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  1. Cool will try that and if still don't like will give up lol.
  2. Man tried that Greek yogurt high protein stuff even strawberry flavour 1 mouth full and that's all I could eat lol. How does it look so yummy in your pic mate? Do you thin it down with milk? Would be an ideal desert for me as a last meal but can't eat it straight!
  3. I have just dropped gh to see if I look leaner lol. Feel abit watery on 4iu/ed 5 on 2 off. Not sure if it's the gh or not but will no by end of next week. I did feel gh worked way better combined with some test. mixed reviews on gh really. I no a few big big guys. Some say not worth the £ some say they use it just to stay lean all year round even when bulking. Some say it's great for cutting. For me i feel it's a must at the min with no aas usage and with low test levels while cutting. If I didn't take gh I would feel crappy I think. Or Its just in my head that I need to be injecting at least summit to motivate me lol.
  4. In bold above. I have been saying this since December. No 1 believed me And got bashed for it every time I posted lol but I am glad more people now no there tests are so inaccurate. Even 2 samples same vial or from same tub (tablet) Will do, i have had loads tested with totally fu*ked up results. I no a good few guys and respected guys on here who have done the same and didn't want to post there false results because they didnt want the heat. Anyway. I don't think cc have done this on purpose. (Maybe) They just can't test for anabolics at all! Using wrong solvents, wrong temps, wrong methods every hormone has there own very sensitive method. I asked simec about this kind of info. Simec also said it's impossible to get anywhere near an accurate test with just 1 tablet sample. And cc refused a few times for info I asked them for so I could forward it on to simec they could see what they was doing wrong. Simec also said they don't no how they can charge so little for testing it's impossible! unless its being funded by the government to crack down on users buying gear or there just not testing it at all! simec 300euro cc £35s lol Anyway i do hope cc get there testing fixed and bang on that's if it is some kind of error, They should of tested there method over and over before letting anyone pay! They still claim there method is spot on. Really don't no why there saying that as surely they have tested and tested same sample them selfs to see what all the complaints are about. 1 last thing, pscarb I do think the cc results in the lab test sticky should all be taken down it's not fair on the labs with poor/fake results. Ps: 2 var samples I sent in 1 came back var 10mg 1 came back as winny 8.3mg so even messed that simple process up on identifying a compound wtf Iam out! My very last post on cc now.
  5. Do you get cts with Lilly or any other Pharma hgh mate? The only gh I get cts from is the fake stuff lol. Any good hgh Pharma and hyge I don't get any cts.
  6. A lot of guys don't get any signs of cts so don't go off cts sides for quality mate I can jab 10iu Lilly and get no! Cts my bro can jab 2iu Lilly and get bad cts all depends on the person everyone different so reason for my post is I have seen guys judging gh quality on cts sides. Ps ansomone over hyge any day
  7. Oh crap I read the article will watch vid lol
  8. Just had a quick read. Doesn't it say need to consume atleast 1.8g per lb mate? cant see where it says 1-1.4g is fine ? anything over 1.8g per lb had no difference at all?
  9. Gona do that tomz drop gh. Been on 4iu Pharma per day for 3 months so will drop it for a week see if i drop on scales good thinking do you hold much water on gh mate?
  10. Off topic. Was on whey concentrate and was getting bloated. Stomach aches. Appetite suppressed, no weight loss and more felt like crap. Switched to isolate whey last week felt great! Strong in gym no bloat nothing! But near end of that week I got a bad rash all over! I started anti histamines and rash has cooled down. But my skin is fu*ked up. If I even flick my skin it booms out in like a red raised lump. If I slightly scratch my skin with finger nail it goes really red and raised within about 20 seconds. I can even write my name in my body looks 3D! I am assuming it's the whey isolate ? It's the only thing that I have changed. I am sat here now slightly itchy. Doing my nut in
  11. Cheers mate. Didn't think about it like that! The gf always wants to go for meals on the weekend and can never get out of it hence prefer low cals through the week then binge weekend. All I had this weekend was sat: Pizza Hut cheesy bites pizza. About 2.5k cal and a hole nut chocolate bar sunday: Nando's and some icecream. So just 1 meal in the hole day kinda thing that was booming in calories. Then all week just mince meat, tuna, rice, eggs and whey. Mirror ye defo I big difference compared to what I looked like 6 weeks ago still on same weight scales but lost 2.5" off stomach.
  12. As above what's the lowest calories you have been on while in a cut with success. I once did 1200cals with 250mg test e that's the lowest I have done lost tons of fat and looked like I gained muscle. Well half inch increase on bicepts. So must of been muscle . Weekdays was a binge out on both sat and Sunday. Maybe around 3k cals. 45min cardio per day! Lasted 8weeks That was my best cut. But now only on gh. I am on 1600cals dropping weight slowly! way harder without the juice whats yours?
  13. Totally understand now lads lol my bad
  14. Ye he lost loads of weight!! He off all gear now? Mess with? Use ye sure do as local to me kinda thing. Who u think I am? Ha ha