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  1. Starting a cut tomorrow, will have two days at maintenance per week so I don't kill anyone. fu**ing hate it, will not feel guilty at all given that fact.
  2. True dat fam.
  3. Settle mate, was merely a jest, no need to twist your knickers. You don't seem to want to listen to anyone though so I'll just leave you to it, just try not to damage yourself. All the best.
  4. TBH I'm almost at the point of calling troll on this one. That you @banzi?
  5. It's still fu**ing stupid and you can't cherry pick a few paragraphs from these study's to justify not eating for a week, you just can't. Fair play, you want to do it but you seem very disillusioned as to what is going to happen here......
  6. Your body is not solely burning fats though, this is the issue and what you seem to not grasp.
  7. None of what you have written still does not have anything to do with a 7 day fast. As I said for this reason it's all irrelevant........
  8. As said all the study's you have posted are irrelevant, they do not directly correlate with a 7 day fast. 'Similar' does not mean you can use them to evidence what it is that you are doing and many have stated already. Why can you not understand this?
  9. Good journal, keep it going. Nice to see a woman on the forum that actually trains too. Reprezent.
  10. Would like to see @Skye666 read it....
  11. Seems awfully quite on here lately....
  12. Cheers, I'll keep an eye out. Oils still seem up to scratch, I'd still give the orals a go.
  13. Possibly. I'm fairly certain the new alpha is only doing 10mg vials out of Eastern Europe, no orals as far as I know. Still used a vial of the Tren in the vials and it's just as good though.
  14. Post pics with manufacturing dates if you can mate.