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  1. Yeah realised after I'd hit reply, spent all day looking after 2 toddlers, my heads a shed.
  2. About the easiest money you can make, any big arena event is a piece of piss, whether its bands comedians etc. As long as it wasn't some X factor tripe would usually be an enjoyable night
  3. Couple of hundred quid outlay, but can pretty much guarantee work. Obviously not the best money, but it's still a wage isn't it. I would take any work I could get when younger, door work is terrible pay in general these days. Concerts etc are decent, no hassle and you get to see a free show every night.
  4. Love it. He's sitting there thinking I've just done her while she's ranting like a loon trying to get the last word in.
  5. Depending on the role you want will determine which badge/course you do. Will have to pay for either, but you can claim tax back. I've heard of job centres paying for some courses if you're claiming benefits but no experience of this myself.
  6. If he wanted the fight he should have snapped their hands off at 60/40. I reckon he knows he'll get beat so just wants as big a pay day as possible before he retires. He can't take too many more of these.
  7. Khan is delusional, it's a 50/50 split at best. If he wins on the weekend Kell is by far the bigger name. Khan doesn't even hold a belt now, don't understand why he thinks he should get bigger purse.
  8. Yeah they've hyped him up a bit, supposed to be the next big thing in America. Will be close but I rate Brook, made a proper fight of it against Golovkin.
  9. I like them, hardly break the bank and its better than a snickers with my Greggs meal deal
  10. Very tough one to call. I'm going to have a few quid on Brook stoppage in 4-8. Will be a good fight, I like Kell, will fight anyone. There have been a couple of good documentaries on Sky this week about him and Brendan Ingles gym.
  11. It's bollocks really and that's me speaking as a landlord. It's an admin fee for letting agents really as technically once you're agreement is up a new contract has to be drawn up. I tend not to use agents if I can get away with it as there are a million and one ways they can seek to make a few extra quid out of tenants and landlords.
  12. A load of truth. Good post.
  13. The mong cu**s aren't immigrants. They were born and raised in Britain. They are most likely just resentful virgins.
  14. 7/7 attackers born and raised in Leeds Westminster attacker born in Kent Manchester arena attacker university dropout born raised in Manchester Whilst I agree our foreign policy is shite, there is more to it than just that. Ain't one of these cu**s lost a wife or daughter to a drone strike.
  15. Brianna Wu is a divvy