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  1. So you had both your legs surgically broken at 15 Was that to increase your height ?
  2. Oh s**t Explosion at M.E.N arena Deaths Possible terrorists
  3. You can postal vote they will send it to your house and you just free post it back .......
  4. To register online to be able to allow yourself to vote on the 8th June https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote
  5. Just googled it, the guy only got 7 years so defo wasnt murder, we chose the harshest of the options we were offered though
  6. I know The murder trial was on my second jury service and the only case i got, the other two were on my first stint of jury service It wasnt actually a murder trial tbh, it was a case where a guy flattened some little kid with his car and drove off. The little boy died though, but yeah, not murder. Cant remember what we found him guilty of, maybe it was murder, we found him guilty anyway
  7. Ive done it twice Had a murder case, a guy getting his dick out near school girls, and an assault case I enjoyed it, was different Can be very irritating when youre in deliberations though and someone is refusing to budge
  8. Dude it's the Internet Everyone is on 100 grand with a 10 inch dick and is married to a glamour model f**k what he thinks anyway who is he. If you're ok living yyour life on 19k a year then obviously you will be ok on 30k a year I wouldn't go to the interview though based on what you have said, if you're happy where you are not worth having everything potentially rruined for less than a tenner extra a day
  9. Blackstone labs do a supplement called anesthetized which is meant to be awesome at knocking you out Not for every night use though, just once or twice a week when youre struggling to sleep
  10. I know where you can get single amps of test e
  11. I dont care enough to do so tbh
  12. Not being able to cum or taking ages is s**t get bored after like 40 minutes If it goes too long and it still dont feel like im gonna cum i will just stop, isnt worth the effort
  13. No they wouldnt because i would get my car back and then get the most sophisticated security on it so it cant be stolen Seems obvious to do for the nhs pay the poxy 300quid and then sup up the security vs not paying and all the millions of bits of data and records they have being deleted Unless it was what i said in the OP and the hackers wanted 300 per log in, then that is obviously way too much