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  1. Mate it's like impossible not to relax lol. It's just like Tensing your bicep and keeping it tensed you loose concentration and just loose the tension without knowing kinda thing. It has been way better I can get off the sofa without pain and drive without pain but if I go down on the floor on my knees like changing baby's nappy on the floor my back hurts like hell. I am looking into getting the disc shaven off privately. Gona cost a few grand but just can't cope need to get back to work!
  2. Because I want to loose some fat at a slowish rate and in order to build some muscle would you say still go into a 600kcal deficit? What i may do is for a few weeks eat at maintenance and do my weight training using more time! So my 30min cardio replace that with extra weight training. And see if I can still loose fat while gaining muscle
  3. When I 1st ever started hgh I had the same sides for the 1st few weeks. Then it went away and no matter what dose I took I didn't get any sides. I have been on and off hgh for about 2 years now. I don't till this day get any sides from it, Don't even feel sleepy after a jab anymore unlike before I was fast asleep an hour after jabbing use to knock me out. So maybe the sides will vanish once your in a few months mate
  4. Update been on clen a week now and I have lost 5lbs since coming off dnp. The 1st week off dnp I gained 4lbs. But just did a mid week weight check as I feel a lot leaner and down 4lbs not sure how or why though maybe i was holding a fair bit of water!
  5. The latest stuff is 100% gtg! Used in past and didn't rate it. Like 3 year ago I switched from prescription nutropin to black tops to see if I feel a difference and affects are on par! Meaning it's defo good stuff.
  6. T3

    Also I get a sore throats when on it. Feels like a lump in throat?
  7. T3

    Anyone else find they sweat while on t3?
  8. Cool! Totally understand what u mean now mate thanks
  9. So if I was to eat at maintenance for 6months and do 300kcal on cardio and then do 6 months eating 300 below maintenance no cardio. The cardio option will have more weight loss in the long run? I do feel I can loose more if do cardio not sure if it's in my head though feel guilty when don't do cardio lol
  10. What it is with me mate is if I eat 300kcal below maintenance instead of doing cardio I feel guilty that haven't done cardio lol
  11. No didn't taper. He just been here this morn still abit shaking. Not as bad but could see it when he was showing me summit on his phone
  12. Only as of the past week mate but doing 300kcal per day on running machine as well
  13. Thanks mate. I do need to control my food at weekend. It's why I keep going back and forth with my weight. I do feel since have been eating at maintenance through the week that I don't seem that bothered about going mad on weekend. But I been eating this way for a long time now maybe by body needs to do something different like hence trying carb cycling see how I respond.
  14. Not taking anything else at all. As the days go by the shakes go down. Thing is he has used clen many times in the past and this never happened.
  15. When he 1st popped a tab he was shaking kinda bad so then started half a tab for the 1st week then moved to 1 tab the week after and shakes was manageable but then he came off and it's like he is still on it. Heart rate was high while on and it's slowed down now but shakes still the same