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  1. you do each body part once per week?
  2. Give a run down on what you do and how many times a week for legs, your teardrop has come on leaps and bounds
  3. Those 60kg look small, must be you making them look that way
  4. Used it and can say it works for sure, I was taking 75mg, cutting those tabs in 1/2 was a pig though. for me it kicked in on about the 10th day with strength increase, size gains from about 2 1/2 weeks in.
  5. Welcome enjoy the banter and knowledge lots of both here, and do not let @Sparkey upload your profile pic
  6. Maybe a quick run of DNP is not such a great idea
  7. one from your personal stash Sparkey?
  8. My old boxing club had cables with an attachment similar to the one above, other idea is resistant bands , you put the middle of the band round the back of your head hold the ends in each hand then tilt head back and forth or side to side, or as you have stated Neck rolls, you need to start very slow with those do not attempt what Mike Tyson did back in the day, Go slow pulling a muscle in your Neck is not fun
  9. sniffles to mild cold then yep still go, anything above that nope rest up and get over it quicker.
  10. How about Black Coffee or Green tea with Sweetener, I find a cup of coffee with Sweetener stops the hunger and i do the same in the afternoon with a Green Tea
  11. Great advice @Sparkey, will be coming to you for advice if need be once i source some DNP, want to run it to see where i get.
  12. damn your arms look way bigger than mine for some reason. we are the same height and arms measure about the same size.
  13. Nope 16.5" , 18" has always been the goal, closest i got was 17,5" non pumped, Vetran what you packing?
  14. I cannot squat ATG, and to be honest spent many a wasted year do 3/4 range of motion squat. just below parrell is enough, mess about with the rep range till you find a number that works. Calves is somewhat genetic but i think it does depend what you did when you were younger say between 15 to 25, i spent all day on my feet moving about with work plus playing rugby, my calves are big for my overall size.
  15. just realised this is a totally separate alleged crime to the gang rape in Ramsgate with a very similar story. http://www.kentlive.news/ramsgate-gang-rape-8217-trial-the-story-so-far-as-four-men-accused-of-attack-on-girl-set-to-hear-fate/story-30343438-detail/story.html makes you wonder what has happened with society