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  1. More information Which car and how much are they quoting with how much excess
  2. I personally dont get what exactly id see Say a foreigner was coming to London, you could see pretty much all London has to offer in 4 or 5 days so i imagine its the same for most other places Why save up 12k or so and go for 6 months without earning any money and come back skint with no job I dont get why people dont just go on short 4 or 5 day trips to places in Europe or wherever, and still have monthly money coming in I think a lot of it is to do with the showing off culture and posting pictures on instagram and facebook of themselves "travelling"
  3. Where do you want to go ?
  4. Why are you going to do it then ?
  5. This is what i was about to bring up This is what stops me doing it Finding someone who you can trust to pay, that same someone cant know where you live either as then they know where future crops are being grown. So it seems too difficult to pull off. Plus, loading your car up with big bags of bud and then making the drive to meet the guy, i imagine would be a seriously worrisome paranoid trip
  6. Not real
  7. A common side effect of being hynotised is a sore bum So once he brings you back to consciousness, dont worry about it Open mind remember
  8. No way ha I gained more respect for Rich here tbh. He offered black dude a legit 1 on 1, black dude proceeds to sucker punch him. Rich wins
  9. I fancy going seeing one just to see what they say There are some good videos on youtube, i stumbled across one of the finest women ive ever seen(physique wise) when i was searching chiropractic videos Check her out, perfect body
  10. 16th Jan next appointment Not bad
  11. This reminds me i also need to book in at doctors. i tried in December, got through to the automated system who checked all availability with all doctors for the next appointment, and got told there were no appointmets, goodbye Was shocking, will try again now and report back
  12. There are a few places like what youre thinking of doing near me They sponsor some guys i know with free food and cash so they must be making a decent profit This is the main one, which looks the best to me, never actually been though http://www.bosubodybar.com/
  13. Gym culture is exactly that, its culture now So so so many people are into the gym these days its mad Targeting them is a good idea Whats the actual plan though, are you opening a real place or doing it online ? DO you need health and safety and hygiene and all that to certify you if youre doing it just online ? Do you know how much profit you will be making from each meal, your over heads etc ? Its an ok idea if the numbers work, nothing original but nowadays not too much is
  14. Im at a pure gym, only been here for 5 months or so, so not experienced if they have crazy influxes of new members during this time I went this morning and definitely seen a few new faces, wasnt crazy busy though
  15. It worked amazingly well He used to be a menace, would pull on the lead like a maniac, surprised he never choked himself out he used to pull that hard. When he would see other dogs that would be it, GONE, had no chance of getting him back either until he was ready to come. He would terrorize everyone at the park, steal their balls and pop them, he would take those ball throwers from people. jumping up at them non stop if they tried to stop him, he was a maniac Balls come off, he is way more chilled, he still wants the balls but doesnt lose his mind foaming at the mouth trying to get them. His interest in other dogs now is so much lower, he cares about his humans way more. He has become the most obedient dog i know, he stays if i shout stay, he will come running to me if i shout his name, no matter how many dogs are about. People comment on how well trained he is. I havent even trained him, the only thing different is his balls have gone I keep him giddy and slightly aggressive by roughhousing and wrestling with him for his toys. He gets very very protective of them so its good fun, hes naturally giddy and hyper anyway because hes a boxer but i read that dogs become dull once their balls come off and i didnt want him changing much Definitely been a massive plus in our case