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  1. 10 years in June. Post now and again but the site is 70% bell ends, 30% decent lads. Really for the amount of attention Lorian and the Mods give to the upkeep of the site it should have been left to die a slow death years ago.
  2. Voters are stuck in the past. Labour are no more a party for the true working class than any other. Large proportions of their support come from the benefits class and those stuck in the 80's who can't forget the demise of traditional industries i.e most of the North East. Like most, I don't trust any of them, but will undoubtedly vote Conservative as Theresa May is the most competent imo. (Won't make any difference mind, the hill folk around my way will ensure we have another totally useless Labour MP)
  3. Got no doubt My protein are confident in their production process,the sieves they use and the method in which the bags are filled would make it impossible for foreign objects to get in. If I was them I'd take every legal action against the scruffy lying c**t. These compo claiming wasters are like leaches
  4. This c**t is an absolute bottom feeder. 1 million reasons this couldnt happen. My protein should sue the scruffy t**t and those that ran the story.
  5. f**k that. They'd have to send the helicopter up for me.
  6. Have fought in the ring many times, never had fear as such, nerves, but not fear. Spent my 30th birthday in hospital with a bleed on the brain, having had 2 days on the sofa unable to walk. That worried me but wouldn't say it was fear. Genuine times I've been fearful have all been on motorbikes. Hitting a grease patch or slippy manhole on a corner or doing 100mph your life flashes before your eyes for a split second. Dont fight anymore and have gotten rid of the bikes since my kids were born.
  7. EDL

    The ostriches don't believe in maths, it's racist.
  8. EDL

    Totally agree with you, the points either side make could be valid, but the way they go about it is usually what turns others off.
  9. Yeah thought that's what you were getting at. Do agree with that. Have seen the guy train though and he trains harder than 99.9% of people. For 17 years of age the dedication he has to his diet and the sport has to be respected. Whether it takes him anywhere is anyone's guess
  10. Not sure I wholly agree with this, kind of get your point. But fill your average 17 year old gym rat with 5g of gear and they won't look anything like this lad.
  11. EDL

    EDL are mongs, left wing faggots who go to 'stand up' against EDL are mongs. Moral of the story is stay away from EDL marches whether you agree or disagree with them.
  12. No idea mate, not agreeing or disagreeing with his choices, nowt to do with me. Would say bacne was inevitable at 17 when injecting hormones though. I never touched gear till 26 but I had bad acne in teenage years.
  13. Aye looks terrible, suppose he can live with being a spotty teenager having just won Mr World though.
  14. Saw him training last week, huge kid and very strong. Impressive at his age