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  1. Long story short I developed a nasty coke habit as I was using it as an escape from various problems. I'm off to Thailand in a couple of days to get fompletelyv clean of the stupid habit. I haven't trained for around 8 weeks, how long will my gains take to return? Bear in mind I wil be lucky at a gym so will be training twice a day and have access to any gear
  2. Just my Standard credit card, I use it for fuel etc so would rather not lose it.
  3. Sweet sounds legit. I just want my credit to remain active and to do this I need verbal verification from a manager.
  4. Recently left my job and one of my accounts wants employer verification, if I give current details I will likely be decline due to the short length of employment. Is there any way of getting round this like fake verification?
  5. Any recommendations? I went for 2 week in Feb 16 but didn't plan it very well.
  6. You live there I take it?
  7. I'm on about live in gyms where you pay a set price and get accommodation with gym membership etc
  8. Has anyone done one? Quite a few places in Phuket offer 3 month packages including accommodation?
  9. Been away a while as split from the mrs. Any more reviews?
  10. Pretty much what I've done.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed and helpful reply mate, genuinely. It's posts like this that keep the forum going.
  12. Thanks for the genuine responses lads.
  13. It's 100% the right decision. She had BPD and was slowly destroying my life. I know it sounds f*cking gay but it is an awful experience to go through. I sit in the house and just see constant memories. I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
  14. All her stuff gone and moved out. I know it's the right choice but feel sad. Any advice?
  15. Dosage ranged from 100 up to 200 ED. I blew up nicely and had aggression increase, appetite died so I'd say it was legit. Not tried Onyx Not tried unipharm Both g2g, 2 of my favourite labs. Avoid Malay Tiger RX I've used: Tren Ace (potent as f*ck) Stanavar Accutane Adex Mast P All g2g.