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  1. You respond really well to dnp then init lol well done!
  2. @Sparkey hows your cycle going mate? Finished now? Feel flat? my bro said he is nar starting to fill out again it's been like 9 days since his last dose. Fat has also gone down a little more since have seen some guys say it took 2-3 weeks to fill back out wtf
  3. Arr will have another read later I just scanned it. So no need for high protein that suits me good!
  4. I only have 1g pro per 1lb body weight tops! I guess I need to up my pro then if wana gain muscle natty
  5. You need less protein if using gear mate?
  6. Ok mate. Ye I have been doing the exercise you advised every day 2x per day. 3 sets of 20 reps. I do feel my pain is getting better! So the more I do this the pelvis will end up permanently aligned.? How many sets would you advise to do per day mate? What about when I am sat on the sofa should I put something behind my back so it pushes my lower back out. ? Because when I am on the sofa my back sinks into the chair so causing my pelvis to go the opposite way I want it to go. Same with driving. I can just put my lumber support on the max pushing my middle back out that's then arching my back.
  7. £240 just for a consultation! And I bet they will just tell me what I already no!
  8. Arr so the 200g Sainsbury's chicken I use the pack is split in half 200g either side raw. I then input my kcals/pro content in MyFitnessPal thinking I am getting 64g pro. But I am not! Coz once cooked the weight is smaller so pro/kcal is smaller! In order to get it accurate is to cook it. Then weight 200g cooked and that will be 64g pro. Tesco state 100g as sold pro being 24g if I cook that 100g raw I am Gona get less than 24g pro init? Coz again it will loose weight while cooking. Sorry i am a dumb ass hence these questions
  9. the chicken is skinless mate. For some reason all Sainsbury's chicken is around 30g pro per 100g, but anywhere else even muscle food are around the 24g mark. The sainsburys chicken is as per cooked but shouldn't that then lower protein/kcal? Tesco is raw.
  10. I use Sainsbury's chicken breast fillets 200g is 64g protein. 6g fat, 318kcal. I have just been in Tesco and can't find any chicken breasts that have that kind amount of protein per 200g. There all around 48g pro for 200g. But only like 3g fat and 211kcal. Confused on why Sainsbury's chicken is much higher in pro ?
  11. Have just watched that myself. Interesting! So with my bro having weetabix an hour before is good. And he also has amino energy drink intra workout. Going off what the guy above said you don't need post workout nutrition straight after! So he doesn't need to have a banana with his whey shake straight after his training he could wait what like an hour or 2?
  12. Ok mate. Really! Man dnp is some crazy shiit lol ye he lifting hard now feels a lot stronger now. And keeping carbs at 160 for a few weeks he said. As doesn't want a fat rebound. I have seen a few say that it took 2 weeks to fill back out and some even 3 weeks but I guess it all depends on the person! But most say about a week. Maybe! He is 1 that takes longer lol. Carbs he has around his workout is 3 protein weetabix an hour before training then a banana straight after training.
  13. Thanks for reply mate. Crap no way looks like he Gona have to get a full new wardrobe lol. Will show him this now he Gona cry! I thought he would of filled back up as dnp will still slightly be in his system?
  14. My bro has finished 4 weeks on dnp 125mg/ed. lost 16lbs total. Hardly any sides. 1st week he blew up looked terrible but as the weeks went by the bloat went and he got leaner by the day. His last dose was Monday. So it's been now 7 days since his last dose. And in them 7 days he upped carbs slowly. From 80g while on dnp to 160g as of last couple days. checked his weight this morn still the same weight that he was the day he stopped dnp. So no water loss. He still feels flat as shiit how long does it take to fill back out? He also measured his biceps before starting dnp and at the end. Lost half inch off them and as of today still hasn't got that half inch back. All his tshirts are bagy and jeans falling off him lol. He seems to have lost a lot of fat all over his body. His face prob the worse. He actually looks ill he looks that thin now.
  15. Cheers mate! ye same proper stretched everything now only movements I haven't done is the hip alignment thing really hoping it's Gona sort it! I did them movements today back felt tight and it actually felt like it took the pain away. But to soon to tell. Just got back from a meal now sat in a chair for 2 hours in pain. Shuffling in my seat constantly it's dam annoying!! Dreading going on holiday next week Now 5 hours sat in a seat got my tramadol and naproxen on hand ready for that though