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  1. so you almost said something to the postman and you class that as shocking and in appropriate sexual behaviour? get a grip ffs.
  2. alpha men from mp, get it when its half price. I take vit d at 5000mcg, one a day.
  3. yeah, this will definately help your stomach function as its sposed to.
  4. using lifeplan ones from ebay but was using quest ones from Holland and Barrett, both worked for me.
  5. you need to up the tren and stop bitching.
  6. cycle looks fine, id probably run the tren 100mg Mon,weds, Fri. 300mg week will be plenty op and make for a nice tren cycle. Some people like lower test but entirely upto you, cycle will be good either way.
  7. your post is retarded op, doesn't even make sense.
  8. i ran tren ace last year, planned to run for 6 weeks ended up at around 14-16 weeks in the end, only side effect was awesomeness.
  9. digestive enzymes have sorted all tren stomach problems for me.
  10. try digestive enzymes mate, solved all my stomach problems on tren.
  11. I have some of the winny but haven't used it yet.
  12. personally out of that list I would use any but prostasia or occculus. Prostasia have a bad rep and occulis I haven't heard much about.
  13. lol, spelling and gear was ok when I used it. But wasn't recent. Thinking maybe labs are just mugging you yanks off with bunk gear cos you said you had a few bunk labs now.
  14. I used loads of there t300 from about a year or so ago and it was fine. Also used the tren a last summer and that was good as well. Couldnt say what there current batches are like though.