was doing, wanted to ask whether a little bit of localised Discomfort in the quad is normal, woke up this morning with a slight ache like I have bruised it Cheers
  11. all in the same shake? sounds a tad Yang. the Whey and powdered Oats yep, but with Evoo as well?
  12. Sept 2015 to March 2016
  13. Calf pinning that sounds bonkers, sure i read on here someone was doing it
  14. Be worth you writing out your current training and diet, give these guys a chance to help you achieve your goals.
  15. start 300 kcal under and work towards 500kcal basically dropping Kcals when i stall. then introduce cardio to keep things moving. have been known to keep carbs to a minimum on non training days.