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  1. It's HBO though mate tbf, pretty much everything they touch turns to gold I've seen it through two or three times now, might be getting another binge soon though after seeing this thread!
  2. You "probably would have won" on the basis that some of us have been sick and/or injured?
  3. "Hey, Dinesh, nice chain. Do you choke your mother with it when you put your penis in her butthole?" Jared is fu**ing great, haha! There's nothing I dislike about it, other than there isn't more of it tbh.
  4. Did you just wake up with a flare up? I feel for you bab, even putting my socks on was agony when my forearms were being silly Trained this morning, pullups and dips were smashing, couldn't get to a rack for squatting though so did some lunges instead. Actually had the energy for some curls after as well! I also learned that I don't like lunges. Or training arms. Pics going up two weeks today, sheeeeit. Have a good weekend anyway muscle friends x
  5. Have you ever tried cissus mate? Before I figured out what was causing the inflammation in my forearms, I lived on this stuff and it really did help. Probably the only supp I've taken that I can genuinely 'feel' working. I got a friend of mine using it (he has trouble with one of his knees too) and when he remembers to take it.. helps him a lot. Have a Google, might help you a bit too
  6. Thanks chaps Feeling miles better now. Gunna do some cardio today and then do an easy session tomorrow, still not 100% but I can breathe again Yohimbine still hasn't arrived after.. 10 days I think. Got it through eBay, item was listed as UK but it's coming from Germany apparently and dealing with their customer service is like some sort of comedy sketch! They don't speak much English, so they're sending me the same message over and over just worded slightly differently. Keeps saying "The delivery is OK for the UK stock. Recipient not reached." The tracking number they gave me doesn't even exist, what happened to that ol' time German efficiency
  7. Got in early at the GP today, I have quite a bad case of tonsillitis. I've got a week's worth of antibiotics to munch on. Sleep and eating has been poor over the weekend (basically.. I didn't sleep, and ate f**k all because it hurts to do so!) Bit of soup/soggy bread here and there, dark chocolate. I don't use whey, but I've bought some for the time being. Have had a mild sense of anxiety since Saturday morning due to breathing being affected when I lie down which, you know, is nice. Had a pretty bad bout this morning but I feel ok at the moment, really tired and foggy. Won't be working or training today, don't feel like passing out with a bar across my back Just going to crack on with Man in the High Tower and feel sorry for myself.
  8. The general public only know what the UK media have spoon fed them, really. If you look deep enough into the Portuguese investigation.. you'll have a good (bad) enough feeling about what actually transpired. Total shitshow.
  9. Black Watch are some hearty bastards tbf All I've got on that one.
  10. Great to see a young lad such as yourself so enthusiastic about another man's package. Bigots be damned, he's living his life!
  11. Get in! Been up since about 4am, woke with what feels like swollen tonsils and a banging headache. f**ks sake. Will go see the GP on Monday if it hasn't improved
  12. Good stuff ese Trained today Weighted pull ups - heavy set stalling now, saw no changes in the subsequent sets either. Might be because chins increased earlier in the week? These are supposed to become easier as I lose weight ffs Dips on the other hand were excellent, felt surprisingly strong. Front squats were gooood, I have kinda coasted with these since the challenge started.. need to apply the same sort of intensity as I do with my regular squatting, so upped the weight. Very almost did some curls! And when I say very almost.. I actually mean I glanced at the dumbbell rack, and then went for a run instead Maybe next week. Or not. Probably definitely not. I've been keeping on top of my mob work, so don't feel too beat up - but my left forearm is telling me it needs a break soon. I get tendonitis flare ups in both elbows really easily. I figured out why though and altered my grips on certain exercises, which is great, pretty surprised I've not had any issues until now. Alas, a dull ache remains.. should be able to make it until the comp finishes if I don't push my luck. Diet and sleep has been bang on all week, may have my last treat meal of the comp tomorrow or Sunday.. not decided yet. Head tells me maybe have an extra few sausages with my eggs or something, maybe some cheese. Stomach tells me to get the biggest fu**ing pizza that Papa J's have Have a good one battys x
  13. What have I done.. Thanks mate. Was there any particular reason you took a year off of lifting?