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  1. right then so had the day to stew on it and the plan is im going to squat EOD until thursday 4th ill continue with my upper lower from tomorrow but ill remove the wednesday rest day and bring the second upper lower days forward so that i have friday free to do some more squatting fu**ing tiny prep but i need to get some heavier bar time in, ill keep volume to a minimum (fa accessory) and keep the squats in the 3-5 rep range with speed work on the 2nd squat days so in terms of competition movements (ill be doing other accessory work until tuesday 2nd) it will look like this: tomorrow - squat 3x5 tuesday - upper wednesday - deadlifts & pause squats sets of 2-3 with 60% thursday - upper friday - squat 3x5 saturday - off sunday - deadlifts & pause squats (as above) monday - upper tuesday - squats 5x5 at 80% (no more accessory work) wednesday - either off or light upper body stuff, no rows thursday - 3x3 at 50% on squats and deadlifts friday - off saturday - off sunday - meet
  2. also toying with squatting EOD up until 4-5 days out the usual routine would have me squat tomorrow and thursday then again on monday in prep for the meet but im thinking monday, wednesday, friday, sunday, tuesday and then deload squats on thursday with friday and saturday off for the meet on sunday need to get some bar time in with the wraps plus get my CNS firing properly i was speaking to someone on here the other day who said after a long hiatus he felt his muscle came back pretty quick but his strength took much longer this exactly what im experiencing, im still a lot smaller than i was but my muscle is coming back at the rate id expect but my strength on the other hand is CRAWLING back up i attribute it to neural efficiency and motor unit recruitment being poor due to the time off, ive got 'dumb' muscles as i like to call it
  3. just woke up and thought to myself what am i doing thought soon went away but i need to keep reminding myself this is not only a rushed af comp but also one that i had written off due to me being in no fit state to 'compete' i think will still be a good laugh and ill try to get 2 heavy sessions in this week then ill hit a texas method style peak next week whereby ill hit a 5x5 at 80% on the monday or tuesday, do a deload on wednesday or thursday then compete on the sat. drug wise today ive now upped my NPP to 600mg per week split 300mg today and 300mg on wednesdays also pinned 900mg test and 500mg boldenone which marks the end of the EQ (thats why the npp is getting bumped up) also found this in my drawer which id forgotten about and ive got just enough to pin 15mg of it ED leading up to the comp for me just the extra water retention will do, i can feel 20mg of dbol so no reason why 15mg wont make a worthy addition and it uses up what little ive got left pinned 3ml in each glute and 1ml in my right delt and my word that NPP stings like a wasp, i find pip to be like dom's where the discomfort increases over a 48hour period (same with all inflammation) and i pinned this 30 minutes ago and my right ass cheek feels like its been wacked with a baseball bat just slugging back a coffee now reading an article in outrage about the new speeding fines http://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/advice/the-truth-about-speeding-fines/ its not so much the fines themselves but more the fact you only get a 1mph discrepancy now whereas before it was always 10% of the speed limit plus 2mph to account for misreadings and inaccurate speedos either way its fu**ing absurd and driving at 20mph is a ball ache as if switching back from a motorbike to a car wasnt boring enough already but now with these snail pace speed limits i feel like im going to drop off
  4. yep, cash transferred, names on the list as i said above, if i can get a 200kg squat ill be 'satisfied' going to go to the gym monday and do some rep work to see if i can work out an opener for the weigh in on the 6th
  5. i emailed the guy and told him the situ, he said he was sorry to hear about the injury and said if i wanted i could just do a token bench then i get to DL as well i said f**k it ill go for the full power the empty bar bench is in the bag now, i can rep that s**t on my worse day i wont get suckered in and go for the 162.5kg for a new PB on the bench im hitting the empty bar. then see what i can do on the DL end of the day this is nothing more than a bit of fun, im in no way going in with any kind of competitive mindset, to do so would be an absolute joke ive just spent 4 months recovering but even saying that i do have a minor goal of hitting at least 200kg on each squat and dead would have been piss easy rep work late last year but just to hit that for a single on both id at least feel id achieved something as well as had the day out i wanted (competing not watching which was the new plan)
  6. thanks man i been waiting on this actually going to watch it now
  7. I entered I'm in work so I'll update a bit more later but in brief I'm just going to bench the bar and do my best for squat and dead
  8. Right so tomorrow is the last day i have to decide whether or not i will compete in the qualifier highly considering going in and hitting a few 1RM squat attempts then just bombing out on the bench or hitting the empty bar and turning down the next 2 attempts then giving the deadlift my all seems nuts but my mate was chatting to me about it earlier and i did take the time off work for it and my squat is the least damaged lift i have so i feel i can put up something decent that and makes for a decent day out (much better than just watching it) really undecided though im thinking of going to the gym tomorrow after work and just working up to a heavy double on the squat and if its anything acceptable by my standard then ill enter tomorrow which is the deadline (comp's on the 7th)
  9. concurrent use of letrozole and raloxifene is the number one non surgical method of shrinking gyno of course meds can only shrink gyno where as surgery can remove it but with that said 2.5mg letro ED for a month alongside 60mg raloxifene, once the letro is done continue the raloxifene for a further 2 months any results he gets from this is the best he can hope to achieve without surgery he should be off cycle or on legitimate trt doses when running this stack
  10. you hips are rising too soon and you dont seem to be getting them through at the top of the lift try to get in a position where your hams are tight (engaged) at the starting position also push your hips through at the top of the lift
  11. yea youll be sound have a hot bath tonight and youll prob sweat a good bit off
  12. i sent him an email about an hour ago so ill be sure to quote you on his response he does seem a knowledgeable guy and i would have liked to have heard through the piece you quoted the title of even if not to benefit this rupture im sure it would come in handy for the inevitable future injuries i will suffer given most injuries of the weights room are treated in a similar fashion
  13. good luck with it mate have you weighed yourself since the post chinese weigh in?
  14. pretty obvious stuff? "Height: 183cmsWeight: 93kgBF%: 24" maybe you should have another read through it