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  1. Training still going very well, Really liking my progress, got stronger in a few lift so thats good. Diet is still very good
  2. Very strange one, Weighed myself and put on 3lb over the week LOL, Meant to be losing a few pounds ready for my holiday in feb not putting it on, Clean diet at around 3k is building me LOL
  3. Chest yesterday was very good, Feeling at all ready so tonight i'll be in bits. Food still going down well which is nice, End of this week im gonna reduce my cals to around 2500 for a little bit of a cut before my holiday in Feb, This along with extra cardio should see we well. Today i'm thing back or shoulders
  4. Had a really good arm session last night, All i can say is gym was RAMMED and all the newbies need to naff off LOL
  5. Welcome back @Keeks Looking forward to your updates, All the best hun
  6. Its impossible to racist against white people due to WHITE PRIVILEGE FFS
  7. My wife would let me go but i don't think she would be to thrilled, I have done plenty of lads weekends away and night out with the lads. Both 30 and been together since we were 17 so a long time, I think i'd be more worried about her going away TBH "Punching above my weigh" and i'm a arse so plenty of "Nice lads" about
  8. Yesterday i did shoulders was another good session and today i did arms, Diet is still on point WOOP WOOP. Body is getting sore now as recovery has slowed due to being clean LOL
  9. Yep, Whoopie do, If it was a adult i can understand, But a 2 year old that repeatedly kept being woke up caked in blood its just not on
  10. My son needed a op on his face to have a growth removed from his face, Got seen by GP very fast so no problem there, Got referred and had to wait for a letter for appointment, Letter came a week later "Should note this was beginning of Oct" phoned for an appointment and was told 5th Jan, I was in shock, Was told to go back to GP which i did, He was not happy when i saw him as it's down as urgent, My GP got his sec to email them direct and try and sort, 2 weeks pass and i get another letter, Phone up once again and guess what NO APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE but was given the choice of 2 hospitals to await an appointment, And once again told to go back to GP. Once again he was not happy, Finally got appointment for beginning of December, Had his op on the 23rd Dec, Was back in today for his stitches out and need to go back again next week for a check up then in 4 weeks for biopsy results. The service once being sorted was fantastic BUT trying to get my lad sorted was a total fvcking joke I should also note he was 2 years old FFS
  11. Chest is sore today from Monday Jesus Christ, Legs are gonna be killing me later or tomorrow. Today is gonna be shoulders
  12. I ask my kids to hug friends and family, More because i'm a cvnt and i know certain people hat it so i get them extra just to watch them suffer. Also keep my kids away from me for a bit longer HAHAHAHAHAH
  13. January is winning HAHAHAHA
  14. Well back in gym after Christmas/NYE and 2 bouts off illness, Did a good chest and abs session yesterday and today is gonna be legs. Diet is now back on point and clean, Currently aiming at 2700cal a day but may increase to 3k depending on how i respond as this is just under maintenance so if i can lean out ever so slightly before my bulk id be very happy.
  15. Been a crazy week so not updated, Son's been in hospital 2 x this week due to operation that he needed, That's all done now just after care, His B Day is today so had a party for him yesterday as he was meant to be having op today not Wednesday but hay ho. I have done a leg session and arms this week as well as thye chest and abs on Monday, Today is gonna be shoulders Food has been pretty good TBH, Need to keep that up and not eat to much crap over the festive period, Especially seeing as i'm off after today till the 3rd "1st time since i was serving" so gonna feel weird. Going to weigh myself today as last time i was 91kg/200.5lb other week, Feel i'm around the same Strength is starting to go back up after illness but feel a little weak is some areas.