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  1. You think the OP needs help learning English?
  2. I learnt an 'ok' amount of Korean a few years ago, currently learning German (I'm 29, didn't care for it in Year 8+) I watched a lot of Korean TV shows/listened to Korean pop music (seemed cheaper than moving there to immerse myself), as well as reading the 'For Dummies' book on Korea, watching YouTube, had a few apps on my phone that I'd use if I had 10 spare mins... stuff like that. Language is a skill, and as such.. the more you practice, the better at it you'll eventually become. Where is your Mrs from? I don't know why I'm thinking Poland If so, good luck - that's a tricky one to get your head around
  3. I do at the moment, I generally don't shave/get a haircut until I look homeless I've not been clean shaven for years though, I get ID'd regardless
  4. Been feeling a bit worn out/unusually tired for the last half of the week, so took a few days off of dieting. Still managed a couple of gym sessions though - all lifts still progressing nicely! Not expecting a loss in weight tomorrow but we'll see what we'll see Hope things are going alright with you guys!
  5. Genuinely great to see this, congrats mate @Haunted_Sausage etc deserve a shout for all their help in the first thread as well, quite rare seeing this sort of communal effort!
  6. Ste was benching 6 plates in the womb mate, how dare you challenge him
  7. 5-6L a day Much like sleep - I think hydration is overlooked by most.
  8. It's a nice arse, looks a bit daft on such a skinny figure though IMO. You're always going to get social commentary when you chuck something like this up - she's a just another vapid/generic social media tart. And before any hormonal cuck calls me a gaylord for using the word 'generic'; social media is flooded with girls like this. She's nowt special in that regard. Jem Wolfie has a better set of everything
  9. It's an old joke from last Summer mate, lots of butts were hurt about Zak I would genuinely like to have that sort of shape though, I think he looks cracking (I'm not a BBer by the way)
  10. I sort of agree, but if that's what the guy did in real life it wouldn't have made much sense to alter it for the film. The guy had principles for sure!
  11. Think we're at the half way point now chums, so here are the obligatory tags which most of you probably find annoying (but I don't care because YOLO) @BestBefore1989, @safc49, @CG88, @mcrewe123, @mrwright, @PumpingIain, @JAtkinson, @FFF (every time I see that avatar I think it's Hitler ) Trained today and finally saw some progression on presses. Squats were good, upped weights on chins as well and finished with some cardio. Still single.
  12. This, although the word is used as more of a general insult now. Just tickles me