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  1. was thinking a week of 2 before, Thank bud
  2. Yes mate, Just trying to get a time frame i.e last week of cycle for example
  3. As title, When best to start a cruise of Test E after a cycle of test Prop ???
  4. I don't like the term bell end HAHAHA i prefer arsehole lol, Yeah was gutted but car is back today after being fixed. Yeah but i could have increase weight over the week LOL
  5. Well as i said last week, My diet went to s**t so lost 1lb which im pissed about, No point running gear if your not going to gain muscle ffs. Had a cheeky sunday night session which i did rear delts and calfs as these are lagging. Today i had a very good chest session, Did a new PB on DB's @ 42kg x 8 reps. Was well chuffed Food is back on point today.
  6. Gutted he he he
  7. Hope you dont have aids mate LOL
  8. Had a brill arm session yesterday, Strength is starting to go through the roof Today was legs and again so much stronger than when i started and legs are going to be sore for a few days LOL. Food this week has gone to s**t, Loads of it but just loads of crap, Ill start over next week.
  9. @Disclosure Likes guys banging a nut out on his face if that helps
  10. As the Isrealie's said, To beat a terrorist, You have to be a terrorist. Its that simple
  11. Back session was very good yesterday, Did not do the DL's that i wanted but did rack pulls instead working up to 100kg, Nothing special but slowly improving. One thing to note is my sciatic is playing up today, Defo need to get back on the CBD oil as it helped a lot with inflammation So today's is going to be arms WOOP WOOP got to love a good arm day
  12. Shoulders and biceps were killed off yesterday with some good weight moved, Defo getting stronger by the day woop woop. Today is back day so going to try and do 100kg DLs and see how the back feels, If still night right ill drop the DL for rack pulls.
  13. HERE WE GO AGAIN hahahahaha
  14. Your a lucky f**k mate, Defo not coming down to london now with wife for you to cook us a meal, You will run off with the wife HAHAHA. ACTUALLY HANG ON A SEC HHMMMM FREEEEEEDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOM