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  1. Well... at least you know your tren is legit.
  2. When did you order? I've had a few orders from him, sometimes delayed, but I always got my stuff. (So far.. still waiting on the last order)
  3. Just to clarify: Do you only do 2 sets per exercise, or did you mean that you use the first 2 sets to measure progress?
  4. I've never ever had that problem. Maybe you didn't push the needle on hard enough?
  5. Hope he's not in jail. Kind of makes you feel bad for them; everybody hates lawyers, accountants, and drug dealers, until you have one working for you, and then they're like mercenaries, fighting the system for you. Tragic when one goes down.
  6. Hmm well that's bad news then. Can you still buy it there and take it home with you in your suitcase?
  7. Pop a Letro a day for 3-4 days, you'll dick will die and won't see the light of day for months.
  8. Here ya go mate, this will sort you out:
  9. Show him pictures of STD infections and make him watch a video of a woman giving birth.
  10. Must have pressed the "enhance" button..
  11. @Disclosure You're not really doing yourself any favours by starting these threads of the nature "I did something morally questionable, what do you guys think, is it OK?" Do you like to be mocked?
  12. Reminds me of a Brazilian woman I met while on a trip to Scotland. She was alone in the bar, and after a single drink and a quick dance went back to my hotel room. Crazy body, she even had scars from where she'd had breast reduction surgery (the scars look different from enhancement scars). Anyway, she told me how she used to be a poor struggling law student in Brazil, and made ends meet by table dancing.. then she started seeing some of the clients privately.. and then one day she met a wealthy guy that offered to take care of her, pay all her tuition and expenses, and so she married him. A few years later, he's moved her to the UK, where she can't practice law, and then goes off on business trips. She gets bored, takes off her wedding ring and hits the local bars in search of younger cock. Knowing all this, I honestly didn't feel that bad. She was out to get laid, if I hadn't done it someone else would have. The moral of the story is, you can buy a woman but you can't buy her loyalty...
  13. So is Kai Greene not that weird in real life?
  14. I have/had a source in Thailand, ordered from him a few times, a bit slow but eventually got my stuff. This time he's taken payment back in December, and still hasn't delivered. Every week or so he sends an email saying things about corruption in Thailand, and the post being down, and the police/customs seizing shipments, and that he'll send it tomorrow... Obviously it sounds like BS, but I just want to know if anyone knows what the situation is like it Thailand and if this sounds legit..