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  1. 125-250mg test E + 200-400 mast E is more then enough to keep a good look if you eat properly. I'm on 250 test E + 200-300 mast E , i sometimes take ECA pre workout and i eat properly 5 days a week, on weekends i eat outside . I'm sure you can stay on small doses of test and masteron for months without having to worry
  2. Hey , i've done the 5X5 basic strength program , it worked good but now i'd like to change. Do you guys have a program for strength ? there s a lot on the internet but i'm searching for one that worked for you that i can try. I train 6 days a week , thursday i only do weighted pull-ups and weighted dips tho. Cheers
  3. thanks for the dips , will try that
  4. I didn't post for some time , but here is my last video : i've got a small injury from 2 weeks ago at the shoulder from benchpress , the bar scrolled in my hand i do legs ed since 2 weeks i'm 70kg BW , i don't lift much at DL but for my weight it seems ok
  5. Hey boyz If some of you have some mesomorph pre workout u don't need or sell , i'd like to get some. Cheers
  6. Do you guys use a special shampoo ? Since i've started AAS my hairs aren't as good as before , i'm on really small doses of test and mast but i can see the difference now. Do you use a special shampoo or something for your hair? Cheers
  7. ralox more effective for gyno , nolva better for up test during PCT
  8. I'm using alldaychemist raloxifen since today , but i'm wondering if it's good quality the products you get from them? If you had good experience with them , share it here would appreciate
  9. Hello guys What are the best nootropics to use daily , for better memory/concentration levels? I know noonpept , piracetam and phenibut( not daily use , it doesnt work for me anyway). Cheers
  10. Hey guys I've always told myself i wouldn't use harsh compound like tren , i'd stick to test E and masteron at low dose each but i've received a RIP 225 with 75mg test P , 75mg mast P and 75mg tren A i m really gyno prone , and i'm sure tren can worsen my gyno but i was wondering if i jab once a week 1ml of it which is 75mg tren A , can i still get side effects from it ? I'm not searching to gain weight/muscle , i'm trying to stay how i am while losing some fat even tho i m already at 9-10% bf . So should i use it ? or stay away from it?
  11. hehe everyone starts like this i guess , i wasnt able to do 1 nice pull-up , in 1 year i could do 12-15 clean , now i can do 30-35 since 2-3 years but i can't seem to go higher then this but 10 clean pull-up is good already , a LOT of people can't do correct pull-ups so 10 clean pull-up is nice trust me
  12. After long weeks of rest , i'm getting my level back slowly with the weighted dips/pull-ups , here is the video :
  13. Here is my new video : Getting my strength back at pull-ups
  14. i do BP / incline BP ; then dips My new video :
  15. Ok so i won't use it for now thanks
  16. i wasn't clear sorry , i already jab 250mg test E + 200mg mast E in 1 jab, i was thinking of adding that RIP 225 1ml once a week too
  17. ok , but if i jab only once a week with this RIP 225 , i won't have any noticeable effect since it's not enough? I don't really want to use it , but i don't want to waste the test and mast p inside
  18. i'm already on low dose test ( 250mg / week ) , and 200-300mg mast E. cardio is important too because i have lot of sex , i don't want tren to make me out of breath or idk . I'll try it in some weeks i think , at just 75mg / w
  19. mon : chest/triceps ( i do weighted dips with 25kg for triceps) tues : back/biceps ( i do weighted pull-ups as first exercice) wed : legs/shoulders thurs : weighted dips/weighted pull-ups/chin-ups fri : DL/arms sat : legs/shoulders I do abs and cardio at the end of every training , 15-30 min bike
  20. Who has or had gyno? and what kind of gyno? fibrous tissue , the one which make your pectoral round like a titi or the glandular which make the nipple big and coming out?
  21. thanks I train for strength now and i want to keep a low weight (70kg is good) and getting really explosive strength . i don't like being heavy because i don't feel 'athletic' , my goal at the beginning was to be big ofc but it changed overtime now i like how i am but i just want to get stronger/faster/more endurance. I train 6 times a week , i do a lot of 5X5 for the big exercices , i train pull-ups 2 times a week , same for dips. and i do cardio at the end of each training , 15-30min of bike
  22. Yes in a week It's hard to progress plus i'm dieting to get lower bf so i lost strengh in BP/squat , but i'll post a video with DL and pull-ups
  23. Does it really kill libido? It may be the reason why mine sucks , ive been on nolva for months for gyno , 20mg Ed
  24. Hey So first time using TM products , i took 1ml test E + 1ml mast E. It's been 3 days and i have a really bad PIP i didn't have for months ,last time was with Noble labs test 450 , it's swollen and red and it hurts quite badly. I've read a lot on this forum and people said no PIP at all with TM products , i did proper injection as usually . Just my review , a little bit deceived with the PIP as i can't squat properly with the pain
  25. Hey What are the best natural supps , and best drugs for libido? not for erection cheers