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  1. They don't know how many are in the country never mind their criminal background. Shocking.
  2. I'm on trt already. My GP will not have anything to do with trt. Endo does it and to be honest I prefer it that way.
  3. I live a few miles away from the leger clinic. They were going to be my next port of call if I failed with the NHS.
  4. 8 months that's pretty quick compared to a lot of others including myself. Good luck.
  5. Wait and see what the bloods say then. But I wouldn't be taking no for an answer if your symptoms are as you say regardless of numbers. Where in the uk are you?
  6. After reading this thread again you've said that your out of shape, carrying fat, feel depressed, struggle with facial hair and got no energy. You've also had test definitely in the normal range not that numbers should matter. What other symptoms have you got? have you tried loosing weight?
  7. To be fair before treatment it was hovering around the 0.47 mark. Yes go to the hospital do 1 unit one week then a unit the following week. I see the haematologist every 12 week but have a ton of FBC forms (check every 8 week ish) so if it starts getting high I go for a venesection
  8. I'd say location. A lot of other events in 2016 had the highes ever number of spectators if I remember correctly.
  9. So yes was the answer to the question. Thanks
  10. On prescribed trt but about to do a blast. Give blood regularly to keep rbc and hct in check. I was going to do some bloods while on privately to keep an eye on my e2 plus to see if the gear is decent. Doing test e only at 500-600 pw.
  11. Just going to order a kit. Is the above right? Cheers
  12. My gp and endo use 2 different computer system and are in different towns. Ridiculous I know but my gp can't see my bloods which I've had done from the endo. Likewise my endo can't see bloods done via my gp.
  13. They think it's ok because it's for life (at a cost to the NHS). Getting trt in the UK is a nightmare. I know this won't help you much but keep at it and you'll get what you need in the end.
  14. Should I just do t and e2 bloods?
  15. Appreciate it cheers.