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  1. True, would be better well spent on a vial or two of prop to kick start properly
  2. I got 5 out of 6, this pretty much sums it up
  3. my mushroom grows wouldn't be sucessful unless this method was sterilising the substrate (sealed in the jars covered by tin foil), allowing me to isolate one strain of fungi
  4. the temp of the surrounding area + pressure, will sterilise it, youthink the bacteria is going to survive 1 hour of the outside of the vial being steam baked if its inside the vial... no covering them is so once you remove them they stay sterild until you are ready to cap + fill otherwise soon as you open the pressure cooker theyre exposed to open air and are no longer sterile!
  5. Cover the vials with aluminium foil and pressure cook at 15psi for 40-60 mins, do this to sterilise jars for mushroom growing, will work for this too
  6. Geneza?
  7. 24
  8. I'm well up for this!! Going to try to dabble with tren a 200mg/pw Pics will be up asap!
  9. When is the new one starting can you tag me in the thread please
  10. Giving us a sneak peak of what diet you are running?
  11. Using SG 150mg/ml prop at 3.5mls a week Seems good, good inital weight gain nips got a bit tender till i dialed AI in
  12. 1ml SG 150mg/ml test P eod so 525mg test P a week
  13. Agreed^ we sold this in various pharmacys i've worked in and it should be stored in the fridge most Lloyds/Boots chemists will be able to order this for you.
  14. this ^ in the uk doctors prescribe 1000mg Test Undec (Nebido) every 10-14 weeks sustanon when used early on before the nebido has "kicked in" is given at 250mg every 4 weeks. Even on these small trt doses, sometimes patients require cabergoline once a week/every other.