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  1. thanks i appreciate
  2. Hello guys What are the best nootropics to use daily , for better memory/concentration levels? I know noonpept , piracetam and phenibut( not daily use , it doesnt work for me anyway). Cheers
  3. it's my first time . i have 200 tabs i took half of it since i heard 200mg could cause anxiety .
  4. no , modafinil for sure I searched on internet and i'm not the only one who has that , i'm quite surprised , even ECA stack didn't fully wake me up from the lethargy from modafinil :/
  5. hey First time using modafinil ( modafresh) 100mg , made me really sleepy 30 min after taking it , i took a 2 hours nap and still rly tired . Is it common ? i was expecting to be awake and motivated cheers
  6. Hey Would it be usefull to take modafinil before a date? i do suffer from bad anxiety , and i can't drink alcohol. I love MDMA but i will never use it for just going outside with a girl or some friends , it's for special events. I was thinking maybe modafinil would help a little , being more social and feeling better ? Cheers
  7. You're right , i've contacte a psychiatre. The 31th of December i took Molly (XTC pill ) , felt so damn good this time.. i really want to take it again but i know it's bad and i have to wait at least 1 month . Plus the comedown is quite bad for me , since i suffer from anxiety etc it make it worses + it adds some kind of depression , you feel like you 're useless/s**t for some days , and emotional for nothing really , i'm still emotional af and it's been a week. How do you guys feed on modafinil? does it give some kind of anti anxiety/confidence/mood boost? like amph would give? Thanks
  8. It kills my trap , doing it once a week i love it
  9. i stopped already 2 weeks ago
  10. no , just GHB and caber
  11. my E2 is normal/low
  12. yea i won't take it. BUT does progesterone really lower itself ? because high prolactin if you don't take anything to lower it i'll be high for long long time. Is it the same for progesterone?
  13. Now that i think about it , yes i have small PIP but it's 2 days after injection. it's not red like i used to have with some other labs but when i touch the jab zone there s a lump and some pain so yea it s some kind of pip but it works , i think it's well dosed
  14. i think GHB did , it increased my prolactin really high , i took caber now my levels are almost to 0 but progesterone uped a lot and it gives bad gyno. low dose winny make it 10x worse , same as nolva. I'm on ralox but it doesnt help , the progsterone gyno isnt the lump gyno , it's the tit looking gyno , my pectoral becomes rounder and tissue is adding between my pectoral muscle and skin , it sucks.
  15. I only used the test E/C , and it's gtg , no pip at all