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  1. guys is it okay for a natural lifter do deadlifts 3 times a week?
  2. no he takes dat dere celltech
  3. guys should I retract my scapula while doing push ups? If I'm retracting them while doing push ups am I loosing chest activation?
  4. for now I'll rest my back and for a couple of weeks try with light workout.Thanks for the info fella
  5. nope...Pain was gone last week but last weekend I tried doing pullups so I'm at the beggining...I'll rest for now and try doing light workout after pain subsides. btw why my lat hurts when I'm doing shrugs???weird.
  6. bump....
  7. Hi guys... I think i've strained my lat. I don't have any bruises just discomfort in my middle area of my lat, pain is located an inch under scapula.I've pushed too much my lats in order to grow for a year.It all started before 2 weeks. I don't feel anything most of the day but when I stretch I can feel discomfort.I stopped training my back completely, so what to do for now?rest a little bit and then start stretching or? Please help guys
  8. you are a funny man
  9. don't know about UK but in Croatia it's legit and working very well
  10. dude everyone knows AP is legit, if your code works you are G2G
  11. after my first cycle my pct was HCG and Arimidex.I my cycle was test and deca and after 8th week I started using HCG 2500 IUs once a week for next 4 weeks.I used arimidex along with my cycle and in PCT, 45 days after my last jab and recovered nicely.started gaining muscles after month and a half or two and my libido kicked fully after 4 months so I can say arimidex is as good as clomid/nolva in terms of recovering hormones.I will deffo use it again! and the plus is you dont have to go through depression and all other s**t that comes with clomid/nolva....