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  1. So you'll be starving after ghrp6 so you'll need to eat 15 mins after. Needles......you'll need 1ml insulin needles for sub q shots. I don't live in Uk but I hand my used needles into a pharmacy in a needle bin i get from them. On work out days....I would take your shot straight after training. Then wait 15mins and eat. Think I covered everything you asked
  2. Good call. I love sticking to the basics.
  3. Didn't know med tech did peptides too.
  4. I thought you ordered from www.peptidesuk.com The .co site looks a bit ropey. Didn't even like loading properly on my phone or laptop here. Sounds like a dodgy site to be honest. The .co sounds and looks weird. Like tgey are trying to get customers only through typos in the address bar. Good luck getting your money back.....thats what id try and do!!
  5. Any bottle cap can be used man. Depends on tve company if they are going to colour code or not
  6. So what's your question??
  7. Personally I would stay away from any company that advertises the human use of products like Ukpeptides as they are damaging to the industry as a whole. It's obviously a way to win more customers but giving a complete guide on how to inject peptides follows by "for research use only" isn't fooling anybody. You only have to see what happened to the us market after foolish companies adopted the same methods: http://www.fda.gov/IC­ECI/CriminalInvestiga­tions/ucm451029.htm I think whoever runs Ukpeptides needs to think seriously about how they operate their company
  8. You're going to get lots of different answers. I like peptidesuk.com as I'm happy with results. Ive never had a package lost (important for me as im not Uk based) etc etc. Others willbhave their preference. Much like gear
  9. Nobody should want sides. Bloods tests show real gh. Sides mean something is wrong with the drug, dosage etc etc
  10. https://www.medisave.co.uk/consumables-general-supplies/injection-infusion/needles-syringes.html
  11. Why not try another source? Or buy new bac water to see if that works? Hope it works out
  12. By awesome you mean "painfully awesome" in a good way. Haha. First time I took it was in my biceps and I thought they were going to explode. Hahahaha. I was prepared the next time. Ha
  13. True. I've had issues with other sources. Sometimes re delivery as I'm not Uk based. I've no issue with peptides.com and and happy with my results. Just started back on there yesterday following from a break. I forgot how much ghrp6 makes me hungry. Haha. You'll get lots of opinions man. Much like gear
  14. Thanks a million
  15. Thanks. Appreciate the comment. Anyone that may have used some?