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  1. Meow.
  2. Doesn't sound right. I can feel where I've injected my quads a few days after but nothing like what your saying. Have you done quad injections before? What did you inject/lab?
  3. Doubt them bits would suck up a 23.
  4. I get where your coming from but 1 thing to remember is we joined the EU as a whole. And I can see why the Scottish government want a vote on independence again, because they think this will keep them in the EU. If Scotland had to go through the procedure of joining the EU independently I'd not happen.
  5. How can you vote to be part of something then when things change good or bad start back peddling. Doesn't make sense but that's politics I suppose.
  6. Sturgeon wants the second referendum not the majority of Scottish voters according to polls. Suppose they have a second referendum and vote for independence will they run a third to decide. It'll go as far as the second brexit vote did.
  7. My gp is in my home town I work away from home most weeks. So the 2 minute injection your talking about would be an expensive one for me. Might ask if they'll open on a Saturday for me though. Failing that I'll go down the amateur route as I do on a blast.
  8. Don't get that but I'll let you have it anyway.
  9. That it? Bet you feel better for that. No further comments from me I'm sure you'll be fine making yourself match your bus pass photo.
  10. Bet your touching the cloth. Do a runner.
  11. It's a fat burner and it's decent. Makes you shake like a good un.
  12. Resized your photo for you mate as promised.
  13. Not a clue. They told me nebido shot would be done by them. Did my HCG injections myself at home too. All I had to do is 2 shots myself in front of them and rest at home.
  14. No gel for me. Sustanon from the off or could have nebido. Contemplated nebido but would mean me taking time off work to go in for the jab. Sustanon I inject myself every 2 weeks (when not playing). Gel was an option but I said no. Regardless what some may say you definitely have options, it's your right. Hope yours come in range.