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  1. stick a needle in one and drain it, then see what happens if it looks good then drain the rest ?
  2. Dick head with the shaved head thinking hes 10 men because hes on steroids If the other guy had a bit more confidence to swing back from the start he would have beaten him
  3. Is this Trump part 2 in terms of betting potential ?
  4. But the 1.6 was rapid in my opinion, if a car was 2 litre would it be quicker ?
  5. A 1hour slow steady run is plenty per day, assuming youre getting your actual fight training in also LSD runs build the aerobic system up, which in turn gives you a bigger tank to draw from during your high intensity work Keep your heart rate round 140 - 160bpm for the duration
  6. How does it work, why would a 2.0 not be amazingly fast ? My mum has just got a brand new top spec A class merc, its a 1.6 automatic I drove it yesterday and decided to floor it from the lights so pushed the pedal right down and it absolutely flew, i was amazed at how quick it went
  7. $4 billion dollar net worth and the president of America Hes doing alright for himself isnt he
  8. My mate was starting a fight with some other guy, just pushing at the time and squaring up Id been eating Es so i went inbetween them and separated them telling the other guy to just go and then some other dude walks up and just flat lined the guy, full force full wind up shot square on his jaw from about a foot away, the guy was lay on the floor for about 5 minutes before someone came over and picked him up and sat him on a couch still totally unconscious and then just walked off Another time, also high on Es id been dancing with a girl and she was grinding all over me, so i went to finger her ( 18 at the time) and she turns round and starts gong wild and starts propper laying into me with digs ha my mates claim they could hear the punches landing over the music, because they had no effect she then ran up to this bouncer who was behind us and tried to get him to leather me, luckily he didnt. Then about 15 minutes later she comes back up to me and starts dancing and grinding on me again like nothing had happened Those are the two things what stand out most from when i used to go clubbing, dont go clubs any more, just full of idiots really
  9. It is a tough one, hence why the odds are so close I just feel Mitrione is a much better fighter at this point in time, his striking is way better than Fedors and i think his chin probably is too Given this will be a stand up fight, Mitrione has the better stand up a long with the height, reach and weight advantage He is my pick Of course its heavyweight mma and all it takes is 1 shot and Mitrione does like to leave his chin hanging out in the air to be cracked and Fedor still has some decent speed so i could see a Brett Rogers type KO from Fedor, but i think Matt has too many things in his favor here
  10. Jones just wins by referee stoppage so that part of the bet has come through The fight was very sketchy though, both smiling at each other constantly, Bobby Gunn rarely throwing a punch Roy actually lets his hands go in round 7 and hurts Bobby immediately and puts him on wobbly legs............then just steps back and lets him recover Weird Glad that part has come through though, now just need Mitrione to starch Fedor tomorrow
  11. Its just throw away money Its silly to bet big on heavyweight MMA, and i havent seen jones fight since he fought enzo and ive only seen bobby gunn fight once so i would be crazy to bet big on a double such as the one i posted just put it on for the sake of it really
  12. Roy jones jnr to win by knockout tonight Matt Mitrione to beat fedor tomorrow, £10 returns £31