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  1. Dimension don't even make clen yet mate lol
  2. Sphinx is also decent. I get headaches off all cilais. But half a tab every 3 days keeps me going while having really low test levels
  3. X2 hence why sis has started to go down the shitter. That stuff is absolutely everywhere!
  4. Let me know what it's like mate in need exact same to make test base.
  5. Well from what I no and from lab reports there gear can't get any better. I no since changed to dimension they have limited sellers aiming for it not to be so widely available online. So hence won't be that many reviews about.
  6. Dimension cialis are potent as fu*k only half a tab needed
  7. Really! wow wait till water comes off then be even more leaner unless you don't hold water on it
  8. Anyone used these for solvents?
  9. Bump for any updates
  10. Taking t3 with dnp will help you stop gaining water weight so I have been told/seen. Summit about low t3 hormone side affect is water retention. So adding t3 will stop the water retention. Not sure but have seen a few say it my bro on day 7 dnp 1st 5 days he felt bloated and looked way worse but now his abs coming through. It's like he gained water instantly by taking dnp/t3 then after a few days the water vanished while still in it. strange !
  11. Do you feel watery mate? Maybe that's why you look the same?
  12. Lucky you! My bro 2 days in now and he said his abs have started to vanish! Wtf. Was you eating under maintenance mate? If so by how much? when did u finish it mate? Maybe have water to come off yet!
  13. Is it true that if you take dnp with t3 you won't gain water weight? Seen it been said a few times now on diff forums. Side affects of low t3 hormone in the body is water retention hence if take dnp without t3 it lowers your t3 = water retention? My bro just started dnp yesterday 1 200mg tab. All day he was hot. I take it that must be crystal dnp as it kicked in straight away?
  14. Thanks for the info guys. All taken on board. I have loved my diet this week with bananas. Sugar is 70g but 30 of that is from fruit. Also been having weetabix at night. So after being on 1900cals all week (well for 5days now). I was worrying about how much weight I had put on. But I did feel thinner. Felt mint in the gym. Feel full, muscles full!! Popped on scales this morn and I Am up 1lb. But I have lost half inch off my midsection. Was buzzing! So for me higher cals with a little less cardio has helped strink my mid section down. I have also noticed my legs have lost weight. My training pants around my quads are now loose instead of skin tight. Maybe my cortisol was high due to low cals over the past few months that may of caused water retention but now cals up cortisol goes down hence water down? Or maybe it's a mixture of both fat and water. Either way happy to stick to this diet now.
  15. Sorry mate 1 more thing . Would having oats before bed and having a large banana with eggs for breakfast be better? As banana is fast acting and oats would be better before bed you think?