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  1. So the question is, how much do you attribute to test and how much to diet in terms of fat loss?
  2. yup here, with one much more pronounced than the other. i do stretches enthusiastically for weeks and then get bored and quit ... wash and repeat
  3. they have the weirdest combination of products on there, BB supplements, chemicals (magnesium oxide), health and beauty (dead sea soap) and a pile of bulk package (3000 aluminium pouches) Think I'd steer clear
  4. has your diet changed much? yeah read lot of reports like this over the years but never saw anything dramatic myself to be honest Was trying to find a chart or document that quantified the actual calorie equivalent of AAS to fat loss, I presume tren being the top of the chart but mast, Winny / Var etc also being effective
  5. given its twice the price of bulk suppliers I would be suspicious. But you could try 2 kg and see how you get on
  6. how much to you think it is equivalent in terms of calories deficit , e.e.g 100 - 200 a day calories I lose fat but only slightly I'd say on test e
  7. Oh right, do these pixies and goblins even lift in these games though....
  8. you really are a massive bellend, Your advice is retarded and completely devoid of any real world probabilitiy or risk factored consequence relating from a course of events. Its like someone posting "I had a smoke last night and today and I feel ill" You come back with "could be cancer and you may die" You do this always find the most technical information online and try be a smart ass in the stupid attempt to ascertain that you are more knowledgeable than everyone else on a topic and try blind people with medical textbook statements in order to prove your an authority on the subject You may want realise that there are a lot of blokes on this forum with many many years of experience of using AAS and while they may not be medically qualified (like you!), they can see through the bullshit. I have a doctorate from a world class university in Mathematics but I am not going to argue with anyone on here that 2 + 2 = 5 because they know I will be talking sh#t I have never heard of any post , magazine, medical paper or anyone ever for that matter in 20 years having a leg amputated from using gear
  9. just to add, that's what i was doing (heat) and decided I better ask ElChapo for his advice He suggested icepacks are the way to go. It makes sense to me now as if its an inflammation and feel the need to take ibuprofen you should really use ice packs
  10. What are these nerds on about? Druids?
  11. Oh mate, seriously be quiet! You seriously talk some shite and more and more obvious you have zero life and knowledge experience. What age are you ten? He hasn't got the NF flesh eating virus. Ammputation, FFS If your worried OP just go to the doctor and put your mind at rest
  12. Better than leaving uncovered in a food or fridge cupboard, with accident of spills etc. Right? Of course still need to swab the top with an Alcohol swab before every use
  13. Chuck Norris never needed them though and he can stop chainsaws with his hands. Fact
  14. How guys can build quads that big is beyond me! Bastards lol
  15. with these guys you have to remember the pace of change is too quick If lads in their 40's generally look well like @Sasnak mentioned, they are usually at it their whole lives but these actors like Tom Hardy, hugh jack man change far too quickly