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  1. My girlfriend says I have no sense of humour. She said my jokes are unintelligent and have zero wit, I just rely on shocking or offensive punchlines to buy a cheap laugh from my immature mates. Anyway we argued about that for a while, and then I raped her.
  2. If you have common sense at 21 you'll be a boring old f**k by 30 common sense is a sign your past it.
  3. And slightly more blunt; What's black and doesn't work? Half of London.
  4. From sickepedia; My job is so fu**ing unbelievable. I'll try to sum it up by first telling you about the folks I work with: First, there is this supermodel wanna-be chick. Yeah, okay, she is pretty hot, but damn is she completely useless. The girl is constantly fixing her hair or putting on makeup. She is extremely self-centered and has never once considered the needs or wants of anyone but herself. She is as dumb as a box of rocks, and I still find it surprising that she has enough brain power to continue to breathe. The next chick is completely the opposite. She might even be one of the smartest people on the planet. Her career opportunities are endless, and yet she is here with us. She is a zero on a scale of 1 to 10. I'm not sure she even showers, much less shaves her "womanly" parts. I think she might be a lesbian, because every time we drive by the hardware store, she moans like a cat in heat. But the jewel of the crowd has got to be the fu**ing stoner. And this guy is more than just your average pothead. In fact, he is baked before he comes to work, during work, and I'm sure after work. He probably hasn't been sober anytime in the last ten years, and he's only 22. He dresses like a beatnik throwback from the 1960's, and to make things worse, he brings his big fu**ing dog to work. Every fu**ing day I have to look at this huge Great Dane walk around half-stoned from the second-hand smoke. Hell, sometimes I even think it's trying to talk with its constant bellowing. Also, both of them are constantly hungry, requiring multiple stops to McDonalds and Burger King, every single fu**ing day. Anyway, I drive these fucktards around in my van and we solve mysteries and s**t.
  5. What's white on top and black on the bottom? Society.
  6. Your mamma's so fat that she is putting herself at serious risk of developing cardiac disease or type 2 diabetes in later life.
  7. So what labs are you stocking?
  8. I would think bother with less than 3g a week, if your going to run less you may as well just stick to the Var.
  9. Nope even after years of T3 supplementation the thyroid starts up production incredibly quickly upon cessation.
  10. Salad is one of the most common sources of e-coli. Also the homosexual anal sex that vegans engage in is known to spread HIV.
  11. Melatonin is good for mild insomnia but if your knocking back valium and opiates at the same time and still cant get to sleep it's not going to help IMO.
  12. Yippee ki yay mother fucker.
  13. IMO if you can't get your head round a fast acting insulin routine just get slow acting and do 30iu every morning. In my (limited) experience it's just as effective, easier and has fewer issues (going hypo etc).
  14. I think your sunbeds are bunk never mind the mt2.
  15. A tenner and my dinner.