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  1. Ahhh good old chicken tartare! Always helps with a good cut/clearout
  2. It doesn't count when its with yourself you know??
  3. I was referring to external plaster/ rendering my friend worked for RR valenting their cars he used to apply a coating for a small fortune and recently did my car it's really good, makes it so easy to wash. Nothing sticks to it now for long
  4. It may have a cast lintel in place? Best thing to do is chisle off the plaster on the outside to check for the home owners, or at least put a couple of acros in. They will thank you in the long run and you can't put a price on saving A life! Well spotted though, god only knows what else @Heavyassweights may have missed. It's lucky your cars buffed up so well or all of these defects would have been missed
  5. The last thing they will want is water ingress! Can have catastrophic effect on the ceilings and plasterboard walls. They're lucky @Heavyassweights spotted this early on!
  6. I have never seen a sunthol thread on UKM tbh
  7. I noticed the same to! What a complete loser! Thats said I have NEVER seen synthol for sale before? Where do you get iI from, not that I actually want it just curious really
  8. I once thought of learning to do it...... but its so fcuking boring! I can get my detailed for £70 in Scunthorpe so just use them
  9. Let's just say @Skye666 isn't as innocent as she makes out! You remember 2 girls 1 cup right?
  10. Ok this isn't exactly a food unless your making council grade mint sauce. But... reputable brand toothpaste costs nothing, so why the hell would anyone decide to save 70p and opt for own brand stuff? Has anyone here ever used it? My god it's like someone taking a minty dump in your gob
  11. Sounds expensive for a 2013 e250! Especially if it's had a knock.... personally? Keep looking https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282482062943
  12. You guys clearly have too much time on your hands if your toasting the bun separately, I don't even put it on a plate. Leave it in th plastic tray thing which melts down and practically forms a plate anyway
  13. What???? They're not chavvy they're a cornerstone of every child's upbringing!
  14. Yeh I have to admit, I really doubt microwaveable doner kebabs are Michelin star quality haha times have to be hard when you CHOOSE to buy/steal that crap....
  15. Thing is, you know when your knocking as the octane rating is lower for diesel that's why they don't need a spark plug and just use compression ignition. I think if you decide to keep driving despite serious knocking and lack of power you deserve your engine to pack in