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  1. @Pscarb Hi Paul....can you do my prep diet and drug protocol for free please??!!! ?
  2. CTS isn't a sign of good gh. It's been said a billion times......just a side effect. Not something you should ve happy about.
  3. It's the same with everything though I think. My generation are mostly lazy and will do anything for a quick fix.....but I digress!! Funny thing about the pictures though. Ha
  4. Well that's offensive. Hahahahahaha
  5. I don't know man. I go hypo at 6iu with 15g carbs per iu. I'm just very sensitive. Have had numerous conversation with my GP and it seems I'm just very sensitive. Even getting to 20iu would be a nightmare for me and that's when everything is perfect!! Totally agree with looking at all other aspects first though.
  6. When I was doing something similar I did mod grf and ghrp in one shot into belly fat and the other two individually near the site needed. Others don't like that many shots though
  7. I take it before bed as I sometimes feel nauseous and get hot flushes. No need to monitor food
  8. Don't know what you know so impossible to say if you missed anything. That said, I've ran it a few times with no issue
  9. I loved it and it helped previoud injuries along with tb500. I used peptidesuk.com and not the .co site
  10. Well now I'm dying to know. Haha
  11. I always did sub q using a 1ml insulin pin. Always amazes me when people fork out mad money for gh and not know the very basics.
  12. Hahahahahahaha. This made me laugh. No offence Ivan but it's been done. Don't waste your time. Paul's one is all anyone needs to get going!
  13. The .co one is fake or "less legit" in my eyes. Although you draw up curious parallels to purepeptides there. Anyone know about this??
  14. That's fu**ing odd. Do purepeptides sell under both sites? And are the prices the same?
  15. That's odd as f**k. The exact same?? Can you post pics?