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  1. Pull session this morning. Felt good. Diet and training in check atm
  2. Ah sorry mate, misunderstood Was no real reason, just personal preference really. I gave it a go, it was working so didnt change it At the weekend id have a carb-heavy meal on a saturday evening after football, usually a pizza lol Bored of it now though so switched it up. If i dont progress nicely on this i'll revert back to 1700k and 20g carb
  3. I'm an IT consultant so literally sit at a desk all day, only moving I do is to meetings and to get coffee I get pretty bloated and feel sluggish with high carbs, so around 250g is as high as I'm going in high carb days way ive setup the diet is to give around 5000 cal deficit per week, so roughly 1-1.5lb loss Weekends won't change, will have a high Carb day saturday followed by no carb day Sunday - I'm putting foods in such as bagels, beans on toast etc on high days so don't feel the need to deviate from the plan and have a cheat meal too often, although from time to time I will
  4. Today is high carb day, 250g ish carbs, fat and protein to stay the same. Not going to post diet every day, but will for the first few days as i get into the swing of things.
  5. First day of new diet yesterday. 'Low' carb day, which is more like medium TBH Meal 1 50g Porridge Oats 50g Unflavoured Whey 15g Honey Meal 2 120g Tuna Chunks Tbsp Light Mayo 20g Sweetcorn Seeded tortilla wrap Meal 3 200g Chicken Breast 200g Sweet potato 15g BBQ sauce Meal 4 125g Minced Beef 50g Baby Leaf salad 15g BBQ Sauce Meal 5 1tbsp peanut butter 25g Unflavoured Whey Drinks Monster Ultra Zero x 2 cans Black coffee x 3 cups Comes in around 1750 calories, 141g Carb, 183g Protein, 48g Fat
  6. As above posts have said, get BF% down before your cycle mate. Im doing the same atm, its a pain, but will result in maximizing the benefit of the cycle IMO
  7. Welcome mate. Check here:
  8. Shopping done for the week last night, meals prepped up until Weds Decided to give carb cycling a try to see how i get on. Like the idea of having a couple of days per week where calories are a bit higher and have these planned for when my calorie expenditure is highest, when i play football. Protein Carbs Fat Calories LOW Monday 175 150 50 1750 HIGH Tuesday 175 250 50 2150 LOW Wednesday 175 150 50 1750 NO Thursday 175 20 50 1230 LOW Friday 175 150 50 1750 HIGH Saturday 175 250 50 2150 NO Sunday 175 20 50 1230 12010 Gonna give this a whirl and see how i enjoy/progress. Interested to see cos i tend to just cut carbs out and sit at a static macro/calorie level throughout until i have a refeed day (which becomes a binge ha)
  9. Shopping and meal prep done last night, keeping things nice and simple this time round with diet. Push Session and some HIIT on the cards for tonight, hate training on a night time in my gym, too many mongs around carrying 5% bottles
  10. So just entered the UKM 12 week challenge comp. should be good to keep motivation high. Now let's see what I can do in 12 weeks Heres the s**t Nick pic
  11. Cheers mate, in a much better place this jan than last, hopefully a big 12 week push will have me half decent for the summer! had to go for the pants, Sunday is washing day so thong was in the washer
  12. Here goes. Height 5'7 Weight 178lbs Goal CUT Even more motivated seeing these pics
  13. Fans at the games will have some nice songs for him over there