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  1. Test, Tren, Eq/Mast Winstrol, Anadrol
  2. Try 150 mg injectable just for one workout, and you'll see what I'm talking about lol Actualy now I'm doing 150 mg day Balkan oxys (in tablets a spread over the day), very happy with that
  3. I still have some Geneza Oxymetholone 75mg/ml (last bottle), I use it now as a treat (1ml each bicep) : pumps, strength , frame of mind... such a nice crack!
  4. Just searched my 'database' and for the record my first order of Oxymetholone Injectable 75 was at 20/05/2016, so it's nothing realy new mate lol
  5. GP oils and tabs outstanding: Tren Enanth, TNE 75mg / Dbol 25mg , Oxymetholone Injectable 75 , Oxy , Proviron , Halotest , M1T , Anastrozole . Toay about 1 hout before my workout I'll be pinning 1ml Oxymetholone Injectable 75 in each bicep, it's th'a bomb lol
  6. all other tudca available it's like double price, so I'm sticking with NAC until it's available again at
  7. Try LactiGo gel, it's the real deal
  8. HBCD 50g: pre / intra / post
  9. Geneza! AP, Baltic, Tm, Sis,...
  10. I ran it (2nd batch) before summer holidays and I was very happy with it.
  11. test 300 it's good crack mate
  12. Two weeks in only mate so can't comment yet. Just out from gym and I'm all pumped but that's because I've just had 3 weeks of M1T on top of my Test/Tren/EQ cycle and currently I'm on about 4000kcal/ED.
  13. No surprise at all you're getting spots, but probably it's not from the gear... maybe... lack of hygiene? Anyway it's somehow surreal how every single labs is smashed here based on the most phatetical reasons lol BTW I'm running SIS Anavar (2 weeks in) and this week I'll add SIS Test E.
  14. Oxys. But oxys(100mg)+dbol(50mg) it's a very pleasant experience.
  15. apple strudel strawberry cheesecake