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  1. Just checked your right cheapest ATM is £50. The guy I got it off last time must be sold out or something.
  2. Nah should get it for £36 ish. Still not cheap.
  3. Well the EPL effecting the national team is a never ending argument so no point getting further into it. On the conference teams theres loads though. There are teams that average 2000+ right down to the 8th tier. Here are average attendances for the 5th tier vanarama league (formerly the conference). 1 Tranmere Rovers 5.176 13 1,8% 7.790 2 Wrexham AFC 3.973 13 -13,9% 5.603 3 Lincoln City FC 3.750 14 44,5% 6.335 4 York City FC 2.320 14 -27,5% 3.182 5 Eastleigh FC 2.256 12 12,0% 4.114
  4. PS just Googled that championship fact. It's actually the 4th. Which means more people go to see live football in England's 2nd tier every week than go to Seria A games.
  5. Can't agree about the lower leagues. The Championship is the 5th most watched league in the world and the pyramid system as a whole has more pro teams and pro players than any other country in the world. There are 5th tier teams that get several thousand fans each week. Also the national team being s**t has nothing to do with the EPL. I would agree about the greed of the clubs though and the way they have priced "real" fans and family's out of going to games.
  6. Nah I bought pre imported stuff off ebay. Just make sure it specifies "USA version".
  7. The premier league and sky money have made English football the best most watched league in the world. Before they kicked of the premier league and sky sports English football was dying .
  8. Some sellers on eBay do "USA version" that they have imported or you can get it delivered yourself from USA.
  9. Yes that is it. I found it pretty strong I took 2 as I'm a bit of a stim junkie and wished I'd took less as I ended up feeling slightly anxious and struggled to sleep eventually had too take a sleeping pill. I felt more wired of 2 of these than I did on mesomorph although mesomorph claims 65mg DMAA plus about 400mg caffeine plus other stims. So unless mesomorph is underdosed I'd say these are overdosed.
  10. Quick update on products only had for 24 hours so can't comment on Test etc but happy that the following are legit. "The Pre" - very good, stronger than other products I've had that claim similar ingredients. Cialis - definetly cialis can't say much more. Accutane - probably far too early to say but I've got dry lips today (although it could just be the weather).
  11. Thanks. I'd never seen crashed gear before. I thought it just got crystals in it when it crashed can the whole thing go hard?
  12. Recieved this and assumed it had frozen in the back of the mail van or something but it's been in my warm house now for a couple of days and is still "frozen". Anyone seen this before? PS can't get picture to upload. Hopefully my description is good enough it looks kind of like slush and is 100% solid.
  13. Ordered Friday but they don't "work" over weekend so not processed till Monday. I sent a couple of emails too looking for confirmation and got no reply. I sent another email on Wednesday when it still wasn't here though and he replied pretty much straight away. He had tracking numbers etc and advised me to get back in touch if it didn't arrive today. Fortunately it did arrive today and it was just a case of Royal mail being useless. It seems to me they just avoid any non-essential correspondence, possibly to help protect their anonymity or just that they are busy with other stuff (I get the impression this isn't their full time job). Long story short I wouldn't worry. If you go 3 full working days with no package try emailing him again.
  14. I was the same but all my stuff arrived today so I'm happy now and will be using them again. Can't comment on the products yet obviously but from what I've heard won't be anything to worry about.