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  1. 600mg that's crazy, in 1ml?
  2. Nice one what did you run it at?, was thinking tren e 600mg test 300mg and dimensions anadrol 50mg kickstart
  3. Any had experience with it gtg?
  4. Nice one, was that at 50mg a day and how long for?
  5. Anyone ran their anadrol?
  6. Ok cheers mate, that's what I will do. And would you suggest taking caber I have it on hand but My sex drive is fine and know signs Leaking nips or anything.
  7. Hi yeah I should of explained I have just started a Tren cycle two weeks prior to the lab work, 200 mg prop 400 mg Tren a, I am running taylor made with both, I am also running 25mcg of alpha pharma t3 so could this be why my thyroxine output is not optimal? I now think my adex is total bunk being running it at 0.5 eod. Any other help will be a apricated thanks. Ps just purchased some diffrent adex also letro and also Aromasin. Plan is too drop estrogen way down either with adex at 1mg eod or maybe use letro at a small dose then, switch over too Aromasin so my cholesterol doesn't take any more beating. What do use think?
  8. Also the tsh is in range so what you on about?
  9. I am currently running 25mcgs just now. As I said above.
  10. It's zentiva 1mg anastrozole, I should of got prolactin checked aswell maybe, what do you recon mate?
  11. Also taking 25mcg of t3 daily.
  12. Hi guys I was wandering if you could help me out been cruising on 250mg since may. Got labs done just before I go back on and it seems my oestradiol is high it's at 451 pmol/L I am currently taking 0.5 mg of adex eod should I increase the dose or run tamoxifen with it at 20mg a day?