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  1. This forum ain't big enough for two Natty Steve'o's
  2. Why the f**k does anyone want to go to Europe ? Even asylum seekers don't want to stay in Europe. They want free money, health care and council house in UK
  3. You need to get your facts right He fought at 220 lbs @ 5' 10" 178cm I'm 5' 10.5" and 16 stone around the 15% mark which has been built naturally. His stats are easily attainable for a top athlete who's has the best training and diet techniques.
  4. Nothing like stirring the pot though
  5. Are you for real fella? I think they should both give you a good hiding for looking to cause trouble. Doing this s**t IRL will get you into bother matey. I have a sneaking suspicion that this thread might just backfire on you
  6. A puppy ain't just for bitches
  7. Told ya
  8. Cos hes a cvnt
  9. Man city Chelsea Liverpool Everton
  10. Colour don't bother me mate, diesel is diesel. I ain't no racist.... Just having a laugh mate.
  11. Half fill it with diesel to clean injectors as per @MickeyE 's mechanic
  12. I think they run on coal !
  13. Yeah marrrnnn Fandabbydosey
  14. It will become a collectors item when wee Jimmy Krankie gets her way. She likes this one...