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  1. I'd avoid stimulants/other drugs which are known to elevate BP entirely if I was you.
  2. Nope, just a bit lethargic. I felt much better once I had been sick, I reckon I'll take a day off tomorrow and I should feel fine by Saturday..unless I got on it tomorrow.
  3. I don't think their verification codes ever actually worked, legit or not. I used their Anavar 10mg's about 6 months ago and felt good on them. I know somebody using them now at 60-100mg/day who's saying they've gained 5KG of water with no changes in their diet and that they're experiencing "high Test-like" sides. Not a good sign from what I've heard.
  4. 40-60 minutes lifting usually.
  5. I had a crap sleep last night so I felt pretty tired today, I tried training chest and got about 9 decent sets out before feeling off, I decided to cut the session short and left early and started to projectile vomit on my way home. Not pleasant at all. I feel much better now it's out, I've got no idea what caused it but it didn't feel good at all.
  6. I'm using 25mg 2-3 times a week on 1.2g Test but it varies from person to person so that doesn't help you at all.
  7. No, you can take Aromasin very infrequently if you want to. It's Arimidex where you'll benefit from a more regular dosing schedule.
  8. Nice. I don't think there was ever any question as to whether Sphinx Test was dosed properly though. Good for your peace of mind though I suppose.
  9. I've increased the dose because I like to pin an entire vial in one go once it's mixed rather than storing it and letting it degrade, it's more of a convenience thing than anything else if I'm perfectly honest. I'm pinning much more in one go (10IU rather than 4IU) - I feel like it's 'doing more' for me in terms of both benefits and side effects (water retention and tightness/numbness in my hands) but I don't mind the water retention too much at this stage as I'm bulking.
  10. 22nd March I was supposed to have a day off training today but I had nothing planned and couldn't help myself, I went to the gym and trained my lagging body parts. Biceps and Traps 6 sets standing barbell curl (pyramid) 4 sets cable hammer curl with rope 4 sets overhead cable curl (30's) 4 sets DC bicep stretch 4 sets barbell shrug (pyramid) 4 sets Smith machine behind the back shrug 4 sets Smith machine single arm shrug Cardio 20 minutes medium intensity on the stationary bike 10 minutes maximum incline walk Mobility 10 minutes foam rolling biceps and upper back It wasn't the longest session but it definitely did the trick. I took a shot of Humulin R before training along with my Dianabol and had 80 grams of simple carbs intra-workout, the pump was fu**ing gnarly. My weight is still climbing - my appetite is dropping off slightly and I'm starting to feel a little bit lethargic in the afternoon, that could be due to increasing the dose of GH when switching from Ansomone to Hygetropin or might even be down to switching to Dianabol, either way it isn't anything major and I can definitely live with it for the time being, I feel like I'm gaining well and my training is going really well so I'm going to crack on and gain as much as I can over the next month.
  11. I'd rather just use a higher dose of Test than adding those two mild orals. Better cost to gain ratio by far. @Redser Sphinx is good.
  12. PP

    Plan it yourself and ask for a critique.
  13. You're going to get the same advice everywhere really. Test and Tren is going to be the bread and butter for most people. A lot of people like to add Masteron, I don't rate it personally. And then you can do a short, sharp burst of orals during the last few weeks of prep - Halotestin, Winstrol, Superdrol and Anavar are often used. Orals are quite harsh and the cosmetic effects can be seen quite quickly, especially while you're lean, so there's really no reason to run them for longer than a few weeks during prep IMO, it's just unnecessary stress on your body for no real benefit. Fat-burners, stimulants and appetite suppressants are optional but you're obviously quite regimented with your diet based on your avatar and how lean you've been previously, I doubt they'll be necessary for you. So basically: - Test - Tren - Mast (optional) - Winstrol/Halotestin (if you need to 'harden up') - Superdrol/Anadrol (if you need to 'fill out')