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  1. I'm one of the few who actually likes second coming
  2. I wouldn't say it makes you a pussy but it does make you look like a bell end.
  3. Just make sure they match your two sizes too small gym shark tee bro
  4. That's his nipples mate
  5. Just personally wouldn't feel comfortable borrowing that much. Interest rates are stupidly low right now, once they go back up to pre crash levels which they will eventually you could easily be paying double for the same amount over the same term. Personal circumstances change as well so that's a big factor for me. I'd love to go out and buy a 350k house but I'd have to be earning a shitload more than I currently do. plus I want to be mortgage free 10/15 years before I retire.
  6. Just go off on the pat n nick like every c**t else
  7. If you train at home you'll be fine they sleep a lot
  8. Only person that comes unexpectedly is jehovas witnesses or the tv license man so no
  9. How the f**k do you pin rear delts lol
  10. You should only need long blue for glutes, short blue will do everywhere else unless you're a fat c**t
  11. No issues with blues on any of those sites plus ventro glute for me
  12. This could easily be throwing you off either you're eating too much over the weekend and it's bringing you out of a weekly deficit or you're weighing yourself on a Monday and your weights thrown off because of all the carbs/water.
  13. At what height? How long has your weight stayed the same?
  14. Used to be like 6 quid, mine are free now. Or they were last time I got one.