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  1. Tbf it's probably more stable in a solid state vs liquid. Just means that there is not enough solvent or hopefully too much Test
  2. Yes it is test cyp. It's only 200mg/ml though. I think I'll just melt it pre jab then thanks.
  3. Got a crashed vial a couple of months ago. Totally frozen solid not just crystals. Just got round to melting it a few days ago. Put it back, just took it out and it's solid again. What can I do can I melt it and jab straight away or will it just go hard inside me?
  4. Smash the hotel breakfast. Don't know what it is but there's something about a hotel breakfast that allows me to murder 3000 cals without getting full up. Don't understand why you'd need to consider weight gainer shakes when your eating out on the company credit card all week. Even if it is pub type food they will have "healthy" options if your overly concerned with eating "clean", which is alot less important (IMHO) than most people seem to think. Total calories govern weight gain or loss, plenty of protein helps grow/maintain muscle mass. Eating 500 cals of quinoa instead of 500 cals of deep fried chips isn't going to make a great deal of difference.
  5. Lol tired on Sphinx T5's? Must be one of those strange people that used to take a couple of E's and fall asleep.
  6. Seems to get mixed reviews but I think SIS and it's predecessor Infiniti have both been targeted by lab bashers. Most of the well known members with an honest history of reviewing labs that have tried it have rated it. However the bad reports have still been enough to put me off when I have other labs that have basically zero bad feedback.
  7. TBH I've given up on any UGL eph. However some of the stuff they substitute it with (god knows what) is pretty good. I'd just try them and see how you get on but assume that it is actually Eph, doesn't really matter IMO as long as it's giving you the desired PWO boost. My experience is just with UGL EPH in general. Never used these particular pills but for the record I'm a big fan of Sphinx orals in general.
  8. Yes but it doesn't shut your endogenous production right down to zero. So you still end up at a higher than natural level.
  9. I always get pissed off with sides (mainly heartburn and poor appetite) on orals and swear I'll never use them again. Within a few weeks off I start convincing myself it will be different next time round though. Before I know it I'm starting a Dbol vs Oxy thread and checking what my sources have in stock. I don't think any oils apart from Tren can compare to orals for quick results and a strength boost but if you've got enough patience for the long game you can achieve most things without them.
  10. Tell kid there's no such thing as fairies. Keep fiver.
  11. If your planning on doing delts 27g 1/2" should be fine. Thats what I do delts with never had issues with not going deep enough even at the end of a dirty fat bulk. I used to use 1.25" blues for everything but have realised there is no need for anything other than glutes. Using bigger than needed just causes extra trauma, scar tissue, PIP etc.
  12. Kestrel
  13. Haha nah my massive balls used to make my massive dick look average. Now my tiny balls really show of the snake. Apart from when I take stims for pre workout then it just looks like 2 baked beans and one kidney bean showing through my boxers.
  14. Who wants balls? Mines are pretty much non-existent now. I've got kids and am planning life long TRT. Makes your dick look bigger IMO.