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  1. scratch and sniff just wouldn't be the same though would it?
  2. Damn I don't know whether it's the period blood or the swamp ass but I've got a chubby.
  3. There are a lot worse than you on this forum mate
  4. Another baiting troll post. 1300 posts and not 1 about lifting.
  5. Dbol and anadrol are comparable though.. just like winny and anavar are comparable. no bodybuilder's physique is attributable to anavar.. you'll get more out of tren obviously but less sides from anavar though it may hit your lipids hard if you run 80mg for that length of time?
  6. Would be happy with that physique using mate well done
  7. I haven't actually read any of these studies but is it a case of the AI causing the negative effects on lipids or is it their action in reducing oestrogen which naturally regulates cholesterol levels? and I take the studies are done on the patients receiving AI treatment, ie menopausal women with breast cancer - where the whole point in the treatment is to hammer oestrogen levels down so that it doesn't stimulate the breast cancer cells / cause the growth of new cancer cells. As opposed to how we mean to use them to keep oestrogen in range?
  8. You say you're natty here? looking class mate how tall are you?
  9. Well assuming you've had blood tests which show you have low t, I can't imagine you'd expect to recover very well from a cycle so can see why you'd opt for b&c tbh. may as well just do it from the start, who doesn't like having big nuts anyway?
  10. Probably because he knows he's gona be straight back on. No point coming off PCTing and hoping back on a month later. i agree though probably best to come off and recover, and then stay off for a good few months. Or even better just not doing steroids lol.
  11. Is the skateboard one fake as well? did you no see the one where he says Obama out n drops the mic lol.. how can you say trumps a joke when this cu**s just stepped out of office? come on, mayyyn.
  12. Depends what you're running and what dosages, obviously you don't need as much time off after a 500mg test per week cycle as if you were running 1g + of multiple compounds.
  13. Yeh it's a high dose they put it up to 150mcg when she was pregnant.
  14. Levothyroxine? my missus is on 125mcg but I was talking to her today and the docs have never even tested her for idodine deficiency.
  15. Done 100mg then just dabbed for the rest of the time a New Years worked a treat. Was plenty of gear about though which kinda kills the eccie buzz.