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  1. Creatine monohydrate. Never, ever again. The rest... YOLO
  2. I had major issues on tren before I added cialis. Few days later blood pressure went normal and no prostate issues. Taking five minutes to take a piss at 4AM is no fun.
  3. 28th April 2017 Back-biceps. Same lifts as last two workouts. --- Morning weight 106,7kg. Three kg drop since last Sunday. Guess thats the Anadrol water weight gone.
  4. Dear @AncientOldBloke, You have used tren, you have felt the effects estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. Women are an endless tren cycle without AI. With their physiology and hormones ask not why they do the things they do, but embrace the wonder that they can be normal now and then.
  5. Well, I've never been to Romania, it was incredibly poor, but they have been developing rapidly over the last few years so things are changing. Croatia and Romania don't have much of a bond, the maximum cultural exchange we get is football hooligan violence in hte UEFA cup now and then. I've been to Bulgaria quite a few times. It is far less developed than Croatia, but people are friendly and I feel as safe as anywhere in Croatia. I would think twice about going to Kosovo, Albania and some parts of Bosnia.
  6. It does cause minor issues, namely slow indigestion, acid reflux and endless belching if I eat anything with significant starch content. I do not want that on vacations. I want to eat whatever the f*ck I want, feel great all round, plus belching will drive away all the women I want to shag. We do not want that. Right now I can live with this, I'm ecstatic that I'm neither psychotic, melancholic, suicidal or experiencing ED. I dont drink that much. I'm an elitist c*nt when it comes to booze, quality over quantity, if it is sold in a supermarket, I do not drink it. Craft ales, wines from a few selected local wineries, ussually the stuff common folk cannot purchase with money, and when in Bulgaria... Mastika, my favourite ice cold poison. Anyway, I doubt I will lean out enough for a few drinks to make any difference in my appearance.
  7. Salaam Alekum. Where Middle Earth immigrants pass through but once Germans kick them out they rather go back to Syria than stay... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croatia I'd personally go for Bulgaria. A pint of beer costs 1,20-1,50GBP in continental Croatia and half that price in Bulgaria.
  8. I don't think it makes any significant difference that would require adjustments in timing of your cycle. You do not inject into vein but muscle so the gear is released through extended period of time.
  9. Alright, I'm currently in a Test E / Tren A / Mast E cycle at 400 / 700 / 700 mg EW and tolerating tren unexpectedly well. My first plan was to run this for 10 weeks and then drop the tren for the last eight weeks of my cycle so it does not ruin my vacations. Due to the lack of sides I'm considering extending the tren to 13 weeks total which should give me two weeks for it to clear out before party time. The second half I planned to run 500mg Test (Omnadren) and 800mg Mast E, now I am toying with the idea to add something more. The obvious candidates being tbol, anavar or more mast. Test, Mast, Var? Any point to stack two DHTs or is it just an unneccessary strain for the liver? Right now I'm thinking 500mg Test / 1000m Mast E / 350mg Anavar EW for five weeks post Tren.
  10. 27th April 2017 Chest-triceps. Pretty much the same as Monday, had no one to spot me on the bench press so I did not try to push it any harder.
  11. It always goes in easier with a bit of lube. Always drive all the air out before injection and lube the needle with 2-3 drops of gear.
  12. Consider getting some ph as cycle base. Epistane alone is like anavar only cycle.
  13. Split one 1mg tab in two and its enough for a whole week. A single pot of Cabaser is practically enough for two tren cycles. You might even split those numbers in half.
  14. Fixed.