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  1. Yeah, half a tab (25mg) and it will happen with me. Then again androl is by far the best compound for me (strength and size) so maybe I'm designed for it. 50mg and I'll blow up like a balloon and that on moderate cals. How guys can do 100-150 is beyond me but not a linear progression I assume
  2. But how cool would you be! Lol That red triumph America is f#cking awesome! I am jealous.
  3. Good post, always wondering why anadrol is a bugger for gyno with me and it doesn't aromatise. Dbol and no issues
  4. With Iiiym (also called flexibile dieting) it states that no foods are off the table as long as your calorie target is met and your three macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats) are satisfied. Hence you think great I'll just pig out on junk food. However this starts to fall apart quite quickly. Take for example a burger king large whopper meal + coke. That has 1740 cals. The macros are (48% carbs, 40% fats, 12% protein). Protein is too low (54g) Ok now add 6 scoops of a whey protein shake which adds another (120grams protein and 600 cals ( 1g protein is 4cals but a scoop usually has only 80%protein) . Now you have taken 1740 + 600 cals = 2340 cals and 174g protein. You have fitted your macros and cals fine hence no issues right. But this dumb example highlights some problems. Iifym and all sorts of diets for bodybuilding have a tendency to focus on how you look (bf and muscle) and actual good health is a afterthought. Vitamins, minerals and fiber are essential for good health and without then your gym performance will suffer badly. A lack of them will make you very tired on the gym, less alert, unable to concentrate, sore joints, bad skin, bad hair etc Fiber is needed to help covert the food you consume into a form that can be utilised as muscle building food. Good fats and minerals are needed to project joints and ligaments etc. The example above contains hardly any fiber and severely lacking in vitamins and minerals. That's why you often see big fat slobs with bad skin and hair always tired waddling into these places. Junk food like that are too calorific expensive. One meal like that a day and you be very hungry in a few hours. Could you do with only one BK meal a day? The sugar content is too high and too many refined carbs. This leads to insulin spikes and causes binge eating. The original Atkins diet was so popular in that although he suggests calories are not import, you just need to eliminate carbs, people naturally ate less calories without realising as they had no desire to binge eat, due to lack carbs (Actually he did say calories were important, just buried way down in his book) In practice getting your proteins from junk food, doesn't work, it's always too low. While protein powders do help it is probably not advisable to get the vast majority of your protein from powders (debatable) Long post, got carried away! If you want a number on "how much junk (burgers, dominoes ice cream etc) food" . I've seen numbers around the 15%-20% mark quoted from respected trainers and websites. That gives you enough flexibility to make a diet stick. If I had to eat veggies, fruit, chicken breasts all day I'd quit in a week. I've been doing iifym for 25 years now with out realising it as there was no fancy many back then. We just called it " eating sensibly" lol
  5. Few weeks training won't hardly make any difference. At the start you will be tired, feel sleepy and more importantly your mind will be on training rather than the textbooks. Can't urge you enough to drop it completely for now. Training can be taken up any time but not career. Important to get this right early and set yourself on a proper path. Just postpone it until exams are over and smash into diet and training Good luck in your exams buddy!
  6. Seriously, forget about this website for now and concentrate on your exams. You have the rest of your life to work out and lift weight. It would be a terrible decision to waste time on weight-training and reading up on it, when you could be preparing for your exams. We will all be here in a few weeks lol
  7. Did you do any research at all?? There must be a million first cycle posts going back 10 -20 years on forums
  8. Looks like only one option .... shave the beard and go back
  9. Yeah sure, that's to be expected, other wise life would be full. just dump it into my fitness Pal and total it up. Try things like oven chips, breaded frozen chips. They are not actually that bad. Salt content can be a but high on them though but they don't contain hydrogenated fat (=bad) the point of all of this is that you need to try pick a diet that you will stick to, allows treats every now and then, and not to calorific expensive For example a Sainsbury's steak and ale pie has 750 cals or so, a large sausage roll has near 500cals That's 1250 and that would only be enough for a lunch for me. but 200g of oven chips (360cals) and breaded cod fillet or 10oz steak (300) , sweet corn (80cals) and you have 740cals, half the above!
  10. Will depends on what you define as crap lol. If 30% of your diet is coming from KFC, etc, that's poor. Once a week i think is a bit better. I'm taking about biscuit with your coffee, takeaway ever Saturday etc not a McDonald's every day for lunch. I wouldn't consider things like nandos crap food, just avoid sugary cokes etc.
  11. Yeah seems smart mate, you starting off with low bf anyway
  12. Don't worry yourself in the slightest about fast food once a week. You can have muffins, biscuits etc but just limit yourself. It's not the daily macros you need to be concerned about, it's the running average over the week. So if you go out with your mates, have a massive night out, an aids ridden late night curry and then a greasy fry up the next morning, it's cool. But you need to make up for that during the week. I ate a pile of crap in my 20s every weekend and kept a 6 pack through out and lifted heavy. problems with too hardcore diet is that is unnecessary and will enviably lead to quitting. Check out IIFYM diet. To me it's spot on, people can discredit it as they use it as a licence to eat like crap every day. If food is dull, tart it up with spices from the supermarket. The good thing about MYP is that you can see what foods are "worth it" you will find some are not actually not that bad. Some like. Greg's patties and sausage rolls are costly so maybe ease off a bit. I love peanut butter and toast and the actually sugar content is low (avoid American brands). It's not with ditching to buy some pebble dashed crap from a naturestore
  13. Yeah, D3 is an obvious one. Given my family history is arthritis, and osteoporosis i load up on omega 3 6 9 and Vit D. I have a heap of nutritional books on my book shelf never opened in years. Reading them you would be convinced that we are lacking in everything. I did get a take away message though that the dangers of overdosing on vitamins is very low compared to under dosing. But as I've said before I've kindof lost interest in this area as i never see much physical change. Maybe my joints would be in a worse position if i wasn't taking them. Who knows? Have you ever heard of anyone suffering from ill effects of too many vitamins. Lot of the research seems to be extrapolating information. I'm more interested in vitamins for general health and well being rather than muscle gain. Actually: one effect i do clearly notice is that lack of fruit in my diet is a recipie for mouth ulcers and poor gym health!
  14. Till you have to go back to your one bed shitty flat lol.
  15. Like staying in a 5* hotel