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  1. No idea mate. She not my prep coach as said before she just helping me as I progress. I like doing most things myself as I love to learn what works and does not. These are all my targets. She just keeps me in check and I update her as and when and if all good that great if not we change. But as it stands everything is going well. Bar the usual prep issues. Tired. Lack of energy. So on and so forth I'm doing ok just got to keep grinding. How's everything going your end @Tricky
  2. Well today marks a mile stone for myself. Down to 189.6lb so down 20lb now. My aim now is to get into the 70s. LET'S DO THIS
  3. Yet you buy ateriods with f**k all research then come on here asking why your not Phil heath in 4 days. STOP TAKING stuff you have no idea about until your educated on the subject. It's people like yourself who give gear a bad name
  4. NNAAAAA everyone is talking crap, Your gonna die
  5. As sen as said looks good, Test is high and E is in range
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Age 16 Intelligence 0
  7. Just done BP 110/64 with a pulse of 62, And hot as at work LOL.
  8. genetics
  9. Pretty sure EVERY GUY does it, And every guy with a missus will have a sneaky sniff of her as well
  10. Don't work as there not steriods
  11. Go and get it checked out ffs rather than consent posts on here, Its a BBing forum not NHS direct
  12. Same bird ???
  13. Pics or it never happened
  14. Been on constant for 2 and half weeks now, I'm actually going to have next week of the clen as for 1 I'm going to be mega busy next week with family stuff and 2 because i have started T3s today @ 25ug so gonna let my body calm down a little. Was 190.9 this AM bud, Down 18lb now averaging a 2.25lb lose a week so happy with that, Getting a lot of comments on how lean i'm looking, Just need to get to that next stage now. Cals have been lowered slightly but not religiously as i have also increase cardio by a extra 15 mins, And doing gym 2 x instead of trying to squeeze everything into one session, s**t for family life but wife's ok with it and understands why. Bar being hungry and tired i have one issue that i'm not happy about and its a feeling of a slight faint feeling in body after a heavy session or cardio that continues for a while after "Another reason im have a week of the clen" Could be a few thing like the training while dieting, Tren, Clen or a compo of them all and not enough sleep.