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  1. I had a mate offer to put me through the course yesterday as it happens, it's not something I'd ever thought about doing but free is free..
  2. Aye no worries mate. They're all standardised (the full size ones) so it won't really matter where you get it. Red is all I use for pull aparts, I don't think they're meant to be particularly strenuous anyway.
  3. I bought a red and a purple separately, then saw a pack on ebay for a tenner which I thought was immense, seeing as they're usually like. 10-20 quid each. It was delivered, turned out they were these shitty little loop things, ones you'd hook round your feet and do a Davina workout with in your front room
  4. I'm just giving the joints and tendons a bit of a rest mate, you can only do max effort for so long. Plus it's higher volume and I've never done it before. RE the cut, yeah I was on 1700. If you want to minimise hunger I'd look at intermittent fasting, after a week or two you won't be hungry until 12ish and then you have 3 big meals during your window. Kept me full and cheerful anyway! I didn't plan cheats, but if I knew I was going away or doing something sociable.. I'd make sure to keep everything spot on until that date. It's really easy to let your foot off the gas and fall behind without realising it. Splodge of mayo on this, few more grams of that.. can all add up!
  5. Cycle 1 Hypertrophy Week 2/8 Lower B Front Squat: 8 @60kg, 8 @70kg, 8 @80kg, 8 @100kg Leg Ext.: 12-12-10r2-10r2 @52kg RDL: 10-10-10 @65kg Neutral Grip Pullups: 8-8-8 @+5KG Good sesh, miss pyramids on chins and pullups though, sets across makes me look and feel very weak! Didn't want to do sets across on squatting, so just messed about. Added extra sets for hams and quads for more volume. Realised that I haven't been tracking my weight at all, need to start doing this. Still looking fairly lean in the mirror though and getting stronger on my paltry 2500cals. Sleep this week has been utterly dosghit. Got a few feels going on, and the weather has just added to it. Got maybe two hours on Weds night. Have a good weekend x
  6. Cycle 1 Hypertrophy Week 2/8 Upper B CGBP: 10-10-8r2 @80kg Seated DB Press: 10 @18kg, 10-8 @20kg DB Row: 10-10-8|6 @30kg Seated Lat Raises: 12-12-12 @8kg Barbell Curlz: 12-10-8 @25kg Felt obliterated after all this and looked as if I'd jumped in the pool! Disgusting. Starting to enjoy this higher rep stuff though.. pumps are quite the revelation
  7. Cycle 1 Hypertrophy Week 2/8 Lower ALeg Ext.: 10-10-10 @52kg Squat: 8-8-10 @125kgRDL: 8-8-8 @65kg No chins, forearms are aching from yesterday. Feeling pretty vexed about the attack last night, it's all my mates want to talk about but I want no part of it. I do my best not to watch the news etc, but targeting children.. you really can't get much more cowardly than that. Where are the Boondock Saints when you need them!
  8. No lumps, no mate. It may look fine in that picture, but when I'm warm it's like I've got a fu**ing.. fried egg glued to my chest, lol. I really do hate it.
  9. Yeah that's pretty much it! I also wanted to see if any of the physiological sides dissipated as E became lower. Although I don't feel bad enough to drink every day now, I do still feel off most days, like something isn't quite right. Everything is dull and.. blah. Obviously that could be caused by a multitude of things, but depression and low mood etc are associated with out of whack E, and I am starting to feel better in general. This puffy nip has knocked my confidence as well for a really long time, generally I don't wear just a t shirt unless I'm at home. Train in a hoody, go out with a jumper, s**t like that. I use sport tape to kinda flatten it out sometimes which helps a bit.. as sad and daft as that feels writing out. Got a date on Weds so that's definitely getting used.. I'll be f**ked if we start dating properly though I've read some success stories of letro + ralox for taking care of gyno (I'm fairly sure that's what it is), maybe that'll be my next experiment. Or just nolva.. exciting times.
  10. Bollocks, isn't it? Was the same again over the weekend Yeah so I've read mate. The fact that low T and high E have really similar sides doesn't really help, lol. I'm a little more clicky than usual in my hips and my left elbow as well, but nothing major. I think E is probably getting quite low now, will get tests and then maybe experiment with 6mg once or twice a week. My head feels a lot calmer in general at the moment, which is strange considering I'm not sleeping for s**t. If I can get both of these to work together that'll be great. Trained today Cycle 1 Hypertrophy Week 2/8 Upper AOHP: 8-8-8 @61kgDB Bench: 8-8-8 @32kgDips: 8-8-8 @+10kgPendlays: 8-8-8 @77.5kgBB Curls: 10-10-7r3 @30kg Lifting was great, taking some gas out of benching and dips to save energy for rowing though, may actually swap rows and dips round next week. Also trying dips in a more upright fashion, had zero chest pain this week. The 'renovations' are done. They only took a few plywood walls down and moved a couple of the Smith machines, I have no idea how that took them more than half a day tbh! It's all open plan now, I don't really like it. Boop.
  11. Glad to see you gals getting along x
  12. Ayyy this is the 'photoshoot' kid I've read about, reading with interest x
  13. Help was not promised, lovely girl. Only death. There must be others. Give a name, any name.
  14. Rang ahead today to see if the weights room was still out of bounds, which it was. Might do some pullups at home or something tonight. Few days of rest should do me good, still think it's ridiculous that no notice was given though. Diet has been all over the place this week due to eating out and stuff, I've managed to get the protein in though which is something. Did another 12.5 aromasin yesterday, no change in appearance of right nipple, just have more energy. Couple more doses and then I'll get another test done. Past few nights have been.. not quite sleepless, but my symptoms of fatigue seem to have completely gone! Too much though maybe, I need sleep ffs I get up at 5.30 weekday mornings, so usually I'm out like a light by 9pm after some Headspace. Wide awake until 12am+ at the moment. This video is unrelated. Have a good weekend x
  15. I saw it again last night, still enjoyed it but the bad decisions that everyone made were pretty much laughable this time Despite my gym being open 24 hours a day, they decided to do renovations this morning at one of their peak times. No notice, nadda. cu**s. Just did some pullups and went for a run as the free weights room was closed off, which made the machine area even worse than it usually is. Good start to the day