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  1. When UFC first started they didn't do weight classes there were a couple of Sumo guys. They without exception got head kick KO'd within seconds.
  2. Hey bro do you even jelq?
  3. Saw some tightrope walkers the other day. They make some funny flavours of crisps now a days.
  4. How much iu GH can you expect from MK? At 10 mg or 20mg. Has anyone had bloods to confirm it's effective. Seems much cheaper than running GH or peptides but can't find any info on this. For example people say 3 "saturation doses" of GHRP-6 + NO-DAC a day is roughly equal to 4iu GH. But I can't find similar info on MK.
  5. It's fine as long as you don't leave it on too long.
  6. I'm not sure how much your meant to take sorry. I sometimes take 50mg to help me sleep but don't know if this is the same dose for stimulant sensitivity. Remember don't take it till bed time or you'll be drowsy.
  7. Assuming your in the UK benadryl won't do anything. If you've read about it on US forums and want the same ingredient (diphenhydramine) go to Boots and get "Sleepeaze".
  8. Don't want to tread too close to the rules. However I have sourced rx labs products in the last few days via email.
  9. Just got some in tablet forum. I know the origional version was taken sublingualy, I'd assume this was to improve bioavailabilty. If so would it be worth taking my tabs sublingualy or just swallow them?
  10. Drug dealers moaning about conditions in the cells haha. If you can't do the time...
  11. 5/1 at the most ATM. Regardless Haye will win so it doesn't matter if the offered 50/1. Only the world class "pound for pound" kings can step up 2 weight classes and compete. See it all the time, promising boxers step up a couple of weight classes to make a big money match up and get f**ked up. That other scouser got his eye socket caved in a few months ago doing the same thing.
  12. Someone got sent to therapy and promptly got kicked out of therapy as the therapist was scared. Can't remember who? Didn't @DTA as well as performing surgery on himself once get caught filming his neighbours having sex
  13. Tbf it's probably more stable in a solid state vs liquid. Just means that there is not enough solvent or hopefully too much Test
  14. Yes it is test cyp. It's only 200mg/ml though. I think I'll just melt it pre jab then thanks.