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  1. It will almost certainly cause a bit of water retention and increase your hunger, so imo not great for a cut
  2. Do you go for their US or european peptides?
  3. I did my first jab of TTME & sust on Saturday, no PIP whatsoever. Will update results in a few weeks time.
  4. You could start at deansgate locks, then walk up to spinningfields, a few good bars there like Alchemist and the Milton club
  5. I've gone very brown - and did so since the first week, but I want a shade or 2 darker. im jabbing 500mcg EOD. if I don't go any darker this next week ill just drop to 500mcg 1x per week with 1 sunbed to maintain. The mrs started same time as me and is dosing the same, she's naturally ginger and freckles have come out everywhere with her, but her skin is far from brown as yet but it's getting there. No doubting the stuff's legit, ordered from peptidesuk
  6. I've been on MT2 for a couple of weeks now, been on sunbeds maybe 6 times in that period. Before using MT2 I would always use a tan accelerator cream when using a sunbed, but I've figured there's not much point now? I have heard it said these accelerators are not much more than glorified moisturising creams, but would it be worth using still with me using the beds more regularly to protect skin maybe?
  7. What's your reason behind dropping the dose?
  8. As per title, any ideas? None of the manufacturers of super greens which I've come across actually specify vits/mins, we assume plenty as they typically state 1 serving is approx. 5 portions fruit/veg, but is it the equivalent in nutrients? I've recently started taking multi vits too (and I eat 2-3 portions fruit & veg per day, struggle to get any more hence the greens & multi vits)
  9. Vit D3 Huperzine A MK 677 Krill Oil ZMA
  10. I went a couple of years back, my favourite holiday destination for sure. We stayed at MGM grand, absolutely loved the hotel. Seemed a bit far out tho, although just at the end of the strip, walking even out of the grounds took long enough, nevermind down the strip too. Thinking of staying at Cosmopolitan next time. I went to Cirque De Soleil "0" at the Bellagio, highly recommend it, it's the most spectacular show I've ever seen. Regarding the Grand Canyon, the helicopter tours I believe take you to the "west rim", which is the commercialised part closer to Vegas, but after some reading I discovered the west rim is not part of the actual Grand Canyon National park. Which means you're not really seeing the real deal (not seeing one of the wonders of the world) by going to the west rim. Problem is the North/South rims aren't catered for by helicopter rides (too far away I guess), so we went in a mini bus with a small group of other tourists - which took iirc approx. 5 hours each way including a stop or 2 (one of which being on Route 66, which was worth the visit). The travel time was a ball ache, but overall worth it. I recommend the Alize at the palm for Michelin star fine dining - if that's your thing - which was absolutely superb. For clubbing, Hakkasan at the MGM grand is one of my favourite clubs, and I've been to many! Wet republic pool party also a must-do for me. My preferred casinos were at cosmopolitan and caesars palace.
  11. I'm not so bad on the drinking side, but at a guess im down £5k this year so far from gambling - which has been an increasingly concerning habit for maybe 2 years now. It must be said, the combination of drinking and gambling is an ill-fated one. There's a reason Vegas casinos ply you with free alcohol! Just this weekend I went from £270 down on app gambling, to £30 up at the casino, to £300 up back on app. Banked that, but then put more and more back in again, forever chasing more wins. Ended the weekend £540 down! Therein lies the problem, winning never seems enough - you always want to win more... and that only ends in loss! And then chasing your losses. I had been "just" £200 down on sunday, then after a few beers at a friends bbq, ended up wasting another £340 chasing my losses. My crowning moment came in april, when, on holiday in Dubai on the last night there, I'd had a few drinks and managed to get up £2800 on roulette. I woke the mrs and told her we were staying a few more nights, we'd dip into savings and the money I had won and banked coming back would cover it. So we changed flights, booked another hotel for the extra few days etc. 2 days later, I'd reversed the withdrawal and wasted all £3200 (£400 was the original money I'd put in, technically only £400 down, but realistically £3200 was on its way before the addiction got the better of me again). Luckily for me I probably only drink once a fortnight, or I could well be bankrupt now, as resisting the urge to gamble becomes much harder whilst inebriated!
  12. Glad you're getting better pal. To summarise, it seems Naproxen is the main culprit, and MK added to the swelling due to the water retention? Neither myself, nor my brother who also uses MK, have ever experienced this side. My brother does seem to get lethargic tho, whereas I do not. That edema looked pretty horrific I have to say!
  13. Other than the lethargy, did you get anything else from the MK? Any noticeable improvements in physique? The side I tend to get is a bit of bloat, always add a few lbs of water first week or so, which remains until I stop. I get a nice feel good factor tho, and strangely feel tighter despite the water retention - which I don't actually mind, as when I'm off gear I feel small and weak anyway, so adding a few lbs - as long as just water - is a plus for me.
  14. Which brand are you using mate? I've used DNA 3x now, and can't say I've suffered too badly with it, despite only getting approx. 6 hours sleep a night. I'm currently 2 weeks in, but running alongside CJC1295 with DAC and feeling great to be honest. I'm on 30mg MK 677 ED taken before bed.