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  1. Get an illegal one.
  2. 19th Jun 2017 Chest-triceps-cardio. 20th Jun 2017 Back-biceps-cardio 22nd Jun 2017 Yet another national holiday on Thursday, fasted cardio, shoulders workout, had to change two shirts in the gym. 23rd Jun 2017 Arms-cardio 24th. Jun 2017 Legs 25th Jun 2017 Fasted cardio in the morning --- Sunday morning weight 96,4kg. Drank a glass of water with all my morning happy pills and went for a run. When I got back home and took a shower, the scales showed 94,8kg. 1,8l of sweat lost in 25 minutes. Heat wave in Croatia this week, 35C, next week will be even worse.
  3. No, I do fancy stuff, for lawyers and international criminals. Sometimes for police too. Of the three mentioned, criminals are the best paying customers.
  4. I tried TM DNP, 250mg ED, felt warm and fuzzy, carb cravings and in the end, exhausted and poisoned. No significant body fat loss... at least I did not get fatter while using it. Try to get your hands on RX Labs - The burn and run that instead of DNP.
  5. Maybe it just does not work the same for everyone. DNP did nothing for me. OTOH last two weeks on a magic pill with sibutramine, dmaa, yohimbine and caffeine and I'm literally melting away.
  6. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. In my case, withheld numbers are usually the police or expat customers, while both can be quite obnoxious, its all part of the job. Weird calls usually come to office phone, not the mobile.
  7. Gluteus medius. Less trauma than when I inject into gluteus maximus.
  8. If he is into 5-star all-inclusive and anything similar to Dubai, he'd probably find Croatia quite boring. If you go to Croatia, skip hotels and rent an apartment. A nice one.
  9. Crete or Rhodes.
  10. Nassty hobbitssess.
  11. It will be ok, although, you will understand why a longer green one is better when you want to draw the last ml from the vial. Size matters.
  12. 21g - 50mm to draw from 10ml vial. 23g - 30mm to make sweet love with your glute
  13. Whats the temp over there? 25C? :-P Went for a run after gym today, 32C outside.
  14. Grammar issues in a language that uses an alphabet that contains mere 26 letters...
  15. 11th Jun 2017 Went for another 4km run in the evening 12th Jun 2017 Chest and cardio 13th Jun 2017 Back, biceps, cardio 15th Jun 2017 Some kind of a national holiday so we went for a workout 8:00AM, first fasted cardio, then shoulders... complete massacre 17th Jun 2017 Arms, went for a double burger and two craft ales afterwards. 18th Jun 2017 Fasted cardio in the morning. 18C, windy... but it was worth it. --- Morning weight 98,8kg