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  1. Guy was called Adrian Elms, proper British name. Was a knife merchant in his younger days, appears he fell in with the wrong crowd in later years
  2. No different to this country really. Pay huge amounts in tax/NI for a health service that is on its knees and is abused by the dregs of society.
  3. On gear/diet I look good, off gear/eating a packet of caramel wafers a night I look shite. Sadly there is no middle ground.
  4. Would guess at 12-14%, good job on the weight loss so far
  5. Not sure if he'd receive his 72 virgins if his last act on this earth was gobbling a sweaty pair of balls. Will check Quran to clarify.
  6. Couldn't do that job, the temptation to stick my thumbs in his eye sockets would be too much.
  7. Under Obama the federal debt more than doubled, the number of Americans on food stamps rose by 40%, they f**ked up with Libya, Syria, Egypt and Iraq. But it's ok because Bin Laden was killed and he's mates with Jay Z.
  8. You do realise he has been in office 2 months, it may take a bit longer than that. Not that I'm defending him as he is a divvy, but it will take a bit longer than 2 months to say how well he has done.
  9. Newspaper has reported it.Must be true
  10. I know the UK leaving the EU is a material change, but we haven't left yet, and until we do no one should speculate on the terms. My only argument is regarding the timing, wait till Brexit actually happens.Let the politicians concentrate on Brexit first and foremost.Then if the Scots want a referendum let them have it. I honestly think most in England are past caring whether Scotland remains or not.
  11. Do you also think it is right she is calling for it before the terms of Brexit are known? When the UK leaves the EU, that is the material change, until that time there is no change and she has no mandate to call for another referendum. Theresa May is correct, now is not the time, but the SNP just like to cause problems and be the centre of attention.
  12. Enjoy it, stick with it a couple of months and gradually the trainers should do more with you. No way you should be stepping in the ring though so wouldn't be worried about getting beaten up
  13. It does not bother me, what bothers me is the SNPs insistence you are hard done by. They were voted in by a landslide, yet at their core independence is the only issue that really matters to them. Their sole goal is to cause division, at every opportunity they vote against Westminster.Their MPs may as well be sheep as they bow to whatever little hitter tells them to do. Imo if the Scottish people are insistent on having a nationalist government, the sooner they vote for independence the better.
  14. The Scottish also receive more in spending per head than those in England, free prescriptions, lower university fees etc.
  15. Boxed on and off for 16 years, packed in all together about 4 years ago although I do still train every so often. Local clubs can be very hit and miss, some good ones some not so good. When you start most should start with getting you to a decent level of fitness and gradually start to teach you some technique. I'd expect a lot of bag work to begin with, plenty of circuits and maybe a bit of pad work at the end depending on how many trainers there are and how many competitive fighters there are at the club.