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  1. Publicly announcing that you're actively eating more to make yourself look worse for the start seems.. smart
  2. I was going to wait until the voting ends for the current challenge, but see no harm in getting this thread up now. Few people asked for Summer challenge to be a.. thing (I think we should do a few challenges each year so something semi-positive is always going on ) Sunday 7th May is nearly 2 weeks away, plenty of time to get some interest going and get starting pics up, poll will decide though! If you're up for it, cast your vote x
  3. I appreciate your consideration, o great one
  4. Yeah that is a s**t angle My DL form goes to pants after I've taken a break and it used to take me ages to get it right again.. until I saw this vid Fool-proof mate, few easy cues to work from.
  5. @Yes Are you saying that gayness isn't a natural preference, but something that can actually be purchased on a whim? Have you ever purchased gayness? If so, how much?
  6. It varies day to day on what is feeling tight / how much time I have mate. I do the following daily though 100 band pull-aparts (spaced throughout the day) 25 shoulder dislocations 5 mins or so on the wall or couch stretch I do the following as often as possible I use a lacrosse ball on my TFL before squatting Foam roll inner thighs All this s**t too, lol Can spend 10-15mins foam rolling on each thigh on top On weekends I will go to the gym and just foam roll and use the lacrosse ball on whatever feels like it needs it. Traps and the muscles around the scapulae get knotted very quickly if I don't look after them. This sequence is great for the shoulders, on top of the daily pull aparts and dislocations EDIT - speaking of which, how is your shoulder now? It must be close to 2 years now since it started giving you aggro?
  7. @Baka lb for lb you're one of the strongest members on the board as I recall. Just carry on with whatever you're doing now until it stops working, you obviously know what you're doing!
  8. I may have a look and build something like it, cheers x Yeah that's not daft at all mate. Much like everything else.. genetics obviously play a huge role, and how your body distributes your fat as well. Mine were popping a lot better in the mirror than they are in those pics , and I don't do any direct ab work whatsoever - but J is leaner than I am and he said he can only just see his (he squats a lot more than I do as well, so in theory should have a 'better' or stronger core, too).
  9. How many days a week mate? I'm looking to train 4x a week instead of 3 when I can start eating in a surplus again Any idea of where you want to get to? How was the clen by the way? I found out yohimbine isn't for me after three attempts. Felt like I was going to have a panic attack set in each time, and that was only on 5mg before going for a walk! Went away after about an hour, but still. I'm ridiculously sensitive to caffeine too, I reckon if I'd combined them.. I'd ball up in the fetal position and cry No more AM/PM split? How did you find that in terms of recovery? As for the poll, we've still got over a week left and only half as many people have voted so far as they did last year - not counting any chickens just yet mate Can provide nuddys for.. tree fiddy hun x
  10. How you guys faring now? My cals are still quite a bit higher, but I've started cardio again this week, so not feeling too bad. I'm tempted to try *DUN DUN DUN* .. flexible dieting for the remainder of the cut, mainly because I want to try this granola+yogurt hype, and I miss having my morning eggs and jalapenos with those nifty Warburton slices If I keep macros the same, on paper.. weight loss should follow suite?
  11. Stuck with 50x3 of curls and extensions last night, felt much better! Gunna bump each by 10 tonight, my arms are pretty faggy so I may need to build this stuff up over time Some mild DOMS this morning, very strange feeling to have them on biceps!
  12. All I hear is the breaking of waves around me tbh
  13. 100mg I barely feel now 150mg gives me anxiety that lasts about an hour, can smash through work for a good six hours or so without stopping though. 200mg - not bothered trying, the former dose is bad enough Got my new batch from a different place, will try 100mg in the morning and see how work goes