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  1. So they have a mobile lab (because they might need to brew on the move?), which is up to the standards expected of a real pharmaceutical company (one of the most heavily regulated businesses in the world) but they only supply a very small select group of individuals for personal use. Sounds economically viable.
  2. Getting a shag in Glasgow with a Hector Brocklebank accent? Id say the hooker is your best bet, kenfitameen.
  3. Halved in 40 years? That's not bad going. Mines has went from about 2,000,000 to about seven in under 2 years. However I'm now hench as fcuk
  4. Yeah they have gang/gun culture down south but it's a very small minority where as in large parts of Glasgow (read economically deprived parts) literally almost every person you meet Is either an alcoholic, a junkie, a nut job, prone to unprovoked violence, on parole, currently violating bail, carrying a knife or a combination of the above.
  5. You don't want exactly 50 tabs in each tub. You've got to keep the body confused bro.
  6. Cheque Drops. I feel like I'm "coming up" about half an hour after taking, feel more zoned than if I'd taken a gram of speed, when I'm lifting I feel like a machine. Unfortunately it gives me incurable unstoppable gyno no matter what precautions I take. My nipples get itchy and sensitive litteraly straight away so I don't think I'll ever take them again.
  7. Never had any problems and as I said I pay by credit card just in case.
  8. I think it varies vendor to vendor. I wasn't 100% it was legit so I used a credit card so I could get the money back if i didn't get the goods. It's all fake but the vast majority are "good fakes".
  9. Have used ioffer.com successfully a few times. Similar idea.
  10. Thought it was commonly accepted knowledge that he took Mibolerone before fights? Unless that is just internet speculation made to sound like fact.
  11. Just kind of what i find easiest. Dont think my progress is particularly slow or really understand why you think it would be. AAS stop me losing muscle on a cut even when eating not very much. AAS and a fast metabolism keep me from getting fat too quickly on a bulk. TBF although I try to all out bulk then all out cut my appetite/will power stops me from going much more than 1000 cals either side of maintenance.
  12. Tbh I don't know much about it other than what I've gathered from the odd holiday, but I know Dorian Yates lives/lived and owns a gym in Marbella so I'd guess there's at least a little bit going on.
  13. As per the origional question Costa del Sol will also be better for gym and gear. If your set on Gibraltar though you can travel it for supplies if the worst comes to the worst. Just back from holiday in Costa del Sol and the reality TV show inspired steroid using, gym going, tanned, homosexual haircut sporting type is even more common than it is in the UK.
  14. Bulk = As many as possible Cut = As few as possible (As long as I hit protein macros). When I say "as few as possible" you must take into account that I have very little will power when I'm hungry.