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  1. You just said you are already counting portion sizes?
  2. The ham fisted f**ker might snap it! He doesn't deserve any of my spam fritters anyhow.
  3. I've invited the agency over on Friday so I can demonstrate that the noise is unavoidable. In fairness they seem to agree that the neighbour is a pest.
  4. You need to get a blood panel done tbh mate. If you are counting everything as you say, you should be losing weight. You are assuming it is due to low test but it could be any number of things.
  5. Why ask for advice if you are not going to take it? You obviously are not educated on how the HPTA works and I suggest you educate yourself. Blasting HCG prior to administration of SERM's is proven to be an extremely effective method of kick starting the HPTA.
  6. Testosterone isn't a fat burner, this is a common myth on bodybuilding forums. What it will do is help you retain muscle in a calorie deficit, and potentially improve nutrient partitioning, preventing further fat gain. If your end goal is to come off completely and restore HPTA function, you are probably doing the right thing. Personally, I would run a 10-12 week cycle of test only in a heavy (500cals) deficit to try and remove some body fat, then address the low test issue with a thorough PCT. If you scour UK-M there is a ton of info on PCT but you will want a protocol something like this... 2000iu HCG EOD for 8-10 shots beginning about 4 weeks after your last testosterone injection 40mg Nolva daily beginning on the day of your first HCG shot for 2 weeks, taper down to 20mg for a further 4 weeks 100mg Clomid Daily starting on the day of your last HCG shot, taper down by 25mg over a period of 4-5 weeks 5000iu Vit D3 daily
  7. Low testosterone levels are linked with high bodyfat levels. Do you actually have a goal in mind? Hard to advise you otherwise.
  8. My cardboard box is bigger than theirs mate
  9. You are high bodyfat then mate. Just my 2 cents but you should never bulk to the extent that your abs are not visible.
  10. F**k that. Don't want those peasants touching my cutlery.
  11. Mate 25% is high bodyfat. With all due respect either you have a distorted view when you look in the mirror or you are incorrect in saying you are at 25%. S Do you have visible abs?
  12. I always run 25mcg with tren cycles mate. Tren can seemingly lower thyroid function in some cases so I prefer to ensure mine is at optimal output. I find it eliminates the lethargy I would otherwise suffer on tren.
  13. 25% is quite high body fat tbh mate. Get yourself in a deficit on a low dose of test for muscle preservation and go from there. No point building on a base of sand and all that.
  14. So you're the pr1ck keeps banging on my door?
  15. This is my first ever log, it will track my progress for the final 5 weeks of my bulk, transitioning into my 10 week cut, ending at bodypower 2017. Current stats: Age: 23 Weight: 106kg Height: 6'1" Currently I am running the following compounds: 800mg Tren A 250mg Test E 100mg Var 50mg Oxy Training split: Chest/Tris Back/Bis Shoulders/traps Legs/Bis Off Repeat I'll be posting two entries today, one for yesterday, one for today. 16/01/2017 Up at 5am for an early gym session before I start work at 8am, ate 100g Rice Krispies and washed it down with a protein shake. Workout went like this: 55KG Incline Dumbells 4 x 9 90kg Incline Bench 4 x 10 superset with incline flys 12.5kg 4 sets to failure Pec deck 4 x 15 Rope pulldowns 4 x 15 Tricep pushdowns 4 x 15 Sausage, Bacon and Egg white bap 20 mins after training. 10am: 100g blended oats, 2 scoops impact whey 1pm: 200g chicken breast, 250g basmati rice 3pm: Would usually have a repeat meal of 1pm but flu like symptoms supressed my appetite. 5pm: Appetite still poor, managed to force down some veg with roast potatoes and a small chicken breast that the missus prepped for me. 5.15pm: hit the sack for an hour and a half, woke up still feeling groggy and generally lethargic. Can tell I have an illness developing as I have sensitive bottom teeth. 7.30pm: Up to A & E to have a gash in my finger stitched up, sustained on Saturday playing rugby. Turns out I also have a break, luckily it's my pinky finger so shouldn't affect training too much. 9pm: Appetite is still dogsh1te so forced down some calories. 1 tin of soup with a foot long baguette packed with bacon medallions. 11pm: Bed Will be training back later on today. Pic below is the current state of affairs...