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  1. * doesnt look like you have your scapula retracted, pinch your shoulder blades together and pull them down imagining youre holding a pencil between them and then pull them down toward your ass pockets and hold it in that position throughout the full ROM. * your feet are too close together and loosely placed, if you are going to have your feet that close together you want them tucked right up under the bench to help with your arch, you may find going up on your toes is comfortable if you like having your feet that close if you find you are unstable then widen them out but plant them firmly and you want to be pushing the ground away from you whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground, easiest way i can describe it is imagine you are trying to slide a rug away from you by pushing it with the soles of your feet. * youre benching all arms and front delts, work on getting your arch well set up, doesnt need to be a massive arch but you want to be digging your traps into the bench and the only other point of contact to be your glutes just getting into this position with the scapula retracted will engage your pecs a lot more, tuck your elbows in like you are trying to snap the bar like a twig as you descend and your back will also engage creating a more stable base to bench off. i know that's a lot of points but to put it simply you just need to be tighter, youre benching all in your front delts and arms and your legs are lifeless, work on a tighter set up following the above points and you'll blast through the 100kg for a detailed tutorial youtube "matt wenning so you think you can bench" and watch the full series
  2. If you're deficient in it then yes If not then no
  3. No I mean oral AAS
  4. upload it to youtube then drop the link in here
  5. 100% but its not a case of more oestrogen = more growth this is why i titled the thread "its actually a little difficult" because its not a matter of tanking but equally you dont want it off the charts its about finding that sweet spot
  6. man f**k this stuff the more i read on it the more im glad i flushed my last pack down the bog dieting and being hungry isnt even that hard imo the only time it gets tricky is when youre getting peeled and ive heard that DNP doesnt even really shine at that stage, its more for kick starting early on dieting. ive heard of people getting rosacia, huge drops in strength, potential for cataracts, death and just generally looking like a sweaty yellow mess "fu**ing dnp cut going sound mucker"
  7. varies massively i need 1mg of arimidex for anything over 750mg of test and that just keeps me in check (usually run nolva every cycle anyway) anything over 750 and a SERM is mandatory for me
  8. very high chance and yes there was multiple people on the same course i did that hadnt even been to a gym before i did my PT course last year more just to get a job in a gym as it helps with foot in door the s**t that is taught on them is useless. literally not a single thing was of help and if you have any kind of knowledge youll be biting your tongue throughout the guy 'teaching' us said to use a smith machine instead of a free bar because there is less risk of injury, he also went on to say you want the feet as close to touching as possible to isolate the quads being that squatting 'should be a quadriceps exercise and you want to take out as many of the other muscles as possible to really isolate them' then during the 'squat' he said to look as high as possible (turning his head up to look at the ceiling) in order to maintain a straight spine i literally almost vomited at the advice he was giving but when i tried to suggest otherwise on the bench press advice he was giving i was in his bad books and he was also assessing us so i thought better to keep shtum
  9. woke up peps, bpc, mass gains shake ect you know the drill another session in the bag again very positive pissed around with a res band for about 20 odd mins when i first arrived, did loads of innies and outties then some shoulder dislocations and lastly i set the band really low on the rack and managed to press it over head like a one arm dumbbell press which is excellent news it was only the thinnest res band you can get but even so ill take it. then after very much mobility, stretching and trying to get into position over and over and over i finally managed a few sets of low bar squats for the first time in 3 months my left delt was really hurting because of the atrophy and the fact ive not had it in that position in so long but their was 0 pain in the pec and upper bicep (where the pec was reattached) also managed to do some rear delt machine flies and close grip lat pull down so again boner inducing stuff on the positivity scale workout in total was Squats 100kg 3x5 Rows 62.5kg 3x10 CGLP 62kg 3x10 Tricep ext 30kg 1x20 Concentration curls 5kg 1x20 Side laterals 5kg 1x20 Rear delt machine flies 13kg 1x20 done i like the dante trudel style rest pause on arm iso stuff as i find it boring as s**t and if you hammer them 3-4 times a week to failure in rest pause fashion youll get more than you will out of fannying around with 'arm days' aka elbow tendinitis waiting to happen days little clip from today in other news ive now upped the cissus to 6 tablets per day 2AM, 2 midday and 2PM almost finished off the last of the animal flex and BPC 157. also starting up my blast next week, some might think its crazy this early on but there are certain exercises i can train with intensity on and my soul goal of this blast is to put size back on, strength and size are synonymous however with training methods and stacks you can focus more so on one than the other that said ive always lacked in the back department so really looking at hammering my back, hamstrings and just bringing my dead and squat up arms and shoulders will of course also be a focus but definitely a secondary concern revised stack is as follows wk 1-3 Test 500mg Bold 500mg Peps x2 per day (AM PM) Wk 3-8 Test 750mg Bold 500mg Deca 250mg Peps wait 10mins piggy back gh 4iu pre wo Humalog 10iu 1 hour post wo Wk 8-14 Test 750mg NPP 600mg Peps wait 10mins piggy back gh 4iu pre wo Humalog 10iu 1 hour post wo ive been reading more into post workout slin and thanks to the advice of pscarb also i have decided that post workout slin is a little asinine as you can utilize your own natural slin production so the revised rapid acting slin protocol for me will be post workout (moment workout is done) eat sugary protein bar & drink 5g bcaa 1 hour later humalog: 10iu with 70g dextrose and 5g creatine and 40g whey protein that's enough info for today because as per my usual style im typing my life story until monday, have a goodun
  10. chest feeling a little tight today, first day since the surgery im wondering whether ive pushed it a little too much ive felt around the pec major insertion (as i have done about 3000 times since the op) and all feels intact shame because i was feeling like id really made some good progress with my mobility and function yesterday im sure its nothing major, just my body telling me to dial things back a bit. here's a video of some of my best presses
  11. about 80% of people ive spoken to that run lantus have gone up to 50iu per day but generally most settle to 30-40iu as in the conversation we had i said that 30iu is the sweet spot and the only need to go higher than that is if youre an absolute monster with a s**t ton of muscle mass and even then upping your slin should be one of the last addressed after gear and growth hormone
  12. Keeping the diet clean and doing cardio year round goes a long way too
  13. its all orals in general here's a post i wrote a while back on why orals in particular are so harsh on lipids "the absolute main concern with pushing your liver that far with orals is that the liver is largely responsible for cholesterol so you get a triple whammy assault on your lipids from the oils you are injecting, then the orals you are taking both of which lower HDL and raise LDL and then finally the effect the 17 alkalised compound has on the liver straining it thus hindering its abilities to properly manage the conversion of LDL to HDL"
  14. i was only speaking to someone earlier when i said that i believe 30iu to be the sweet spot anyway ive been up to 50iu myself and found the shits increased, water retention and the first time i went hypo on lantus and with no real extra benefit 20iu AM 10iu PM is the best protocol imo
  15. glad you liked it man in all honesty i think if youd pushed it a bit more youd have gained more but it is a fine line with insulin about how much weight for the sake of weight you want to gain did you like the pumps? i personally think lantus with a banana pre workout gives me pumps to the point it feels like my skin is a size xxs and i should be wearing xxl. insulin can definitely be used in a deficit, as many keep posting on here 'work your slin around your diet not the other way around' there's a larger margin for error when dieting on lantus over novorapid but if youve been doing your reading youll already be aware of that