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  1. Does it really kill libido? It may be the reason why mine sucks , ive been on nolva for months for gyno , 20mg Ed
  2. i'm on TRT dose of test + masteron. My dopamine levels are high from l-tyrosine , maybe too high i can't take it ED. my prolactin levels are really low from caber , my progesterone levels are high but can't lower it
  3. Hey What are the best natural supps , and best drugs for libido? not for erection cheers
  4. I'm actually 69kg but in this video i was 71-72kg
  5. yea .. The worst thing is that i only take low dose of test and masteron , 40mg nolva+60mg ralox and LETRO as an AI.. i have low E2 and prolactin near to 0 BUT my progesterone is high and it creates some kind of fat around my pectoral muscles , months by months so i guess i'll get surgery in some months if i can afford it...
  6. mines looks like this , without the weird nipples but they are even rounder
  7. Who has or had gyno? and what kind of gyno? fibrous tissue , the one which make your pectoral round like a titi or the glandular which make the nipple big and coming out?
  8. you prefer it to ECA stack?
  9. that's a legend , winstrol neither doesnt lower progesterone it's not anti-progesterone at all , it binds to the receptors , most people say it doesnt activate it but maybe it depends on people s body , on mine it does activate it and i can see my pectoral getting rounder day by day ; not good. Same as prolactin/progesteron legends , caber DOES lower PROLACTIN , but it DOESNT lower PROGESTERON , it skyrocket it on the contrary! that's how i got high progesterone , using caber to decrease my prolactin levels which got really high from GHB use ( 1 night of GHB got my nipples on fire and my prolactin levels 10x the normal levels). Caber did decrease it quickly but it increase my progesterone to 5x the normal levels. I'm gyno prone too , i'm sure most of the people here won't notice any effects on their nipples/gyno with high progesterone.
  10. Being on cycle for long time can cause low libido even if everything s in check expect high progesterone And i didnt find any way to lower high progesterone levels , winstrol activates the progesterone receptors in my body and give me fatty gyno kind (round pectoral form) , same as proviron at 50mg+ , RU-486 (mifepristone) i ve heard it can lower progesterone in women but not sure if it does the same in men
  11. idk , but no one here used it?
  12. Hey I was wondering if some of you had already use DHT cream ? For gyno or other reasons?
  13. After long weeks of rest , i'm getting my level back slowly with the weighted dips/pull-ups , here is the video :
  14. I meant TCC with a psychiatre