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  1. Well my local source paid me a visit yesterday Not much info on these but heard good things locally so thought i might as well give a try as he gave me a little bit of a deal.
  2. Just great, Never trained yesterday same as today and wont be tomorrow either, Got this fecking stomach bug. Still trying to eat but finding it hard so just eating what my body is craving even if its crap ;(
  3. Point proven HAHAHAHAHAHA
  4. Chin up bro
  5. Nice pressing mate, Is there no one over 5ft 6 in your gym HAHAHAH
  6. Training still going really well, Following @Chelsea lead i'm going to going all out weight to try and build a better bases from. Diet still going well even though a ate a few thousand cals in sweets over the weekend but my weekends are my cheat days, Kinda put me off sugary foods for a bit anyways. Yesterday was shoulders so today had to be arms i be think, Wed will be back and Thursday chest, Friday will be a mental circuit that Ria Ward is putting together for me "NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT" hahahaha Then sat its off on my jolly's but might try and get a sneaky session in before i fly.
  7. Training still going well SO NOTHING TO REPORT THERE. Few little notes 1 - Did dead lifts for 1st time in about a year, Only up to 25 a side but felt good with no serious pain issues WOOP WOOP. 2 - The wife's a knob, Being doing well on my diet and what does she do Wednesday, Bring rich tea biscuits upstairs while i'm on PC so some biscuits got smashed past 2 nights FFS, Hangs head in shame HAHAHAHA. Will now be starting my bulk Monday 27th Feb, Going to slowly ramp food and protein up each week by 200cal and 15-20g protein from starting point every week, See if that's helps rather than going fulling into it and being bloated all the time and suppressing appetite. Cycle will be 100 Test P EOD - 8 weeks 30mg Dbol Week 1-2 40mg Dbol Week 2-4 50mg Dbol Week 5-6 Nice and simple and nothing crazy, Still want to try Tren but don't want to make head issues worse LOL
  8. Hi @Chelsea In for this mate
  9. HAHAHAHA thanks brother, Yeah looking forward to some nice food and wine, Then back on to my clean "Ish" bulk Gonna weigh myself today as defo feel under 200lb now LOL.
  10. Look like shit as always LOL will try and get some pics if i can, May competition not gonna happen now due to circumstances with home life, Coach has said maybe aim for later in year as there is the British finals 4 weeks after that she is competing is so the aim would be to try and place and also go to the finals if that makes sense, Just waiting to confirm dates. Think its September for show and Oct for British but not sure yet, Currently been clean from end of Oct now if i'm correct so had a nice break, Currently doing well on cut and actually preferring the leaner look even though i do feel a bit smaller. Go away with family to my dads penthouse in Spain on 18th so 1st march be back on a nice bulk, Looking at running 300mg test Prop and Dbol for 8 weeks as i seem to fade off after 2 months so be best for me. As always @Frandeman and help advice ALWAYS welsome
  11. Wow not updates in a few weeks LOL Training till going very well, Had a few niggles play up, One being my right wrist that needs the op seems to be hating me right now as been killing me. Also back is not right still after i hurt myself sparring with my Muay Thai lads, And then pulled my lower back last week FFS. Diet still going VERY well, Last weigh in last week was 90.6kg so down 3 kg with a 2500ish cal diet. Starting to like the look as becoming more shapely but defo feel smaller LOL
  12. Training still going very well, Really liking my progress, got stronger in a few lift so thats good. Diet is still very good
  13. Very strange one, Weighed myself and put on 3lb over the week LOL, Meant to be losing a few pounds ready for my holiday in feb not putting it on, Clean diet at around 3k is building me LOL
  14. Chest yesterday was very good, Feeling at all ready so tonight i'll be in bits. Food still going down well which is nice, End of this week im gonna reduce my cals to around 2500 for a little bit of a cut before my holiday in Feb, This along with extra cardio should see we well. Today i'm thing back or shoulders
  15. Had a really good arm session last night, All i can say is gym was RAMMED and all the newbies need to naff off LOL