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  1. Morning all. Weight this AM is 194.6 Swelling has reduced a lot this morning. Let's see how today progresses. Gonna do back at gym today. Yesyerday had a brill leg session so gonna feel that at work lol. Hope everyone has a good day
  2. I have weird kidneys anyways so prob so link. Also the fact that I went on a total binge for a few days and as soon as i did that it started and I nearly drunk any water as well. Gonna get it checked if no improvement in next few days
  3. It's a lot of water mate. My lower back and legs have swollen the feck up. Currently in process of bringing this bad down as not very pleasant. Also not good for the head
  4. Morning all, Hope everyone well Weight this am is 196, I have put a lot of weight on but i'm swollen all over so on water tablets at mo. Once again im being message around by docs again ffs, Like 5th phone call now
  5. Thank you mate. Getting there. Put a lot of weight on but got a lot of water retention and legs have swollen up as well. Phoning GP again tomorrow as still no appointment
  6. Went training yesterday did arms and shoulders with Ria. Also did around 5 miles in cardio. The gym session was brill. Had great pump on "all dem carbs" hahaha.
  7. Thanks Hun, I have learned a lot from this prep and next time i will do things differently, I was happy to a point but could have done better BUT That's what next time is for. Learn and move forward. Next prep i WILL be bringing a better package, Time for some off season get my health sorted and then gain some nice lean size Glad you got the all clear
  8. Lets see how these dice roll mate
  9. Just seems them again. I should have an appointment by Monday as they have put me on a 2 week max waiting list as there checking for the big c as well as sorting my other issues out. Scared shitless now. It's not the 1st time I have been here but did not think as much when younger.
  10. Just docs again now waiting. Oh the joys
  11. Tapper off mate. Test P and add E for a few weeks to a month then PCT
  12. No bud.
  13. Yes bud
  14. Yeah that's my plan mate. Still want to look good for my holiday at least. Gonna have a few days off weights but keep up with some cardio. Got my food made up for today hehe. On rice. Sweet potato and prawns for my meals so there gonna be nice. Hopefully see doc soon
  15. Thanks guys. Yeah feel pretty shitty about it but wife agrees as she concerned as she wants to know what's causing the issues rather than pushing forward and maybe making worse. Yeah I'm going to wind down on the drug side now and have a good break shortly for next few months and re evaluate from there. I do appreciate everyone's input and help along the way. There a dozens of shows a year so it's not like the only one. I will try again but this time i will do things differently. I'll update here still with regards to what's going on and training still.