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  1. Cheers pal
  2. Anyone ever used maxtreme pharma? Got a little bit of tren and test e of Facebook. Well priced. Codes check out on the maxtreme pharma website aswell. Just wanna know if anyone has any feedback from using them cheers
  3. Are these website or do I need to download them? I'm using my ps4 to watch
  4. Can anyone tell me any genuine online streaming sites for films? I used to use put locker but it's gone. I need a reliable one that actually has films and good quality. Thanks
  5. Hi. Iv decided I'm gunna compete on the 25th September this year but got a few questions regarding this. It's my first ever comp. First question can I buy pink sparkly pants? Haha wanna stand out. Second one is I have hairy legs and a hairy arse. Do you guys shave then get it waxed or just straight waxed? Never been waxed before will they wax my arsehole and ball bags? I'm actually being serious here I don't wanna turn up and say wax my shitter and they look at me like I'm a wrong un. Also at ukbff events are there tanning people there and do they charge or is it best to get the tan done elsewhere myself? Cheers thanks for any answers and try not to laugh too much
  6. So the 40iu kits of ansomone are of the same quality as pharma grade growth? So basically I should continue buying this ansomone because it's the muts nuts?
  7. Cheers thanks for clearing that up.
  8. I'm confused are the 40iu kits of ansomone any good? I'm using this and if it's garbage please let me know. Also if someone could dm me with what is the best out there at the moment and that would be great
  9. A man walks into a bar ...... He curls it
  10. An Irish man, an English man, a Welsh man walk into a bar. Usually a Scottish man is with them but they didn't make the euros
  11. So is novarapid the better slin than humalog?
  12. I would just like to thank everyone for voting. And big shout out to @FelonE@FelonE for the idea of this really worked as a great motivation to get me going. Never been in this sort of shape before so thanks for giving the motivation. Also like to thank my mum for having me. My cat. Steve from gym. Dave from butchers. And Mary for holding strong through all this and not to forget that bloke sat outside the butchers everyday couldn't have done it without you guys
  13. Hmmmm sounds legit