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  1. Thanks chaps. Have always been half arsed with direct ab work, letting other lifts work the core for the main part Figured my abs were there just wasn't lean enough to see them Ill begin adding some direct ab work 2-3 times per week and hopefully, along with getting leaner, see a difference in time
  2. I ran the clen for the last 2ish weeks of the 12, dropped 3-4lbs in those 2 weeks running 40mcg per day of Sopharma stuff Didnt feel anything as I'm not sensitive to stims, but defo seemed to help up the rate of lbs lost, averaged 0.5-1lb per week overall then 1.5-2lb per week with the help of clen. Whether it's actually down to the clen, or other factors who knows lol As for where I wanna get to, I wanna see my abs. I know that sounds daft, but I've never seen the bastards and it's kind of a mental barrier I need to break down before I look to bulk. Still carrying a bit fat on my tits aswell
  3. It's not a sustainable change and if you were so concerned with body composition, not something you would do If body composition had changed, how has it? As you say, you've crept up to 24% BF, so body composition must be getting worse? Im not gonna comment further, good luck with this experiment. But, if you wanna progress, just be honest with yourself mate.
  4. But you said your weight has been stagnant for so long and won't drop anymore? (On page 1) It seems to me diet is off and simply reducing your daily calorie intake would see you progress Im not having a go, I just think sometimes we need to be brutally honest with ourselves and make required changes. Been there, was in denial that my diet was a load of s**t, thought I could out train it, tried every fad there is. In the end it took some harsh self critique and kicking myself up the arse to sort diet out to start progressing IMO consistency and patience are the most important things to see real progress
  5. At 24% BF, wouldn't the best approach be a sensible calorie defecit coupled with a solid training plan? weight should fly off...
  6. I never got results because I was overeating, lol
  7. Push session this morning. Shoulders a little achey after, been around 8 hours since i trained, thought that was too soon for DOMS, evidently not. Strange, considering i very rarely get DOMs in my upper body, usually only in legs when training frequency of them isnt great - as per yesterday, legs are sore today. Missus at work tonight, so once little one is in bed, gonna stick the PS4 on and play Ghost Recon Wildlands for a bit. Another cup semi final tomorrow, so want to get a good night's sleep tonight so i'm nice and rested. Going to go for a little walk first thing tomorrow, just 30 mins or so, to get the blood flowing and loosen the legs up should i still have DOMs or stiffness in the morning. Pitches are hard as f**k at the minute, was crippled off blisters last week from it, switching insoles in my boots for extra cushioning, just some cheap foam insoles which are thick and soft, hope it helps. Easter binge bloat seems to have gone, back to where i was saturday/sunday morning now, so happy with that. Still havent weighed this week, quite nice not stressing over the scales each day to make sure weight isnt fluctuating too much Food today: Superberry Granola, Greek Yoghurt 4 rashers bacon, 4 hard boiled egg 200g Chicken breast, 100g Grilled Kale, 150g Basmati rice 50g Whey
  8. Just continued as i did during the 12 weeks cos progress was slow, lol
  9. Legs this morning. Feeling it now, first time ive trained legs for around a month due to my knee. Felt good, although didn't push too far with the weight, kept it moderate TBH BBell Squat 5 x 5 Leg Press 5 x 5 Leg Extension 5 x 8 - 12 Hamstring Curl 5 x 8 - 12 Calf Raise 5 x 8 -12 Slept like s**t last night, must have got 4 hours tops. FFS Food today: Banana, Snickers Protein Bar 300g Fat Free Cottage Cheese, 50g whey 2 tins tuna, light mayo, tbsp soft cheese, baby leaf spinach Arla Protein Yoghurt 75g Superberry granola, 200g 0% greek yoghurt Back on the granola today
  10. I find that whenever i do keto, i can train with the same, or close to the same, intensity but for a shorter time, energy levels seem to take a nosedive for me around the 40-45 min mark. I changed my routine slightly so i could fit it all in in 45 mins, if i trained for an hour the last 15 mins were half arsed and felt a little pointless
  11. Lol. A 500cal defecit per day So if you maintain at 2500, eat 2000 I'm not arsed about the pics TBH, just you seem to wanna prove the doubters wrong here, pics is the only way
  12. Good luck with this, keen to see how it turns out. You need to post before/after pics though, otherwise any progress you claim to make from it will be called BS When you're done experimenting, eat at a kcal defecit of 500cal per day, 0.8g-1g Protein/lb, 0.33-0.45g Fat/lb, rest carbs. It really is simple