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  1. Thanks for info guys
  2. Low dose dnp around 125-200 per day. With 50mcg t3 works best for longer cycles. Helps you stick to the cycle! Unlike a quick high dose blast you end up giving up within a week. t3 is a must when using dnp.
  3. There's no way sis var is 25mg. My mates bird is using the 50s. she crushes a tab. Then divides it into 4. And bombs it down. 12.5mg per day. She rates it highly! She only using the 50s coz her bf had nearly a full tub spare from his last cycle. He even said she looking hard and vascular within weeks.
  4. When you say that's how much water you drink is that including any fuzzy/hot drinks mate?
  5. lol I did say just get some no added sugar courdial and have a few pints at least of that. And have a few more cups of coffee. But I have always thought that you need a good 5-8 litres of water per day. When I see tons of posts saying that kinda thing, But they never mention anything about how much water they getting from food/other drinks. I bet there is loads of guys drinking tons of water when there is no need to. I have about 3 pints of water few hot drinks and couple bottles of Diet Coke. Have seen pscarb mention that when upping the water intake of his clients they can loose like 10lbs in the 1st month of water weight.
  6. Nice 1 yohimbine 10mg seems the sweet spot then. With caff. Do you no anything about the other 2 ingredients mate? @DLTBB
  7. A friend of mine has just started training and I asked what his diet is like. Seems ok but when he said he doesn't drink any water at all I was kinda shocked. He has 2 cups of tea with milk per day and 1 latte. And a small bottle of Pepsi max at work. Thats it! He always struggles to loose weight as well. What can having so little water intake do? Will it pile on water retention? Slow fat loss down? He gags when drinking water lol.
  8. Bit to high total mg that mate why the low syn? Average dose for syn and amp is the 100mg mark mate
  9. What's stronger pre workout wise and mg-mg out of amp and syn if anyone noes?
  10. I have these powders guys what mg of what would make a good stack for weight loss and a pre workout! @Ultrasonic be interesting to see your idea mate has to be around the 200-250mg total mark due to the size of my capping device Synephrine hcl 500g yohimbine hcl 100g amp citrate 500g caffiene 1kg I was Gona do with 10mg yom 50mg syn 50mg amp 100mg caff or do 10mg yom 100mg syn 100mg caff then do a separate stack same as above but replace syn with amp
  11. Going off a good few guys who no there brewing there saying will crash for defo. However the tren ace that was tested at 195mg/ml came back at 99mg/ml couple weeks back. And it's ment to be 100mg/ml on label. So wtf is going on there. I no there is a fair few guys on here who have sent in samples and repeated the same samples and had big differences between tests, And not wanting to post them because they can't be arsed with the heat. All I am going to say is if anyone is going to send in samples to be tested. Repeat the same samples but using a diff name/address like a mate or summit then see what your tests are.
  12. Anyway won't keep posting on someone else's thread will make my own soon! Will leave the nice 195mg/ml tren ace test here just so people can scratch there heads.
  13. Bet there has been tons of tests done and people don't wana post there results because of people like you who jump on that same wagon
  14. You tit. Not everyone is associated with a lab. Nor is everyone who discredits chemclarity is associated with another lab. You think I am telling you not to use dimension. And to use another lab lol