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  1. 'How to eat and train to look like a skinny accountant' That there is a best seller.
  2. I wouldn't let it play in your mind, it's done now, forget about it. Fair play to you, you've admitted you're not a fighter. Most of these pissed up dickheads couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag with scissors on their hands, but you've got to have the confidence in yourself to have a go at them.
  3. These posts are always about Tyson or Joshua, the reason being how they look I.e bodybuilders. They are never 'did riddick Bowe take gear?' , that's because he looked a sack of s**t at times. The reason the question is asked is not to get to the bottom of Ped use in high level sport, and how it helps in recovery/performance, it's because they have well built physiques. So saying yes Tyson/Joshua use Peds isn't actually answering the question the op is asking (as daft as it sounds) they are basically asking can this physique be achieved without gear (which imo it can). Two different issues, can the physique be achieved without gear - yes 100% there are some big natural lads around. Do these high level boxers use gear -yes 100%, but not for aesthetic reasons. People end up arguing over two seperate issues.
  4. To be fair mate we are arguing two different points. To be clear I am not saying top athletes don't use Peds, my original point was made regarding Tyson and his physical appearance. Crossed wires regarding the genetics vs Peds mate, I obviously didn't make myself clear
  5. Because all the Peds in the world will never make you MR Olympia, WSM or heavyweight champion of the world.
  6. Totally missed my point mate, never said you could make high level sport without peds. Obviously WSM/ Olympia athletes are on massive doses, argument was that genetics limit how far you go. If they didn't you'd be up there with Eddie and Thor
  7. Read first post mate, the argument was pretty much purely related to how he looks. These posts always relate to how Tyson or Joshua look, never how Riddick Bowe or Andrew Golota looked. I have never once stated those at the top end of sport don't use peds, please correct me if I'm wrong. My original interjection was purely to do with Mike Tyson and Steroids relating to how he looks( again see op). Ofcourse there are no naturals on the Olympia or WSM stage lol, that was never my argument. I stated genetic>peds hence why me you or hunting ground could take 10g a week and never make the stage. You are always limited by your genetics.
  8. WSM competitors and those on the Olympia stage are genetic freaks. Agreed?
  9. Not really, I wouldn't say DLTBB was a natural freak and neither was PScarb. Not by a long long way. Its a mute argument, people seem to thin you can't look like Mike Tyson or even Rio Ferdinand lol without gear. I disagree.
  10. It definitely isn't in the books mate so I'd say you have a valid argument
  11. Don't see it often, the genuine freaks I've come across look better than 90% of those on gear (myself included). Most people I come across who take gear look distinctly average. If all it took was gear then everyone on here should look like a PScarb or Dltbb.
  12. My wife has a 325d, got all original paperwork. Just checked and there is absolutely nothing to say when they should be serviced. Looking online there is nothing in black and white, seems you have to trust the onboard computer to tell you when they should be done.
  13. It depends who they are regulated by mate. A lot of extended warranties and maintenance contracts are now governed by the FSA, for example if you take out a service plan with British Gas, it is effectively an insurance policy (governed by the FSA). So before taking the boiler onto a contract, BG must visit the property to inspect it and make sure they are happy to enter into the contract. I don't know the ins and outs of these warranties, they are probably well covered and you may be better off pursuing things with the garage you bought it from. Seems crazy that the previous owner didn't get a new high performance car like that serviced for 3 and a bit years doesn't it.
  14. Don't personally think so,to look like that, I know lads who have never touched a weigh in their life bigger, stronger and leaner than others who take gear and train. Genetics > than all the gear in the world that's just fact