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  1. I have some major contacts who have hooked me up with a box of the EXACT required dimensions! i can get one of my drivers to overnight it to you
  2. 350! I need this man! I got the money here I can bank transfer or PayPal immediately
  3. 4th and it will be a fair fight me thinks. AJ will be a little cautious round 1 and early round 2. Late round 2 AJ will land a barrage on klitscho which will rock him. Round 3 confidence is up, he works him over good style and early round 4 TKO when klitscho can't get himself up off the canvas.
  4. Fcuking hell that thing must have some range! 58" barrel lol
  5. Well, I did t expect to see this chap when I scrolled down! Haha Fonzie! I still remember that shite on tv when I was a kid "Sunday, Monday happy days"
  6. Is that from Aldi or Lidl mate? Hahaha
  7. Can't believe I've only just seen this! It's the exact one I have been after! I'll give you 200?
  8. Every cloud has a silver lining eh?
  9. Cuz I'm a welder, I have to have a case on. Welding spatter melts into the screen then rusts so ends up looking well shite
  10. Moscow is an extremely affluent city, any affluent city will be filled with hotties. A dump like Glasgow won't have. So you can't compare good cities with shite ones.
  11. 82% match?? Must be right up your street
  12. Your right.... it WOULD have been had you not destroyed it lol
  13. Dont get 'mad gainz' either