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  1. Nah it was in your mum she's kinky like that.
  2. Bad when stuff like this happens. Once I got stung off a stinging nettle.
  3. EDL

    Never seen anywhere that any good has ever come from an EDL march.
  4. EDL

    He's nothing to do with the EDL anymore as far as I'm aware.
  5. EDL

    Plus at least one English white women setting it up.
  6. EDL

    Generally people thinking they're part of the edl or uaf that cause the trouble, seen it many times. I'm from Rotherham and these marches cost the borough a fortune.
  7. @strecharmstrong Lab have a special place in your heart?
  8. Trump is the face of the next war, why else would he have got the role as president? Make more money at whatever cost.
  9. @Brutal1 I know training alone can have effects on testosterone levels but by how much I've not got a clue. Are all other bloods ok? We're bloods taken after food all 3 times?
  10. @Brutal1 weird for your testosterone to fluctuate like that. Were all the test done around the same time? Have all other test come back in range? Prostate ok?
  11. Definitely more rogue customers to be honest.
  12. My theory was a couple of questions asked by the driving instructor. 1 was what's the most popular sign you've seen? Pick you own strawberries.
  13. So you was 15.8 before this cycle? Take photos, maybe drop to to 15 and see how you look. Take it from there. 5.9 ain't all bad, no back ache when washing the pots.
  14. Haha we've all got body envy. Just cut and take a look at your hard work, doubt you'll regret it.
  15. Just drop the dose. I know you can do as said gain and loose. Slow process tbh. I've done it, it works but not fast.