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  1. Got Tren Ace 115/mg to use soon
  2. @Ivan85 - re injecting, can you inject into quads subQ also? easier for me than stomache - been doing for some time, but think there is any loss of effectiveness?
  3. Hi, I am actually your wife, i moved the bag because i was out of Test E. I won't use it against you, i'm a raging roid head. Tea is ready in 5 - love you x
  4. Thoughts with you mate...
  5. 6 hours without food, mate you need to get yah sen over to Africa for a week
  6. Diff exp for me, as i say, prob who you get or issue dependent.
  7. Incorrect maybe mate, usually they will pass it to a GP... who should break the news. Depends who you get i suppose.
  8. call it intermittent fasting lol
  9. if you eat, especially fat, they can't see s**t on the scan, they will think you've got a tumar when its a fu**ing lump a food haha. I had a liver scan after getting the dreaded yellow eyes, i was son AAS but not orals. it came and went. Scan was fine but u have to drink loads so i was just dying for a piss all day.
  10. I am going to be using 250 TM DNP in the summer main worry is being saturated at work.. im shirt suit tie kinda guy so im dreading that...
  11. day 1... 36 hour half life... so let the fucker burn by day 3/4 lol
  12. Nah, my 5ml jabs need glutes If i do quads (cos hardly ever use them) i cant walk all week, i think id be f**ked doing knees ha
  13. That's my hopes anyway! I just thought i could have killed E2. Its coincidence probably but its as soon as the new stack "kicked in" / built up that the niggles arrived - hence adding 1+1