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  1. thinking about an EQ/Bold cycle, was thinking of running it at 400-500mg with test at anywhere from 3-600mg week, how does this sound, worthwhile cycle or waste of time?
  2. I love a squirter.
  3. the tren e is the same, no pip, 5th week in and working nicely, physique is changing.
  4. up the dose, usually fixes most problems.
  5. probably tren or npp.
  6. looked like he really showed that bus whose boss.
  7. you can never win with these fvckers, if the police come they will take their side cos they've been instructed by the court to get the money or seize goods.
  8. go for it, start asap and don't look back. Enjoy.
  9. there's a couple of guys that done it on here, @Yes was one and some other guy who used to post but cant remember his username. Think it involves a syringe and some rubber tubing, just make sure you don't pass out and continue to bleed out and die.
  10. never heard that, ive read in a couple of places that tren slows digestion, kills gut flora, interferes with the stomach producing digestive enzymes & something about it having an effect on the pancreas, i have no idea how much of it is true but it definately interferes with something. In the meantime im taking digestive enzymes, trying to keep my meals smaller, keep fat intake lower and get a decent amount of fruit , veg in to keep things moving but not so much that it bloats me more.
  11. i think that could be your problem there mate.
  12. you forgot to add acting like a pussy on your list of symptoms
  13. ive felt bloated and at times my stomach has felt uncomfortable and felt sick a couple of times on my current tren e cycle. never seemed to have this problem when i ran tren a but my calories are a bit higher this time round.
  14. your tren will start working straight away although it could be a couple of weeks before you notice it in the gym. Id doubt either of them will be bunk either so stop worrying and enjoy the cycle.