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  1. A bit more than pain this one. I honestly couldn't put any pressure on my glutes for a good 6 days. It's enough pain to ditch 4 vials. I'm not bashing the lab, I'm saying something in the tm test e doesn't agree with me.
  2. I get exactly the the same, tried glute and quads both sites cause horrible pain and swelling. I jabbed my brother with it Saturday night and it's the same for him. I've 4 vials that will be getting binned. Yes I've contacted supplier and he's not had any complaints about tm test e 250 and says it's technique, needle size, swabs but not the gear. Funny how I have sustanon prescribed which I self inject never an issue, I also use other labs when I'm on a blast with no issues. Anyway I've not lost a fortune, lesson learned.
  3. Pay not required. Slave labour.
  4. customers try paying me with cheques occasionally. Burns my head out.
  5. Just how it is he says 70/30, they offered 60/40 but Khan cried off. Khan thinks he's the bigger name apparently.
  6. Tax office, insurance companies, claims.
  7. Will not happen, Khan will only fight him for a 70/30 split of the reddies.
  8. @Essex666 wait for your bloods. if HCT is high (thickness of your blood) forget aspirin, grapefruit juice etc.... 1 solution give blood.
  9. @Essex666 give blood.
  10. Most things are repeated on forums. Is anyone using sis and tm are the best thing since sliced bread.
  11. They'd not just start hacking away at you. Seems like your very worried, I'd just go and get checked out.
  12. @Ljb If you need to put your mind at rest go to a NHS walk in centre.