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  1. RC problems? If so incline is your best friend mate.
  2. lol Dips are good, decline feels odd for me though. Try incline benching for a while to bring your delt strength up, when you switch to flat you'll find a lot more power out of the bottom. What I noticed anyway.
  3. He may ban you again mate.
  4. I'm different, incline hits my chest hard, nice stretch on it, probably because my front Delts are overdeveloped. Switching back to flat next week though, I miss it. lol
  5. UKM crackheads out in full force.
  6. lol
  7. Never improved your English though did it? X @Heavyassweights, where are you?
  8. It's not the best mate, try asking for 1000 but buy 3. That's the price I had there. If you want legit, cheap gear Egypt is the place to go, 50p an amp in the pharmacys. Wouldn't travel just for that though.
  9. Can't blame a dog for being a dog. Same logic applies here.
  10. Are you getting your nebido from the NHS?
  11. Would agree with over/over. Used to use a mixed grip and my left bicep hated me for it. These days I'll use a hook Grip if it starts giving out.
  12. Fair point, I'm not on there much TBF.
  13. Run WS4SB3 and reduce kcals until your BW drops. Run the program indefinitely and add in sprints etc.
  14. Inclines going up, hit a max set of 100kg for 5 today + accessories.
  15. Decided not to lower kcals too much and add more cardio, some more HIIT also. 6 eggs and toast for breakfast.