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  1. Im glad you recognise him as a fellow nutjob I agree he is at least on your level, just undiagnosed You come across quite stable on here in comparison, he makes all these crazy claims, he is highly delusional. The lastest is him thinking hes so sought after that men are throwing their wives at him for an opportunity just to wank him is hilarious, especially then when you add in the fact hes a 30 something, bald, thin, manlet..... I suppose its the internet and it probably makes him feel better to come on here and pretend these things happen, maybe i shall just leave him to talk rubbish. I think leaving him to get more and more delusional is worse than calling him on it though becase if i call him then he may think oops best stop my bullshitting Im just trying to help the little fella
  2. Shame they cant fix your mental illness Keep strong, x
  3. Im just calling you on your bullshit every time you post bullshit Youre a 5 foot 5, skinny bald dwarf. Youre not particularly desirable to either sex, let alone desirable enough to have strangers offer your their wife for the chance to wank you LOL I know youre not right in the head, but less bullshit plz
  4. Your mental illness still acting up then i see
  5. 6 packs on skinny little "men" are the same as tits on fat chicks They dont count
  6. Funny how you agreed with me on basically the exact same issue when speaking about travelling in another topic, how its all for show an to post on IG / brag to people Dont go changing your views just because i upset you and you wish to argue , your Napoleon complex is coming out again
  7. Jellyfish Old has been jellyfish
  8. To be honest i started out trolling but now im on my own side and believe what im saying Here is my non troll point Im legitimately interested in what you feel youre getting out of this Besides being able to try to brag to others how you have ascended everest Youre paying 6 and a half grand to live in shite conditions and freeze your balls off. What planet are you on Youre sole reason must be to tell others that you have been up everest But you havent. You have gone on the shitty lowest tourist trail thing and not come anywhere near close to achieving anything and definitely not even close to climbing everest
  9. If you come back with all your finger and toes Youre going to be a laughing stock
  10. What experience ? He isnt climbing Mt Everest, he is just walking up a bit of it So he wants to experience walking up some of Everest ? Whats the experience there ? Whats the difference between walking up some unknown giant hill. He wants to go so he can say hes climbed Mt Everest the famous mountain. Then the reality is hes gone up it a tiny bit and came back down and hasnt climbed s**t. What exactly is the experience there and why would you pay 6 grand to do it ?
  11. You calling me weak ?
  12. Theyre real men Test e could only dream of being immortilised there with them
  13. Ive seen it on youtube and saved 6 and a half grand Test e is a coward, a cheap coward, a cheap cowardly quitter Hows the plot to poison that gay couple with a cake coming along ?
  14. Yeah but OP is only doing it so he can tell people he has climbed Everest
  15. The f**k is the point of going then ? You havent climbed Everest, you have climbed a bit of it and the easy bit at that May as well stay at home and have a wank