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  1. I make all of these noises when I lift my cock.
  2. Mood is a funny thing and everyone will respond differently in that regard. But for me, my first cycle I just ran Nolva and I started it two weeks in and immediately started feeling weird and depressed in the mornings. At some point I upped the dose from 20 to 40mg/day and I was totally f**ked; depressed and anxious.
  3. It's just wax buildup, sometimes you get water or something in there and it moves the wax about and it gets blocked. The blockage can also contribute to the ringing Go to your GP and get it syringed, they have a machine that shoots water in it and cleans it out. You might be able to get it done by a nurse which would have a shorter wait time. But they'll tell you to put ear drops in your ear for a week. So you might as well start now. You can use olive oil as well it works quite well. Just put a few drops in 2-3 times a day. Softens the wax so it comes out easy. I have narrow ear canals do I have to get it done once a year or so.
  4. I do, yeah it's good stuff. I used to have a big problem with gyno, I'd get it every cycle. Nolvadex made me feel weird and depressed. Aromasin on its own wasn't enough, I was always either underdosing it and getting gyno or overdosing it and getting lethargic. Nowadays on cycle I run 12.5 mg EOD (or 6.25mg ED) aromasin and 30-60mg raloxifene ED and I'm fine.
  5. 6 weeks of Letro at 2.5mg/day? Jesus that's rough. How do you feel? After 3-4 weeks of Letro I gambled away £40,000 just out of sheer depression. Should have just gotten the surgery. My dick was floppy for months afterward.
  6. I dunno. My avi is about 6 weeks into my first cycle, at 300mg test.
  7. I was only on 300mg/week though ;P
  8. Exactly, like when I started taking gear I had one woman tell me "You look so muscular, but it doesn't look over the top like those people who take steroids". I didn't tell her that I look exactly like a steroid user..
  9. So, essentially they are loss leaders. Interesting.
  10. That's very interesting. My dad used to say, skip lunch, have some water beforehand to clear out the way and open up space, never take any rice or bread, load up on the meats. I wonder how the maths works for pizza though. I used to go to pizza hut lunch buffet, £4.99 all you can eat, I'd only eat the pizza bits and ignore the crusts. I'd have a mountain of crusts filling up an entire plate when I was done. Surely they can't be making money on that.
  11. Yeah women say the same about muscles. I think they mean, if it looks outrageously freaky they don't like it.
  12. Is the seller bigdaddyste ?
  13. I have a question, can I send cheques in by fax?
  14. It's the same with international wire transfers. It takes 5-10 working days and they charge £25 - £50 for it. I understand that's how it worked back in the days when someone had to take a horse to the telegraph station to deliver a message, but nowadays sending money between banks should be as complicated as sending an email. It shouldn't take 2 weeks ffs.