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  1. I agree, it would literally be like the BNP winning an election here. but then again Donald Trump is president of the free world so anything goes..
  2. They've got muslamic ray guns
  3. Did you and banzi spoon when you trained together?
  4. Really? Had you down as a waxed pie.
  5. Usually just have a drink when I eat. Any time I've started making an effort to drink x amount of water it just makes me piss every 20 minutes
  6. Last blast? Has to be tren
  7. Yeh mg for mg xanax is way stronger, they come in 1mg bars that are designed to be broke in half, so 0.5mg will help most drift off. Like you say it's not something you want to take regular as you build up a tolerance and they're very addictive, and the withdrawal can be horrendous if you do come off after developing a habit. awesome for comedowns and bad hangovers though.
  8. Yours is 195 which is high, coming off and giving blood should help to bring it down not sure what the question is?
  9. Haha don't lol I train in a pure gym it's full of roasters
  10. Well it's still high that's for sure but not as bad. You've done the right thing coming off so now you just need to put a bit of time and effort into getting it down in the normal range. Definitely wouldn't stop lifting but do make sure you're doing cardio even if it's just walking, it'll help with so much.
  11. Whats your average resting bp?
  12. Last pin was 2 weeks ago on Sunday
  13. I don't know of clomid or hcg causing kidney damage. It's high bp over a prolonged period which can cause kidney damage in bodybuilders. That and using diuretics etc as well. you've came off now so just focus on getting through that, donating tomorrow will help bring your markers down, as will being off. Donate again in 12 weeks. Stop smoking get your cardio in etc etc.