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  1. depends how important it is for you if mine was noticeable and i had little cash then id eat peasant food and stop taking gear to pay for it asap
  2. i feel for you im getting gyno surgery in august and this is the extent of mine (right nipple) its no bigger than half an almond but i cant stand it plus makes life easier for gear users when glands have been fully removed
  3. kai green is a kook if any natural lifter followed his different for the sake of it training principals they'd make fa progress
  4. @Sparkey that pic literally turned my stomach if i could never afford / have access to gyno surgery and i had nips like that then id order some local anesthetic and a scalpel and give a DIY operation my best shot
  5. watch the video i linked not some gym shark that weighs 70kg and drinks pre workout for a calf session
  6. your post whilst being very in depth has still essentially echoed what ive said all along 'total tonnage progression is all that matters in either endeavor' whether you do sets of 3 or sets of 15 provided the reps or weight lifted is going up you are progressing, you are building muscle and you are building strength no matter how you break it down if you are lifting more weight than the last session youve adapted to the previous stimulus and gotten bigger and stronger whether you like it or not find me one person that benches 140kg for sets of 8 with a small chest, equally try find someone that benches 160kg for sets of 3 with a small chest you wont, regardless of their goal both will gain size and strength as a byproduct of the other and with all that said the guy working with sets of 3 wont be doing it year round, even powerlifters periodize their training to allow CNS fatigue to dissipate, offer new stimulus and to allow the joints to recover i see no good reason why bodybuilders should stick to lower intensities and powerlifters to higher intensities, both will benefit from a mixture for the reasons i listed above and both will gain size and strength in either range irrelevant of their goals (you can in some circumstances gain a small amount of strength without muscle in very specific phases but this will be short lived neural adaptations and form tweaks as you mentioned, this cannot be sustained for any lengthy amount of time) EDIT - @Ultrasonic sorry i forgot to quote you
  7. what an unusual fight
  8. i prefer pharma with AI's and SERM's however ive not had any problems myself with UGL AI's on the few occasions i have not been able to get pharma
  9. is there any evidence to suggest potential damage to natural gh production by forcing the pituitary to blow its load 3-5 time a day with peptides?
  10. 3 weeks im out the sling 10 weeks im lifting again (anything bar presses and flies) 5 months im benching again 22 months the tendon is as strong as its ever going to be
  11. its been immobile for nearly 2 months now causing me so many back and neck issues
  12. sure is hair coming on strong though trying to grow it long enough to hide my girly little shoulders
  13. here's a fun fact im 108kg in both photo's one was taken last summer, one just now im managing to get skinnier and fatter at the same time
  14. i guess you could argue its person dependent than as i dont notice i need a drink til my lips are dry which is too far i have to consciously make an effort to neck a liter upon waking then a pint with each meal