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  1. SIS LABS is ok for all injectables type of AAS? Or just TEST -E AND TREN -E already tested?
  2. In Europe ifbb user use pharmacom, balkan and est Europe brands. Just in Uk you can find users of Sis, rohm and other.
  3. Why nobody talk about famous europeans brand like BALKAN, PHARMACOM, ALPHA PHARMA, PRIMUS RAY and other?
  4. Which compounds do you suggest about SIS labs? All of them?
  5. Ok. Thanks for infirmations.. I though are all from Uk. why brands like ap, balkan and pharmacom are more expensive than sis, triumph, rohm and other mainly used in Uk?
  6. Hi guys, what s the difference between EUROPEAN brands like balkan, prymus ray, alpha pharma and pharmacom and Uk brand like Sis, baltic,spinx,d4net,rohm..?