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  1. That back hair is the strangest thing I've ever seen man it looks like a moustache!
  2. I got absolutely f**ked with an at fault and a non fault incident in one year still paying for it lol
  3. Yeh but it won't go up as much as it does if you're at fault and lose your no claims bonus.
  4. May just do that. Was thinking of joining a few of the other forums after I get uni done and dusted in 2 weeks, most are fairly quiet but if I can run a log on a few of them it gives me a bigger pool of brains to pick, so to speak. Really want to step things up a level, now that I'm about to get my life back lol.
  5. Very expensive as well
  6. Like the duck said I wouldn't worry much about the quads thing, as if you base your workouts around compounds like squats, Romanian deadlifts and hip thrusts you'll be hitting the hams and glutes nicely while still getting the quads with the squats. Like I said I tried supersetting these and just ended up fatiguing the low back pretty rapid so it didn't really work for me. As for the rest, I wouldn't even bother with arms if I was starting out again they'll grow along with everything else to a point and I don't actually think isolating adds much extra. If you think say for instance your chest was overdeveloped compared to your back I wouldn't say ignore completely just do something like 2 back movements for every chest. Or 2 days with back 1 chest, something like that. Rather than dropping it completely from your routine.
  7. Ah cool is that invite only forum (blast and cruise I mean)?
  8. Who's the coach then?
  9. More to the point @FuqOutDaWhey have you got another one on the way?
  10. That'll learn you boy!
  11. No idea, they might not have them - don't think the plugs in Europe have them either do they?
  12. My first answer was better lol like I said I'm shite with electronics but I'm ok with electrical power
  13. Im shite with electronics but I'd assume any electronics/controls/computery things would be sensitive to voltage and frequency levels.
  14. As the resistance is fixed by increasing the voltage applied you'll increase the current (and the power or wattage) what size fuse was fitted 4A/6A? assuming it's a resistive only circuit for simplicity and that it was actually producing 500w power, you're looking at the current increasing from about 4A to about 8A and power up to 1838W. So you may have either blown the fuse or just broke it.