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  1. DHB

    Yesterday pinned 1.5ml/DHB in each quad, one shot with 1ml Test other with 1ml Tren,... nothing really compared to what PIP means
  2. DHB

    100mg per ml mate. This week I'll try 1.5 ml in each shot, aiming reducing pinning to twice a week (Sun/Wed).
  3. DHB

    Started crashing 1/2 days after, the other vials that I'm keeping at a cigar humidor, with all other gear, are fine. (maybe I should get another cigar humidor for everyday use) Pinned quads sunday (each: DHB 1ml + tren 1ml + Test 1ml), yesterday deltoids (DHB 1ml + tren 0.5ml / DHB 1ml + Test 0.5ml) , no pip at all. Tomorrow traps (DHB 1ml + tren 0.5ml / DHB 1ml + Test 0.5ml) One thing that I noticed yet is fullness and hardness all day, really great. And cruising on DHB looks to me an excellent idea, indeed.
  4. DHB

    (not being naive) Great expectations about DHB, hoppefully it will be a very enjoyable ride!
  5. DHB

    I have ran Test+Tren+EQ for about an year and loved it. I've been researching for a while about DHB, sometimes seen as you said a more potent version of EQ or 'super Primo' because of it characteristics. I'm starting this way and I'll tweak things around as it goes if needed, as my main aim is to know how great is DHB. So it could happen middle cycle I'll end up running DHB at 800ml/EW probably with some 'drops' of test and tren.
  6. DHB

    Well, let's see how it goes, thanks for your input
  7. DHB

    I'd completly agree with you if it was Primo, but I do believe DHB it's a diferent 'animal' and it will do great. Have you ever run DHB?
  8. DHB

    This is my very first experience with DHB. Plan to do it this way: 500ml Test E + 400ml Tren E + 600 DHB /EW. Probably I'll add 600/800ml Mast E or P for the last 8 weeks before holidays (Aug). I have just pinned my quads (left: 1ml Tren E + 1ml DHB, right: 1ml Test E + 1ml DHB), smooth injections, no PIP at all for now. I'll set off for my workout in about an hour. All gear is Dunning Labs.
  9. try this one, Muscle Rage NOS BOMB
  10. Currently: SIS(Test, Tren, EQ) +Balkan(anadrol, winstrol) - 3 weeks left Next: Dunning Labs(Test, Tren, Dbol)
  11. Waiting for delivery of Meldonium and Glyceryl Trinitrate. Plan to have 500mg/Meldonium twice ED. Cannot wait as well to check the effects of Glyceryl Trinitrate.
  12. Modafinil, Caffeine/L-Theanine, Alpha GPC and Rhodiola Rosea will sort you out mate.
  13. Test, Tren, Eq/Mast Winstrol, Anadrol