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  1. - Says he eats a lot of eggs, tuna, peanuts and chicken - Only consumes 100g protein daily
  2. Damn, looks like you gained everything but muscle, you should get blood work done with your GP, I wouldn't be surprised if your Testosterone levels are through the floor looking at that progress collage.
  3. MT2 suppresses my appetite but you don't want to be dosing that daily or you'll end up looking African. I think stimulants are your best bet, ECA is really good for appetite suppression IMO. Failing that there's that old fashioned method of... just being hungry and dealing with it.
  4. Lesson learned fam, I've had the same thing happen to me a couple of times. That's what I was getting at when you started the log, I reckon you'd get much more out of a moderate dose of Test and Nandrolone with a tiny bit of insulin than you would from higher doses of multiple compounds, stacking 19 NORs, orals etc. - way less side effects too.
  5. How did you get on?
  6. Drop the Anadrol and taper your calories down, isn't rocket science mate..
  7. Thought you said 8 hours of making flapjacks for a second there.
  8. For me it was mainly a blocked/stuffy nose and redness in the face with higher doses.
  9. I would get some side effects if I was to take a full 20mg in one go personally but you might be different mate.
  10. I think I'm all talk TBH. Like I said I like the idea of it but I don't think I could commit to it unless it was a top artist doing a massive photorealistic piece, you see far too many crap tattoos out there nowadays. Something shabbily done would set my OCD off.
  11. Within days. The standard tabs are 20mg so you can just use a pill cutter or razor blade to quarter them.
  12. You got any tattoos at the moment? I'm a blank canvas, I like the idea of it but I can never settle on a design or theme.
  13. Can't complain mate, nice holiday booked and a bit of a treat. Back to being a frugal fucker and buying nothing other than food and gear now though.
  14. Takes my systolic down by about 8-10 points so definitely beneficial. I get a stuffy nose at higher doses but 5mg is fine.
  15. The watch itself was £1200 and I grabbed the insurance to cover damage/theft/etc which was just over £200. Definitely an upgrade from my Casio.