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  1. 2 dead so far
  2. It is
  3. Tattoo artists must be absolutely loaded Maybe ill get tattooed one day Had a look at a place near me which is fantastic and he said he is booked out unti Feb next year ! Didnt ask what he charges but i bet its like £100 an hour
  4. 250 mg of test is like 3 times your usual amount or more Tripling your levels of testosterone is plenty Just continue as is, or maybe inject every 6th day so you get 300mg
  5. Yeah of course, if youre an idiot and dont know how to play to your strengths you can easily snatch defeat from the jaws of victory But if you have a significant size advantage on your opponent and you know what youre doing, the chances of you winning are extremely high
  6. That is the sport of boxing One person knows how to box the other doesnt, so the one hwo plays the sport wins Give Eddie one month with a good boxing coach and Eddie will win that easily. Eddie simply needs to learn how to cut the ring off, trap his man in a corner and then unload Again though, that is a video of a sport of boxing, in a real fight Eddie would grab hold of the guy, throw him to the floor, land on top of him and then ground and pound, the guy would die
  7. No its not really Think why every single sport involving combat has weight classes, they dont have height classes, strength classes, reach classes...... its always weight classes, because weight is the ultimate decider the bigger you are the bigger advantage you have
  8. It is pretty much fact the 150pound guy has to attempt to constantly move 300pounds of weight that is resisting him while the fat guy only needs to move 150pounds of weight and he has 300 pounds of mass to do it with The 300 pounder would win, and even though he is a fat slob it is likeley the strong fit 150 pounder would tire faster too for the reasons mentioned above
  9. If a 150 pound strength bodybuilder guy who could bench 150kg, squat 200kg, dead 250kg tried grappling with a 300 pound fat guy who doesnt lift , the fat guy would win pretty easily ...
  10. Why is it ?
  11. This is a good video Trained smaller man vs fat guy off the couch https://www.instagram.com/p/BRONzcEDbg7/?taken-by=jiujitsubrasiloficial Size means so so so much
  12. Picture evidence ? Ideally you stood next to others Those stats make you bigger than rich Piana
  13. My legit response would be to blast music all night. Speakers against the wall and just leave it playing TThey will come round and complain you nod along and agree and apologise etc Next night do it again and again and again Will probably lead to a fight which they will start so u can just leather the c**t Don't actually know what can be done as it's not the dogs fault it's the shirty owners so there is probably no way to silence the dog without the owners unfairly hurting it
  14. Sounds like youre doing real bets and have confused this topics meaning as match bets or football bets Matched bets are where you bet on both sides of the outcome