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  1. sat at home absolutely stewing on caffeine and just shite luck! rubbed loads of tiger balm into it, got even more pissed off and drove back down the gym did a TON of warming up, front delts feels really sore but managed to bench 60kg for a few sets of 10 so nothing is torn, i couldnt even lift my arm let alone bench when i tore my pec off still, current feels are
  2. give me a fu**ing break.. push session 120kg: yep thats a large internal pop in the pec / front delt region loss of strength after and major discomfort raising my arm overhead sacked off bench (obviously) after this set, felt about and tested ROM repeatedly, i then went to try ohp with just an empty bar and there was 0 stabilization and a lot of pain left the gym and drove home, phoned surgeons team and they think it could be scar tissue breaking up as that can cause popping and discomfort ive felt around, flexed and relaxed and test rom excessively and i do believe everything is attached as does the surgeons team member i spoke to ive been told if there is a loss in rom, excessive heat and or swelling to phone back January 4th i ruptured my pec, its now July 25th, could really do with a break now....
  3. so i'm in the shower and these dudes are like laughing and s**t and this one guy is like pretending to jack off with a towel or something. so i charge out of the shower and spear this guy right in the chest with my badass crew cut head. i look like guile from street fighter. so this punk ass is on the ground with a broken sternum, and i'm just standing over him and i don't even notice that i'm naked and my huge ass dick is just swinging in the wind. so i'm all "you homo boys can play with each other all damn day, for all i care. i just squatted 580 today, and i need a shower." so i walk out still naked and march across the gym to the ladies locker room and get in the shower. all these hot ass bitches are naked in there and they flock to me like i'm goddamn catnip. so i start fu**ing all these bitches and s**t in the shower, and i'm just thinking to myself, "i'm so damn bad." and they're putting shampoo in my crew cut head. i look like guile from street fighter.
  4. multi vit fish oil vit d3 curcumin whey mass gainer (i train AM and its easy kcals) and periodically a pre wo
  5. 3rd to last leg session before the meet and it killed me Barbell Squat Set 1 : 160x5 Set 2 : 160x5 Set 3 : 160x5 Set 4 : 160x5 Set 5 : 160x5 Leg Press Set 1 : 270x12 Set 2 : 270x15 Set 3 : 270x17 Leg Extensions Set 1 : 63x12 Set 2 : 63x12 Set 3 : 63x11 Seated Leg Curl Set 1 : 77x8 Set 2 : 77x8 Set 3 : 77x8 Set 4 : 77x8 Set 5 : 77x6 done suppose to work up to 165kg but 160kg felt really heavy on my back for some reason, still battling to regain my strength and movement pattern so this is likely whats hindering me ive really no idea what will happen come the meet now since i only have 2 leg sessions left after today i will be VERY disappointed if i dont squat at least a 220kg at the meet, if i can find my footing on the movement the strength is definitely there even after the 3 week hiatus leg press is a weird one, i always need to find my grove which is why i often hit PB's on the 2nd or 3rd set if im going to hit one which both the 15 set and 17 set were. had mind shattering headaches during the leg extensions after the squats and leg press but on 100mg drol ED and 87mg tren ace EOD its to be expected i left feeling really burnt out, actually having trouble focusing driving home, im thinking its just where i havnt hammered myself in a while either way i stopped in a tesco metro and grabbed a chicken and bacon wrap, 2 packs of sushi, chilli doritos, juice monster and a boost and i feel fine now meeting with the surgeon at 1330 about my pec tear, just to see how its coming on, i believe this is the last visit. so all in all feeling not bad, not overly confident, main concern is that the drugs arnt too much on the sides to the point of hindering me as i dont have any time to adjust ill just keep hammering food, liquids and sleep and hopefully come in and hit my realistic goals for this meet sq: 220kg bp: 140kg dl: 210kg no PB's just numbers id be content to hit
  6. always found tren to be the best for aggression, certainly better than halo not used cheque drops or mtren though
  7. dont expect miracles from it but you really do want any edge you can get when on PCT personally if i still came off id be running (alongside my serms and health supps) mk677 and or peptides (ipamorelin and mod grf combo 3-5x ED) creatine BCAA's between meals beta alanine citruline malate melatonin and id probably ease off the caffeine because of its effects on cortisol none of these are going to be even partially comparable to being on but when you are running on less than all cylinders any kind of percentile of low cost benefit is worth it imo
  8. The pros vs sides are greatly diminished beyond this dose You can also combine mk677 with melatonin for somastatin inhibition and vastly improved sleep I don't like to overdo melatonin frequency as I never want to rely on anything to put me to sleep but whenever I use mk677 now I always have a good 3-4 nights per week where I'll take 3mg melatonin along with my mk pre bed Usually on the evening before or evening of workout days
  9. haha just caught up with this, MK is a whore for lethargy i cant stand the stuff also, i run it in low dose from time to time but anything over 10mg which just helps with sleep and a bit of appetite stim and i get terminally ill like lethargy and excess water retention i believe MK like peptides merely compliment the other drugs and used for their benefits alone will often be extremely underwhelming
  10. i didnt mean to come across that way, i was furthering to your point for those that didnt understand that its a PED not a "mass monster building drug"
  11. weighed in at 110kg feeling pretty bloated which is a good sign slacked on food a bit yesterday and slept like s**t because i was out at a mates birthday and i can honestly say being in the middle of a big festival in Bristol celebrating my mates birthday with 10+ people that i have zero desire to drink again no one looked like they were having that much fun, i mean they did come across as boring drunks but really smeared my 'cheers' like idea of getting pissed again, s**t jokes and slurred words followed by eye rolling laughter i came home at 0200 after dropping 2 people home as the sober kent driver and i got some trensomnia to boot so sleep was shite i was also out for a good 4 hours and hadnt eaten for about 5 hours before that so spent 9 hours running on fumes ate some weetabix and whey protein then tried to get some shuteye got that out the way as an event i was 'suppose' to be drinking at until i signed up to this meet and started taking drol but glad i didnt because like i said above, after seeing everyone last night id rather just stay sober
  12. clue is in the name 'PERFORMANCE' enhancing drugs its not all about piling on slabs of muscle
  13. this ^^ its leveling the playing field at that level and genetics still reign supreme, they're all training just as hard as one another and have access to all the same training and nutrition protocols the drug testing is nothing more than a charade for the blue pill takers that want to believe its achievable if they just try really hard dont forget this guy admitted to testosterone and growth hormone use for the sole purpose of performance enhancement lol at using body stats as a marker for whether or not they are natty