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  1. OK, I'm with you on landscape and low crime rate (although muslim immigration is quickly changing that). I'm not sure if you can just get a longer lifespan by moving to a place with a longer average lifespan; I'm not sure it works that way. Pay and education mean nothing to me as I'm self employed. If anything, lower pay means my money goes farther, in terms of hiring people, women, etc.
  2. Why Nordic countries? Theyre full of cucks, cold, and expensive.
  3. Nobody mentioned Eastern Europe? I'm taking a trip around Poland-Ukraine-Russia soon, to see if it's viable for staying long-term.
  4. Made an awful quality video by strapping an iPhone to a drone..I think I did a terrible job because it vibrates like hell. I need to get a proper camera. Still, here's a view of Oxford:
  5. Disregard my previous statement about computer power supplies, they don't have a -12v, only 0 and +12. Ive used a few of these chinese made power supplies, I got a 12v one that I abused the f**k out of and it still works fine: They come in 6v, 12v, and 24v, and you can get them from 1 amp for 5.99 to 20amp for 35.00. Next day delivery on amazon prime too.
  6. Honestly it's much easier to fly indoors due to lack of wind. Just be calm and gentle. Most people panic with the throttle and end up hitting the ceiling and then dropping it. See if you can make it hover a couple feet off the ground.
  7. Doesn't matter. Restaurants would rather have you take the food and go away.
  8. she wants to have "toned" tits?
  9. f**kers don't even listen when I explain it to them. I tell them don't touch the bar unless I'm right about to die, and they still want to get in there and help anyway. Nowadays I just bench in the squat rack with the pins up when I want to go heavy.
  10. Here's a quick video of mine in action
  11. I have a couple drones, I started with the cheapest one on amazon, the Syma X5C, which is £35, I figured I'd give it a go for the price of a dinner out. Then I upgraded to a Bugs 3, it cost £120 or so, and it's fu**ing amazing. It's got a 300-500 meter range, although I've not really tried it that far. I've flown it to where I can just barely see it, and got it to come back safely. It's very powerful, sounds like a jet taking off, very fast, and can carry a camera up to 250g. Two often overlooked things to look for in a drone are operating range and battery life. Also don't shell out hundreds/thousands of pounds for a top of the line one before practicing on a cheap one.
  13. Leave steak out til it's room temperature. Put a pan on the hob, turn it up to max. Add some rock salt. Wait for pan to heat up. Add steak. Wait 90 seconds. Flip steak. Wait 90 seconds. Serve.
  14. Mate aren't you a millionaire, why not just get a second fibre optic internet for the man cave, leave the messy wiring work to the peasants.
  15. Send the females to the cave and use the house for yourself.