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  1. Katsanos et al. (2006) found that Leucine consumption increased net protein synthesis, but consuming more than ~3g per meal had no further effect. Other research suggests the ceiling effect occurs at doses as low as 1.8g (Glynn et al. 2010). Since much larger amounts of leucine are present in meals composed of quality protein sources in bodybuilder amounts, this suggests there is no benefit to ‘spiking’ your meals with leucine. Indeed, adding several grams of leucine to your meals for a period of weeks has been found to have no effect on muscle gain or fat loss in the untrained, the elderly or competitive canooists (Balage & Dardevet, 2010; Björkman et al. 2011; Crowe et al. 2006; Leenders et al. 2011; Verhoeven et al. 2009). In a study comparing several cutting diet groups of elite wrestlers, BCAA supplementation on top of a sufficient protein intake had no effect on muscle retention, subcutaneous fat loss, aerobic performance, anaerobic performance or strength (Mourier et al. 1997). Knowing that adding leucine to meals does not further increase net protein synthesis, it shouldn’t be surprising that leucine is also of no use post-workout. It very much looks like its of use, because muscle anabolic signaling increases and the speed of protein metabolism changes, but in the end the amount of muscle built is the same (Glynn et al. 2010; Koopman et al. 2008). What about the other (less important) BCAAs isoleucine and valine? "When combined with heavy resistance training for 8 weeks, supplementation with 9 g/day of BCAA 30 min before and after exercise had no preferential effects on body composition and muscle performance." (Spillane et al. 2013)
  2. Numerous studies show that if you have sufficient protein in your diet, BCAA have little to no effect
  3. Yeah mate im the same, switch exercises in and out from time to time to mix it up a little
  4. My lass just got her 'diet plan' yesterday from a PT shes signed up with, made for interesting reading 6 week plan, Eat the same meals daily for a week, then switch to the next set of meals and eat daily for a week Food is bland as f**k, he told her she needs to eat 6 times per day, he hasnt mentioned calories or macros anywhere Worked it out, and the daily calorie goal is 1350ish, protein 210, Carbs 75, Fat 25 Keep in mind, shes been training only a month with any sort of structure, she is 5'2 and weighs 118lb 210g protein!? Couldn't believe that, thats 1.78g/lb LOL + he says she MUST drink BCAAs with water while training hahaha I've told her to ask him to explain why the macros are set the way they are, im awaiting a typical mythical bro type response
  5. Training and diet going as planned this week, quick fasted cardio session this morning before work for a change. Have sacked off carb cycling, just having a static calorie/macro goal now, couldnt be arsed with the no carb days etc. 1750cals / 150C / 175P / 50F
  6. Ticking along slowly here, knew it would be this way though Diet been spot on other than last week where it was shite, training good Still with my lass, FFS
  7. Happy, but not satisfied
  8. Have seen people say that taking 50mg/day Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride every third weeks helps with receptor desensitization (Found in Sleep Eaze tablets in Boots) But more recently have seen a lot of people say, as above, that receptor desensitization is minimal and no need to cycle off or add in Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride Try staying on at a lower dose and see how you get on
  9. Yeah mate i find the mirror/pics is far better way to track progress than the scale, although i do keep an eye on the scale to ensure im not moving in the wrong direction Any cardio i do outside of football, tends to be HIIT on the bike or hill sprints, thats just personal preference as i have a short attention span and find LISS boring I should probably do more cardio TBH for the health benefits. Finding time is difficult though
  10. Very little TBH mate, once per week average plus i play football sat afternoons
  11. Best way - aim to win not place
  12. In for this mate, defo think you should do a show
  13. Thanks mate, appreciate it
  14. I probably haven't gained that much muscle TBH mate, just looks that way because I'm leaner. Although I hadn't trained for years before I started again, so probs some 'newbie gains' in there
  15. Thanks mate Yeah I defo agree with that, I already had 'some' mass underneath all the fat I was holding, definitely easier to lose the fat and show the mass you have, than bulking to add mass (although I've never really bulked, so all IMO of course) Whats helped me also is that I trained for years before I let myself go, so holding a little mass on my arms shoulders etc was nothing new, muscle memory etc