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  1. PIP can differ between compounds but is mostly defined by either the concentration of benzyl alcohol to oil or the concentration of the compound to the amount of oil. An injection with a T400 with a high BA concentration will hurt more than a T200 jab with a lower concentration if that makes sense, or any combination of either.
  2. Run Stronglifts, you'll progress nicely on that and it's simple to understand.
  3. I see where your coming from now mate. Makes more sense now.
  4. You do not need to lift maximally to develop absolute strength either, lifting maximally is usually reserved for meets where the aim is to display strength, building it is a whole different ball game.
  5. These are GTG. Get some HCG and use on cycle also.
  6. Each to their own I guess mate. Whatever works best.
  7. How is it less hassle? All you do with the pen is screw a new needle on, click it and off you go. Does not get simpler than that really IMO.
  8. Think the BIG DADDY used to drink that......
  9. Not going to be using AAS anymore, at least for the next few years anyway. As a result of this I'll be looking to compete in the GBPF (it's tested) as it's the fed I like the most. Not using PED's at all due to this as although it's easily done I prefer to just play by the rules TBF, not looking to break records.
  10. Inject some meth.
  11. Word.
  12. Food - Quinoa, chickpea, lentils and kale. Not much to look at but tasted good.
  13. Fvcking natty.
  14. That you BIG DADDY?
  15. Cows milk tastes better.