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  1. Arr ye true that. Man so many sites just don't look deep enough before saying how much it works to increase test ect. I will just carry on taking the mag with zinc and d3 hopefully it will give me some kind of boost in test lol. Cool ye will try it before bed tonight then defo need summit to help with my sleep.
  2. Nar mate for people with low test like me 1ml test will boost my test right up and will aid in fat loss. Test speeds fat loss up by a lot! Hence why me having low test I have gained loads of fat. And it's hard to get the fat off with having low test. The endo said I will find it very difficult to loose bf while having low test levels hence why 1 of the main side affects to low test is weight gain. If I was to cut with low test like I am doing now most weight will come from muscles. If I was to cut with high test most weight will come from fat When I was cruising on 1ml test e the fat fell off. Soon as came off and test dropped fat piled on. Test really does help with weight loss loads mate.
  3. Did a big powder Pct like 8 months ago after just cruising on 1ml test per week. Test level is 2.7 still! But Main reason was because I get to aggressive while on. Even on low dose. Always getting into fights and smashing house up. Got a bad temper as is! But the test sends me crazy. The gf said have to come off or leave lol. But another reason is I just don't train that much and hard feel it would be a waste to use gear, Just always used juice for a little boost. And ended up staying on the low dose test just coz was loving the high libido, never did big cycles just never wanted to get big just wanted to look decent really. At the min and for the past 8 weeks I have been training hard! 5 days per week same with cardio. Will be doing this until I get this fat off! Then once it's off I can then chill a little and monitor any fat gain.
  4. Ye mate just coz never been this fat before not sure what it's ment to feel like lol. this low test levels has caused this to happen to my body never been this out of shape in my life. So tempted to jump back on test but just need to wait for my results before decide
  5. So would it be better to take mag before and after training mate? With it boosting test only when working out
  6. Just had a look mate. So messed up here. All the sites I have been on they saying like how much mag increasing test by ect with study's to prove. But when I just gone back to click on them study's there all linking me to the same study we found. But different sites kinda describe it differently if no what I mean. So what we no is if you take mag with no training ect it's pointless. But if you take around 1g of mag and train it will increase testosterone by 24%. That's a fair increase I think from a supplement don't you think mate?
  7. Arr man it's a mind fu*k coz you see other study's showing big increases. So in other words it does increase it but not by much! And not if you don't train? But ye could of got same results on half the dose they used!
  9. Arr ok mate. have never seen magnesium tablets containing large amounts like that hence ordered the powder in stead to sip through the day. Please can you link me to them tablets? Must mean your tablets are like 1300mg mag citrate if it's 200mg of pure mag. That's mint!!! All the magnesium tablets I can find are just 200-300mg magnesium citrate that is only like 40mg mag. Even though the tablets are big most of just binder ect. Studys on the magnesium intake you after?
  10. But all the study's I seen was from 800-1000mg of actual magnesium mate. 400mg magnesium citrate is about 60mg magnesium.
  11. Thanks for all the info mate. You was correct at the beginning matching pro/carb. That link covers a lot! It says to avoid grains holemeal ect for carb source so going to switch to white rice. White potato ect. As for magnesium hardly get any in my diet. How much mag do you take? It gets confusing coz mag citrate contains like 15% of actual mag! Hence I Gona be taking 8g total. But will start with 4g make sure doesn't give me the runs. Ye I will end up bumping cals up even more that's if I haven't gained any weight at the end of this week on my new diet. So if I am same weight end of week will bump another 100cals for next week. If I have gained weight may have to drop cals by 100. I no my test levels most important but with holiday coming I really need to get this fat off lol
  12. Magnesium supplementation significantly increases both free and total testosterone in men. Magnesium supplementation increases strength from more than just the mechanism of increased testosterone, but also from ribosomal protein synthesis. Supplementing with magnesium will help men increase their levels of testosterone whether they are sedentary or working out; and a combo of magnesium supplementation plus working out will raise their levels the highest. Magnesium supplementation has measurable positive effects on men from aged 18 and up, and quite possibly from men younger than that. Magnesium increases testosterone, strength, and appears to increase other key male anabolic hormones as well.
  13. I cant believe all the study's done on magnesium and how much it increases test and protein synthesis. people by just adding in magnesium into the diet there strength went up. Due to the increase in test and protein synthesis. Makes a big difference.
  14. Ye mate and loads of cardio. Was 6 months high pro and 6 months high carb. The cardio they did put them at maintenance as well. Will try find it. Was reading till 12 last night loads and loads of diff study's ect but for me being in a deficit I would need the higher protein route. For guys maintaining or bulking can do fine low pro high carb route but with my test level problems going to balance carb/pro the same. So best of both worlds really. Makes sense init? Instead of just going high carb low pro to increase my test doing that while in a deficit doesn't sound like a good idea .