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  1. Flash cards and acronyms worked really well for me. Knowing when to capitalise a letter will also serve you well
  2. Why stop there! You could just take your PC and desk to the gym with you. No need to take your chair though, you can just use a bench. Simplicity is king and all that!
  3. This is legit the only borderline serious post I've ever seen you make Do it on the same day IMO unless you're doing the test last thing and posting first thing the next day - the test tubes have an agent that mixes with the blood. This goes 'bad' if it's left for too long and you'll have to pay for a new test
  4. Don't focus on that mate, I don't use either. You can still look massively different in 12 weeks without any Um Bongo
  5. Finally got my arse in gear and trained today. Gym was absolutely packed with the new year crowd - but nobody really seemed to be doing anything? It was really weird. The racks were free though so I was happy. Did paused squats, worked up to 140. Overhead presses and finished with some weighted chins, felt good to be back although I probably won't be able to move tomorrow. Misread that at first, seemed like you were getting the gear from Asda Minus about 12 hours Thread's been up 2 weeks! If you add them today though I don't think anyone would moan
  6. (Oh, and welcome man)
  7. Good man, you're already in decent nick IMO! Nice pants
  8. I've never actually had it from a glass bottle!
  9. Last call lads @GameofThrones, @Kill Kcal, @Irish Beast, @anaboliclove, @PumpingIain, @Will2309, @Bataz, @SILV3RBACK, @Fortis, @mr small, @ellisrimmer, @mrwright, @mcrewe123, @zyphy, @CG88
  10. Was going to suggest Madcow as well given that you're recovering from the op and stuff, loved the intermediate one. Want to run it again after this cut. Sorry to hear about the test results mate, saw mine for the first time the other day and was absolutely bricking it beforehand. How long have you been using gear now?
  11. 1. I've run it a couple of times (many years ago mind!) 2. I followed Dave Palumbo's version 3. 6 of 7 with a 'carb up' every Sunday, tbf I just used it as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted 4. Think I managed 7 or 8 weeks each time 5. No idea, I carried on getting stronger throughout both instances though despite being in a deficit Wouldn't try it again tbh, didn't suit me. It did strip the fat off but wasn't an enjoyable way to eat