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  1. Right so, it's the start of week 7 now. I had a shoulder injury a couple weeks ago so took it easy, just doing volume work for the last 2 weeks. It seems to be better now, I just did 110kg for 5 reps on the bench press without any issues. Gains have stalled for the last 2 weeks though, so I'm just going all out for a final 3 weeks, and ending the cycle after 10 weeks: I've added Superdrol at 20mg/day I've lowered the tren dosage to 200mg (sleep and appetite problems are starting to interfere.) I've dropped Deca and replaced it with NPP just to make things simpler when I come off; I'll do 300mg this week while the deca is still hanging around, and 500mg the last 2 weeks. Weight was 74.2 kg this morning. Abs chunky but still visible. I'll be happy if I put on another 1-2 kg in the next 3 weeks. I'll post some pictures at the end..
  2. @DappaDonDave carrying 50kg of "onions" home...
  3. The male powerlifters I see, either look like they don't lift, or look like sumo wrestlers. The female ones look like textbook lesbian feminists, a couple even have blue hair.
  4. Hey buddy welcome to the site! Don't worry about your English, most of us can barely read or write.
  5. Leg press is risky, lots of weight and many things can go wrong. I tore my adductor last year doing 310kg leg press with full ROM. Nowadays I just do 240 for reps.
  6. I think it's a good thing as it highlights the insanity of the situation.
  7. Once you accept it, it feels terrible at first but then you start to find new meaning in things you enjoy. Whereas before your life was devoted to scoring points for an afterlife, and the more points you have the harder it is to quit the game. When you do, it feels empty and meaningless. Most people just can't take it.
  8. There is comfort in rituals. Also some people can't really wrap their heads around the idea that there's nothing after death, they want to believe there is something else beyond their boring lives.
  9. I wonder if minorities such as the LGBQT community are sufficiently represented in their diversity.
  10. Because it's very hard to accept that you've been believing a lie. You'd have to believe that your mother was wrong, your father was wrong, and that all of the years of sexual frustration you've endured are for nothing, and you're not getting virgins when you die, and that cute honey you could have f**ked but decided not to is never coming back...
  11. @Haunted_Sausage, get in here, I think people want to hear the story of your toes falling off again...
  12. This thread is gold. How did it go, @never-say-never? Did you build the machine?
  13. I can't believe I missed that thread, lol. I came up with a perpetual motion device powered by magnets... when I was 7. I also came up with a wind-powered airplane, which is great because when a plane flies there is loads of "wind" it can use. By the time I was 8 or 9 I understood why it wouldn't work. @never-say-never You seem like an OK guy, albeit a bit crazy. You keep embarrassing yourself with these Trump arguments though. You did it once before, in the thread where you got angry and posted a dick pic:
  14. Whatever gets you there buddy...
  15. Why were you zooming in on an old woman's arsehole?