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  1. @Fadi65 but then could you not argue that's important for bodybuilders to first build a base of strength then focus on lifting in the way you describe? for example say a complete beginner starts and focuses on lifting I duno 20kg DBs on the bench for nice slow controlled reps.. who will fair better him or the guy who focuses on getting stronger and after a year or two is able to lift the 50s in the same way? Or will it be much of a muchness in your opinion.. as obviously the guy with the 20s would have been able to get stronger in the period as well, maybe at a slower pace?
  2. I know it was like 300 or something. i like how even ISIS HR team made them throw in the multicultural bit, equal opportunities terrorism.
  3. Aye seen that too. They're fuckin off their heads man. The production value of the videos is decent tbf. http://heavy.com/news/2015/11/new-isis-islamic-state-news-pictures-videos-no-respite-english-language-propaganda-full-uncensored-youtube-daesh/ no gore in that btw. You will laugh like I did probs but wtf lol.
  4. Get it shot mate
  5. I seen an Isis one recently they led a load of prisoner out n made them all kneel in a line on top of explosives and just blew them up, was literally raining infidel.
  6. Aw that's horrendous man. Most of them don't really bother me man but when it comes to weans n that f**k that.
  7. Seen one recently where a guy comes off a bike n he's just sitting by the road after it with his face literally hanging off. And I mean literally his whole face is hanging off his head, he even like shakes his head at one point n it's all flapping about n s**t..
  8. Folk just keep sending them on WhatsApp lol. It's kinda goes like: beastiality, scat porn, snuff, motorbike crash, ISIS execution, hot girl who whips out big dick - rinse and repeat.
  9. Anyone seen that ISIS one going about of the guy getting executed with an anti tank or anti aircraft gun? That's pretty grim.
  10. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/grammar/double-negatives speaking of copying and pasting can all please just take a moment to laugh at this absolute cretin
  11. WTF are you actually in about you've just been slaughtering me saying I've made s**t up about the origins of ISIS being from 2000, when they were founded as Jamaat al-Tawhid wal-Jihad. That's what YOU said I've been bullshitting about. Now you're saying that the links have identical info even though the first paragraphs are conflicting, and are what you keep saying is the bit I've made up? I mean honestly what are you smoking? You're obviously soft in the head or something. who mentioned fake news lol it's fuckin tabloid bullshit, the one thing you've posted up by CNN has incorrect information in it it's a s**t source, get over it.
  12. Is it really the best oral you've had though
  13. Will do if he doesn't answer to the tag in this thread. in unrelated news I am really looking forward to using the SG tren e I just ordered yesterday