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  1. As I've just posted in another thread, you have to try for yourself. Test results didn't bother me, bought SIS t400, Deca 300 and Test 200. Currently running the 400 and Deca and think it's very poor to be honest.
  2. Have been running their Test 400 and Deca 300. It's tripe in my honest opinion, have some of their Test 200 to run a cruise with, but will be switching brands after this run. Got to speak as you find, if you're getting results then spot on, but truthfully I think it's poor.
  3. Politics is there job mate, a gormless ex footballer, a never made it pop singer who sponges of her fathers name and an overrated comic think they are politicians and think they speak for people in this country and others. It does my head in.
  4. Fat bloke was a blatant dickhead, the other guy was obviously asking him if he could use bench while fatty was doing those terrible lat raises. Once fatty had thrown first punch I would not have stood trying to reason with him. Only ever seen one fight in the gym, consisted of one head butt and that was it
  5. Gary Lineker, James Cordon, Lily Allen three of the biggest cu**s on the planet. Plenty more but cannot stand those 3, fu**ing millionaires yet they think they speak for the ordinary man in this country.
  6. Unlikely she will win, imo. Will get through to the second round but is too far to the right to win outright I think. Would finish the EU and Eurozone if she did though.
  7. With any luck that photo was taken at South Shields beach. I shall be straight down there, a quick splash of creed and my best Hugo polo shirt and she will be putty in my hands. Then I wake up with my head in my cornflakes.
  8. Apologies, I'll let you off
  9. Give it up mate, you simply cannot reason with a man that wears weightlifting gloves
  10. Good for you mate, got a couple of mates who weld for a living. They make mega money are always in demand, work abroad/offshore mind but they enjoy it.
  11. Ah, so you don't only drink when you're thirsty. Glad we cleared that up. As you were.
  12. Mate, look back at why you are arguing with me and take two minutes to have a word with yourself. You stated I was wrong to say thirst is your brains way of telling you are dehydrated. This is not wrong, it is basic physiology and I could link you to 1000s of articles explaining the process. Again I have never said you need to drink huge amounts of water, you think by keep repeating this it is going to stick? All I have said is do not wait till your thirsty to have a drink. In relation to bodybuilding, water is hugely important. Again I could link you to plenty of studies, but it won't make any difference. In terms of bodybuilding you know how important food is, huge amounts? Probably not, but merely eating to stay alive won't cut it either. We're going round in circles now, can't be arsed. Do what makes you happy fella.
  13. I don't know what I was thinking