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  1. Aye that's it, I couldn't handle the heat with work and the kids, I'm hot all the time anyway and sleep with a fan on me at night every night already, god help me with the heat from DNP lol I figure if I was ever going to run it it may have been better a couple of stone ago to shift the big weight, rather than going to extremes for the last 7-14lbs or so
  2. At least you didn't have a seizure I did add clen for the last 2 weeks or so of the first 12 week challenge, hard to say the effect it had as weight was steadily reducing slowly anyway and only used for 2 weeks I still have it on hand, so likely to run 40mcg / day starting Monday alongside keto for 6 weeks for a big push to lose a bit before my holiday I've been toying with the idea of a DNP run lately after seeing the reviews on here of late, but I value quality of life too much to be a sweaty lethargic mess for 3 weeks so decided against it. Figured I came this far without it so no point adding it now
  3. Smackdown games were brilliant man! Heading backstage and using the weapons haha I think booker T (I think it's him) looked sick of his fu**ing life as the arse went back
  4. That was it haha WWF was fu**ing weird when you looo back lol
  5. Keep going - keep a consistent deficit and the results will come. The mental side of dieting is hardest for me, just try and keep your end goal in mind as motivation to carry on
  6. Thinking back now it was fu**ing nuts wasn't it lol, remember rikishi big fat thing wore a thong used to rub his arse in people's faces haha
  7. That's it, just as likely to happen in London these days I told her I'd happily go myself
  8. Remember Godfather? With the Hooooeeeeee train
  9. Yes mate, not total failure but knowing that I'd fail on the next rep - I train alone so on certain lifts can't go to failure, bench and squat for example. so I'd do 12 knowing I would fail on rep 13, next set get 10 knowing I'd fail on 11, same for set 3 and 4, then 9 knowing I'd fail on 10 on the final set - I go to failure in accessory or dumbbell work though where i won't kill myself if I fail Ffs reading that last paragraph back almost gave me a seizure, hope it makes sense lol I figure I'd rather keep the weight on the bar and fail sooner, than reduce the weight to ensure I did a perfect 12/12/12/12/12
  10. Yeah mate, if i manage the full 5 sets of 5 reps with the same weight, i'll increase it. That being said, my lifts aren't progressing now, been cutting so long im just focusing on retaining strength, then push for progression on my lifts again when im eating at maint or a surplus
  11. Nice mate, we looked at that one aswell, looks mint Aye, my lass keeps going on and on about terrorism, she was mentioning cancelling the hol the other night the fu**ing moron
  12. Long Beach Resort in Alanya mate, 3rd Sept just 7 nights
  13. Im off to Turkey in Sept aswell. From what ive read the majority of stuff isnt any cheaper or is more expensive. Ancillaries are cheaper IIRC EDIT : Already been answered above
  14. What about 'Mr Ass' Badass Billy Gunn... I always thought his super tight short shorts were cool as f**k, especially in pink, showed his ass off brilliantly wait... what?