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  1. I think as the final tool in the physique arsenal it has its place
  2. I'm a gym before and after transformation done the wrong way around
  3. last update of today, ditching the drol thats 5 weeks on, best oral imo but then it really is just that, an opinion i cant stand dbol and the gyno and lethargy it brings whereas others would use the exact same description when talking about drol so horses for courses hoping there's not a large dip in strength as im reaching week 6 of the NPP now so hopefully any dip will be followed by an upward trend. 4-5 weeks cycle left then another months lifting hiatus been a tough old year so far, my least productive year since i started training
  4. right some other updates since the physio and what i forgot to mention earlier bodyweight is up to 113kg and still the same hole on the inzer belt so cant ask for better than that, still looking feeble in comparison to last year but with 12 weeks off from the gym and 8 weeks back what can you expect signed up to trainedbyjp since there is the youtube ad boycott the content has plummeted so just going to absorb all of the info worthy on jp's site then unsubscribe no point staying subbed once youve seen and read it all, might as well unsub for a few months and let the content build back up. Lastly just got back from the physio and she has JUST given me the all clear to start benching with an empty barbell lel, she meant well but id outgrown her advice the day i first met her
  5. did 60kg for 1, 100kg for 1, 140kg for 3 then 180kg for 2. yea and then its just done, no more surgery or time off, just back on track getting back to where i was. cheers man you too, bleddy sweltering out there now
  6. we're rolling pull sesh today, switched back to mixed grip from hook see this thread for my reasons - needless to say it felt MUCH better, still played it safe and just pulled a conservative double but i know i can start progressing on the dead again at long last Barbell Deadlift Set 1 : 180.0x2 Barbell Bent Over Row Set 1 : 105.0x5 Set 2 : 105.0x5 Set 3 : 105.0x5 Set 4 : 105.0x5 Cable V Bar Pull Down Set 1 : 150.0x8 Set 2 : 150.0x8 Set 3 : 150.0x7 T Bar Lying Row Set 1 : 20.0x8 Set 2 : 20.0x8 Set 3 : 20.0x7 Dumbbell Bicep Curl Set 1 : 12.5x10 Set 2 : 12.5x10 Set 3 : 12.5x7 Barbell Bench Press Set 1 : 60.0x20 did triples up to working weight with the dead, went to failure on the last set of t bar rows and did a load of drop sets and curl variations after the sets recorded here's highlights of today's training oh and dat bench dough, well pleased with this, apologies for the artsy angle, thought id mix it up but it came out s**t the only bitter sweet of today's workout is all this progress im starting to make again will be somewhat undone in July when i have to take 3-6 weeks off with the gyno op spoke to people that have been back in the gym within a week and then others that took a full 6 weeks off i messaged anth bailes from 100% nasty and he said he was out for 4-5 weeks but he had a seroma im hoping with all my GH, mk677 and peptides i can bounce back quicker than most, especially consider most that use recovery compounds like the ones i listed will start when they have their op where as ive been on them since February so well in effect. like i say, good sesh, happy with deads, happy with bench, overall just feeling bueno, now off to see the physio for an hours wasted time almost forgot, here's some food i ate, looks like absolute dog s**t but tasted good: pack of wholemeal rice, mixed veggies, 10% lean mince beef and some reduced fat cheese which is basically just higher protein cheese covered the whole thing in ketchup and it went down a treat have a good weekend and enjoy that luscious weather
  7. use to mixed grip, switched to hook grip after pec rupture, found it s**t for pop off the floor and have concerns about the long term effect on the thumbs since hook grip has only recently started to find its way into pl and was always an oly technique before that and you wont find many olympic lifters doing deadlifts for reps or holding the weight with pressure on the thumbs for such a prolonged period of time like the deadlift i personally have never had any issues with my suppinated arm's bicep whilst using mixed grip for 6-7 years, if you keep your elbow locked out you are minimal risk also doing lock out pull ups and full rom curls will strengthen the bicep tendon enough to mitigate any risk of a properly performed, locked elbow deadlift this all just my opinion and preference, i dont think anyone can draw a firm conclusion on long term use of the hook grip and its potential damage to the thumbs yet i like this quote i found a while back on an argument between the two grips and the point it makes on non adaptive pain, you merely learn to tolerate hook grip thumb pain rather than adapt to it "No objective reason can be found to suggest the greater efficacy of the hook grip over the alternating grip for deadlifting and both grips seem to perform the same task. Various dangers are proposed for the mixed grip but these dangers are supposition at best and based on potential whereas the damage to the thumb by the hook grip can be clearly demonstrated, for the lifter, by the great pain caused to the digit. Pain is a signal that the body is injured or in the process of being injured; it is not a signal that the body is undergoing some type of "adaptation". EDIT - Further to the above there are many 400kg+ pullers that use a mixed grip, this is more than enough to rupture a bicep which indicates that any bicep ruptures caused by mixed grip are down to poor form (flexion of the elbow) not just the grip itself otherwise as stated anyone even at the 200 mark would be at great risk of rupturing a bicep every session as even 100kg is enough weight to pull the bicep tendon away from the bone and in closing ive gone back to mixed grip
  8. neither is better i dont follow, you say you have aromasin on hand then go on to say you have 1mg tabs which is the dose that arimidex is most commonly made either way, what ever AI out of aromasin or arimidex you have to hand just take a quarter tab EOD so if its aromasin youll be taking 6.25mg EOD and if its arimidex youll be taking 0.25mg EOD there isnt really a 'better' one, not in this circumstance, we're just trying to lower oestrogen from potentially just a tad too high to within range, were not dealing with 19nors, anadrol or combination treatment with SERM's so which ever AI you have to hand, just dose it as above and see how you feel after a week or 2 id be very surprised if this wasnt the cause but without blood work its just nailing off a checklist its also worth noting that if im wrong on it being elevated oestrogen then this could just exacerbate the problem, low e2 KILLS! most peoples libido but like i say if i were a gambling man id confidently put my money on this fixing it
  9. without bloods were pissing in the dark try a 1/4 aromasin or adex (whichever you have to hand) EOD and take it from there if still no luck after a week or 2 up it to a 1/2 tab EOD
  10. if e2 is the issue then yes if you are not already taking an AI then id put money on it that your issue is due to oestrogen 300mg is about 4-5 times what they'd prescribe you as trt then 1000iu of HCG EOD on top of that my nipples would be flaring up with no AI on that dose of gear and HCG
  11. your E2 is likely too high a lot of people (myself included) have this issue with HCG particularly at the doses you are running it at get your oestrogen checked https://www.medichecks.com/oestradiol-tests/oestradiol-blood
  12. good sesh today, no pain, pleased with all exercises Barbell Standing Military Press Set 1 : 65.0x5 Set 2 : 65.0x5 Set 3 : 65.0x5 Set 4 : 65.0x5 Set 5 : 65.0x5 Behind The Neck Press Set 1 : 40.0x8 Set 2 : 40.0x8 Set 3 : 40.0x12 Dumbbell Lateral Raise Set 1 : 10.0x8 Set 2 : 10.0x10 Set 3 : 10.0x11 Cable Rope Triceps Pushdown Set 1 : 45.0x8 Set 2 : 45.0x8 Set 3 : 45.0x8 Machine Reverse Flyes Set 1 : 27.5x12 Set 2 : 27.5x11 Set 3 : 27.5x7 done overhead press there's definitely more there but feels weird to be actually pushing a pressing movement already got to remember these f**kers think im still doing legs only, told me no upper body work until August. here's the last set of behind the neck press, sorry for the shitty angle these are feeling very therapeutic on my shoulder girdle, the idea with behind the neck press is to not have it as a high intensity first set kind of exercise, rather an assistance lift that you high rep i personally would be lowering the weight if i was at a point where i was grinding out an 8th rep really enjoying this lowered freq higher volume atm, DOM's out the wazoo as expected but feeling extremely fresh and ready to smash it each session since ive had a full weeks rest each time, as i mentioned before it really makes you give it 100% on every single set and rep because A youre so fresh and B you dont get another chance to improve that lift or assistance for another week so you really have to give it your all i will be reverting back to stronglifts when i return to training after the gyno op and then madcows until i burn out then back to once per week frequency for a training cycle i can see myself doing something like 2-3x per week frequency for 2 training cycles followed by 1 training cycle at once per week frequency but ill see how things pan out one things for sure, any time i feel very overreached in future even after a deload ill be running a lowered frequency period to shake off the fatigue. food wise pretty boring tbh, i need to start snagging some more photos to pretty up this log just a pork roast with no spuds, id ran out of carbs for that day and i find with that much veg i dont really need the spuds anyway. in other unrelated to training news i watched T2 trainspotting the other day, not a bad movie, some flashbacks to the first which i liked, forgot how young ewan mcgregor was in the original definitely worth a watch if you enjoyed the first. only other bit of news to add is im visiting the physio tomorrow but ive massively outgrown them, waste of my time tbh, im so far ahead of where theyre babying me up to but got to play the game i want the support if anything goes wrong.
  13. ive heard that the reason they dont respond to the typical sets and reps overload of other muscles is there is a different muscle fiber type (or more so of a certain type) in the calf which is also why it makes for a poor site to inject despite it being used every day which usually makes for a good IM site and the 200+ rep sets probably would be a good approach to those really determined to make them grow, maybe loading up a heavy back pack and walking up the stairs of a tower block, calf raising every step