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  1. Little pains around that area.no not all the time.
  2. Tight chest on test prop and npp 5 weeks in. Wc nandrotest at 2ml eod adex at 0.5 eod caber at 0.5 Mon Thurs. Should I be worried?. It's not bad just a niggle
  3. Yo. I want to start strong man training limited to gym equipment. Can anyone recommend a good routine?. Ta daz
  4. Fvck doing 5 mg. I done 2.5 a day on a test only cycle to get rid of lump and it crippled me dry joints and tried all the time.
  5. Npp

    Anyone else sweet like a pig on npp ?.
  6. Your the same as me then bud. I don't believe this if you control your estrogen you don't get prolactin gyno.
  7. Same I need as getting the right side dose is hard without it.
  8. Just seen this reply mate. I got some Wc nandrotest to carry on with the short esters. Thanks tho.
  9. What did one saggy boob say to the other ?. "IF we don't get some support soon, people are going to think we're nuts"....
  10. I'd go for the danger. You never know she might like it
  11. Hope you cum in them then put them back in her draw.
  12. Sweet I have a look
  13. g strings are a pain in the arse
  14. Tits and arse