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  1. Also in for answers, 7iu M/W/F of Ansomone being what I'm thinking
  2. The idea i'm using cream pies to get swole is amazing
  3. Been out a little while, it's decent. the name also cracks me up
  4. Update. popped 1mg caber on saturday, Puffiness is down and much less sore winner winner chicken dinner
  5. I regularly fly Southampton to leeds never more than £130-140 return
  6. I'm switching to exemestane next seems much better, thanks for the info though!
  7. Good to hear about TM not even to pippy Dropping the Adex back a bit just going to hammer nolva Untill my caber is here, special delivery hopefully tomorrow!!
  8. No used deca in the past TM npp hopefully not prop lol
  9. Going to Give this shot thanks
  10. Yes, 1mg since start of cycle pharma grade on the adex and tamox i'm due another jab tomorrow thinking to drop my test to 300mg a week?
  11. Hi, on a cycle at the moment 600mg test e a week and 450mg npp 50mg proviron Also running 1mg adex a day and 40mg nolva (upped from 20mg) been on this 2 weeks and my nips are on fire dropped 30mg dbol after 8 days as i thought it was this and upped the nolva caber time? how can you tell prolactin gyno my nipples look BIG compared to usual
  12. You would hope Pharma know that it's intramuscular not inter muscular Clearly made by a yorkshireman
  13. Once I run out i'll switch to rxlabs and see if any change their arom from them sorted my bloat and nips out