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  1. snake
  2. what an exciting life you must lead op
  3. of course he does, why you think hes so bald.
  4. he put photos up in his dnp log.
  5. I've used both, I felt it was the same but you get more for your money so the tub lasted longer.
  6. ford Capri ghia
  7. ive used them and they seemed ok although never used oxys before so not sure how they would be compared to other brands.
  8. cheers mate, ill take a look.
  9. items been removed, let me know what its called so I can search for it. Thanks.
  10. you need to fvck more, gotta fvck a lot on tren.
  11. thats ok mate, just put up some before and after photos
  12. you must have stuffed your face silly, be honest, what was your starting bodyfat and whats your bodyfat at now,?
  13. all babies do is eat, sleep and s**t when first born, any kind of play doesnt come into it.
  14. I wondered where vegmuscle had got to.
  15. probably got searched cos your black op.