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  1. Nah, my 5ml jabs need glutes If i do quads (cos hardly ever use them) i cant walk all week, i think id be f**ked doing knees ha
  2. That's my hopes anyway! I just thought i could have killed E2. Its coincidence probably but its as soon as the new stack "kicked in" / built up that the niggles arrived - hence adding 1+1
  3. Cheers Lads, i dont think its my current teckers of squats, iv used AAS before and squatted for yrs no issues, i am on 24 so its not like im 60 odd. Never had discomfort walking yh i need an E2 test, i didnt know which was to go. Using ASIN around 25mg EOD ED when i ad in the DBOL might try to lower it and see if it helps, as perhaps its killing me E2.
  4. Hi Guys, I have been running 750 TEST E 300 DECA 500 EQ per week using Anadrol / DBOL as a pre workout or as and when (pill form) I have been taking the above injectables since November so 8 weeks. The last 3 have really started to cause my knees some grief. I never really have knee issues doing squats but other day warming up with 20kg bar was actually painful so i left them. Walking down the stairs i seem to be doing at an angle Walking steps or stairs at work its pretty niggly, its not a harsh pain but uncomfort in my knees. My guess is maybe water retention causing extra fluid? lube from the deca? i dont know? any ideas guys? i thought this stack would be joint friendly. . . . @RedStar @swole troll
  5. 400ml milk (whole) 50-100grams of whey powder / mass gainer / whatever s**t your taking 1 banana 50-100grams of peanut butter (go 100g if you wanna gain) anything else you want eg oats / dextrose / creatine powder / whatever BLEND easily over 1k cals... 100g peanut butter is 600cals 1 banana is circa 80-120 cals 400milk is 200+ cals protein powder cals = ? ALL in all over 1k cals easily. drink one a day and thats another 7k calories a week, should put on 1-2lbs a week if your already at maintenance.
  6. seems i touch NPP / DECA i get lactation... thats on low estrogen (25mg Asin daily) - still on deca now just 300mg per week.. tiny bit of lactation with that still... yes i used caber.. was burning through it.
  7. Russia does not need ammunition, ammunition needs Russia
  8. 2/10 24 looking my age... more chance of my gf growing a full beard than me If i shaved my hair and wore my joggers id be a 2.5 ha
  9. so i know all the PTs at my chain gym, spend all day training fat / old / skinny people.... i couldnt deal with it. Id want to train an athlete, not a verging on disabled person. Like training to be a chef and flipping MCdz burgers... personal opinion only...
  10. Sorry I did see that. test e 500 tren e 200-400 depending on sides Anadrol first 4 weeks as kick start lean bulk :-)
  11. Go 50 Anadrol ED 4 weeks try 75 100 if you feel ok on it test e 500 deca 300-500 i personally would keep your TREN and masteron and TEST plans for a cut next summer :-)
  12. What you really after? You seem like me, game to experiment and want to try everything to do it right you need to not go cocktail mental like me tho and pick less variables I would go back to step one. What do you want most of all? is it pure new tissue accepting some blub and the need for a diet after but netting more gains than a leaner approach or are you fixated on staying lean mate? Can suggest cycles based on charactistics and doses based on your exp and weight etc Which of the above best suits?
  13. You are comparing two diff things tren vs mast no direct comparison, TREN is more potent obviously for strength and size although it's not hard bulkier like DECA DBOL OXY it can be used
  14. Treadmill alt mask, £5. £9995 change for AAS