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  1. That's because she's English mate, too expensive for the bottom feeding immigrants I'm afraid. Love you really.......... maybe not. X
  2. No mate, that's how much you're women cost.
  3. Paella is old news mate........ Was amazing, would have been great without but the smoked bacon made it 10X better.
  4. Will take this on board and implement it,cheers mate. And in other news I present to you the waffle burger....... best thing I've ever fu**ing eaten.
  5. Buy in bulk from a top rated bulk supplier on a top rated source site. All I'm saying, please no PM's.
  6. It's a game everyone can play. Spot the bonzoid. Sure he is smart enough to change his writing style if he is here though, defiantly would still be trolling though. It'll be a tough one, I'm keeping my mouth shut if I spot him this time too though, board needs more entertainment. lol
  7. Bearable, I found it similar to test prop? Only product I have ever actually used from them, was decent. Only really use drol pre WO though, don't know about doing that every day....... lol Injectable D-Bol is smooth as butter if you wanted an alternative.
  8. Might bring my grip out even slightly more on my press then, see how I get on, I use my thumbs as a gauge from the smooth and grip it there, couldn't hurt to bring it out a touch more. Cheers.
  9. That's why most women avoid Spaniards......
  10. Stop jerking off @Frandeman.......
  11. Managed to sort it without being locked up. Managed to get in touch with the homeowner through the lady at the local shop and told him about the amount of people in and out of the house, the drugs and the noise, gave him his final notice same day and apologised. Not heard a peep since, hopefully it stays that way.