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  1. Currently using Dunning Labs Anavar 25mg and it's the best I have ever had.
  2. No issues at all
  3. No pumps at 100mg or 150mg. It's a very effective steroid re strength/mass.
  4. Hopefully all willl be fine! All the best mate!
  5. I'm on DHB (var as well),no struggle to eat at all
  6. Those are the labs I've been using, great gear!
  7. No, it's Dunning Labs.
  8. Currently I jab twice a week 1.5ml DHB with 1ml Test + 1.5ml DHB with 1ml Tren, no PIP
  9. Dunning Labs
  10. Some have referred to DHB at a “side effect free trenbolone” or a “super-primo”.
  11. it is!
  12. Dunning Labs definitly good
  13. Pump all day long, endurance and strenght going up, leaning out, sense of wellbeing. I'm considering let the tren out of the equation and bump dhb to 1000mg/ew.
  14. I'm currently running test e, tren e, dhb, anavar from Dunning Labs, it's the real deal.
  15. I'v been running 500 test + 400 tren + 600 dhb since for about six weeks, no regrets!!