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  1. Cool story.
  2. Strong inquisitive post.
  3. Should well do.
  4. Just looked them up, seem decent, a fatter grip on the bar is exactly that at the end of the day.
  5. Well worth the £30. Cycle them in and out 8 weeks a time on your assistance or one training cycle at a time if you are running blocks.
  6. There has only ever been one man to ever land a blow on Chuck Norris. Chuck had to travel back in time to ensure he killed the man before the event occurred.
  7. Whichever you find you enjoy more, you'll always progress faster if you enjoy your training, found that out the hard way attempting 5/3/1 for three months. Food and progressive overload should be your primary concern, if you don't enjoy eating or adding weight to the bar lifting weights is not for you.
  8. @Skye666 loool
  9. I am native speaker 8/10 if that helps mate. X
  10. This, should smash it easily.
  11. Spend 8 weeks using fat gripz for every evercise, shouldn't need to worry about Grip after that.
  12. Don't listen to the above, simply follow the program as outlined.
  13. I wear two everywhere regardless in case of emergency. Should go without saying.
  14. Do you need the codeine or just like it?