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  1. imo you wont notice that much difference tbh. I started lower with 75mg 3x week, finished up at 100mg eod, didn't see much difference personally. Start lower you can allways up the dose, if your trens good then low doses will still give good results.
  2. never used prop but would expect it would work for that as well.
  3. ive run ace 3 times a week and eod, no noticable difference between the two apart from less pins but upto you.
  4. im guessing its like a corset but i could be wrong, personally would give it a miss.
  5. buy a fvcking goat, pretty certain they pretty much give them away at the local farmers market.
  6. never used to ever aspirate, never had a problem. Although do sometimes aspirate now because as someone else said requires little effort. Never manage to aspirate delts though, too tricky for me.
  7. just do the fvcking tren mate, gf will soon shut up once your fvcking her silly each and every minute of the day.
  8. 75kmg eod would work just fine or even 100mg 3xweek. Looks like a nice cycle tbf, not sure you'll need that much ai, apart frm that I would possibly run it longer, pct as someone said can be started sooner due to the short esters.
  9. i guess it would be bad if you had a gluten intolerance.
  10. i used some of their ace last year, was fine.
  11. is this the same Apollo that rebranded as sigma ?
  12. for my multivit i get the alpha men from mp when they have half price or better sale on. everything else i get from ebay or amazon.
  13. i do them after rows.
  14. skyr is soooo fvcking overated. we have one of those, meals are pretty good.
  15. gentech t300 was fine when I used it but that was from about a year ago. Also used their tren a last year and that was fine also. Cant comment on the other labs as haven't used them but a couple of them on that list dont have much of a reputation from what I see.