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  1. how much cash do you win
  2. i mix in encona hot sauce Delicious
  3. Basmati rice tuna and green beans
  4. 2060 a day max on a cut, im usually below that though, around 1950 a day Hit 4700 a couple of days ago though, and about a week before that i hit 3700 in a day Im weak sometimes
  5. What caused them to drop 70% ?
  6. Well done lol I may follow suit in a couple of months before i start Its interesting they didnt put it on your medical record, that is what im concerned with Although im not too sure what the downside to having it on your medical record would be anyway tbh
  7. I thought you used it to be honest that's why I used it Looking back I see you didn't though it must have been McGregor which I misread when skim reading I have no interest in continuing this conversation with you or anyone tbh my point has been well and truly made and beaten to death. I have also schooled all comers om whats what and now am going to sleep
  8. Im not contradicting myself. You explained why im not yourself in the second line of your post Even professional boxers who have boxed all their life struggle with Mayweather So me saying Conor will struggle doesnt contradict the fact i think he has legit boxing skills All the other boers Mayweather faced have struggled, they all had legit skills He does have trouble finishing people, his last finish was almost a decade ago against Hatton. He has brittle hands which often break, thats why he fights so defensively, prior to his hand problems he was a very aggressive knock out artist I agree Maywether should murk Conor until the ref decides he has had enough, that is what i have bet on. I certainly would never bet he will win in the first round though that is insanity. Id say around round 7 - 9 would be a nice bet, let Conor tire out and let the body shots take effect and it should be easy pickings for the finish
  9. If i say so ? Have i missed the list ?
  10. So you have 0 listed genetic advantages that Floyd has which makes him the best boxer in the world ?
  11. Why avoid the question repeatedly then ? What about Floyds genetic make up is providing him a genetic advantage over the other boxers ............. Is it his bigger reach, his speed, his power ? What genetic gifts is he blessed with that arent found in his competition ?
  12. Glad you concede defeat In other news, I have those strands too @essexboy #geneticallysuperior #youhavenochance #pointtothefuckingeasywork
  13. I didnt say he was in the same class as Mayweather No body in their right mind believes he is I said he has legitimate boxing skills, and he clearly does Also youre aware that an mma fighter has become a world champion boxer before right ? Just because they fight mma doesnt mean they are totally useless
  14. I repeat it because that is my only argument, yet people like yourself quote me and make a different argument that i never made. So i repeat my argument to make it clear what y point is because it seemed to get lost the first time, but even after i repeat it 10 times or so, you still dont get it and keep trying to argue something else Conor has legit boxing skills, that is my argument. Yet 5 or so people have quoted me making different arguments based on that, yourself for example tried making out like i thought Conor was going to win etc. As ive said, if you would list some legit boxing skills, i can prove to you right now that Conor has them Im pretty sure Floyd is taking the biggest money fight of his life quite seriously indeed, he has far too much to lose by not doing. Im also pretty sure Floyd cant KO Conor in minutes. His last KO was in 1999 or so, when he was a totally different fighter. He very rarely score even a tko and if he does its very late in the fight when fatigue and sloppiness has set in from the opponent. Floyd round 1 is super unlikely, stupidly unlikely