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  1. Good lad, You need to be kept on the straight and narrow hehehe.
  2. Which is what i aim to do
  3. Yeah i'm good mate, Hows the missus or you replace again hehehehehe
  4. woooo Paul posts on my thread hehehe "Giddy"
  5. Fox or cat
  6. Weight this AM 203.9 Food for yesterday was 2428cal - P 272g - C 152g - F 86g Yesterday ended up doing arms was a great session with Ria, Shae is happy with the way things are going, I'm the same just wish the scales said different even though im defo leaner, Pants are loser, Tops are baggier and in general everything loser. I'll be with my training partner today doing shoulders "Cant wait". Food for today is 2391cal P 314g - C 153g - F63g
  7. Same but i'm defo getting leaner, Vasularity coming on more and more, Not sure if its the extra test no idea. I have just dropped the cals a little. As we discussed a while ago i lose very fast but last time that was 2000cal, Obv i'm doing minimal cardio at mo as iv just started to add that now. Also just changed training set up to a new setup.
  8. Weight this AM 203.3 Had a lack of appetite yesterday and was struggling to get food in and ended up eating really late, Not good as would have had food sat in belly all night. The back session Ria has set out for me was brutal but loved it. Food for yesterday was 2343Kcal - P 301g - C 154g - F 61g Today is either arms or shoulders, Will see what Ria wants me to do.
  9. I appreciate your help along with everyone else and not saying your wrong, Just i have a plan and quite happy with the direction all is going so as it stands. I need to learn for myself anyways.
  10. Its a month mate
  11. I think i should clear a few things up, I'm not paying her for prep just training and keep and eye on whats going on, I pay £100 for 4 sessions "Once a week" I'm quite happy with the direction all is going and she helping to keep me going the way i need to.
  12. I have to agree
  13. My routine of the week is, Shoulder/Tri - Chest/Bi - Legs - Back - Arms through out the week so i go of how i feel during the weeks so what ever is the least sore is what i hit, I don't have a set day for a certain work out. I just make sure everything is worked through out the week. My coach has got me some work outs but currently updating them to a new work outs.
  14. I'm thinking another 20lb mate, Still got just under 16 weeks so plenty of time yet