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  1. What's wrong with wearing nice clothes at the gym? If you wear nice clothes everywhere else, why not at the gym?
  2. I firmly stand by my previous comment.. what you said was stupid and every time you post something, you come across as even more stupid fella... sorry but that is the truth... stop it.. for the love of God stop being so fvcking stupid.... STOP spreading absoluet BS when you haven't got a single clue about the subject you moron... whenever you showed an ounce of intelligence in your reply, you can come back and have a debate with me.. did your brain malfunction or something?!?!
  3. I'm getting bored of you. Your posts are just an incoherent collection of random insults. I could write a script that makes posts for you. Actually, here, I did write a script, it took me 2 minutes, writes just like you:
  4. Yea I mostly do contracting work nowadays. I agree with you on finding other people, I don't really enjoy trips that much when I'm on my own, and I'm the type that can just walk into a hostel and make friends.
  5. Nobody should be proud of their "intelligence". If you are, it means you have no real achievements in your life.
  6. Cheers mate. Wher did you go in Asia? Did you live like the locals?
  7. The main route is basically a long staircase, you could bring the wife and kids. I did it wearing a pair of £30 Shoes I got from sports direct, and a normal jacket with a couple sweaters.
  8. It's less relevant but not "completely irrelevant".
  9. I don't feel very "schooled". Even if I wanted to believe you, I can't because you haven't provided any factual information to back up your arguments -- when asked you simply got upset and resorted to insults.
  10. I don't see a single intelligent statement from you buddy. All I see is insults. Spewing insults is a poor form of argument.
  11. Be careful, he's going to come back with an earth-shattering response about how you're wrong and stupid.
  12. I work out in the morning so even if it goes south, at least the shitty part of my day is over...
  13. Again, your arguments are entirely of the type "I'm right and you're wrong because you're stupid". I've never seen any video on youtube that shows Trump hating women. If you have anything to back up that ridiculous claim please show it. It's also fascinating that you come up with a list of qualifications that you think a president should have, and then you say Obama is a good president because he is "cool".
  14. I see a distinct lack of intelligible arguments here. Saying "you're wrong and stupid" is not a very effective form of debate. How does someone with no charisma get 63 million votes? Where is this recorded and published proof of hatred of women? Do you have a link?
  15. I think you're just upset that he doesn't like muslims. No president relies on his own knowledge for any trivial things like "geography". A geography expert can be hired for 50K a year. The job of the president is primarily a management job, someone who directs various experts, and an experienced businessmen has all of the exact experience necessary for this. He has plenty of charisma; where do his supporters come from otherwise? And the hating women nonsense is just retarded.