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  1. PS: No offence to puffer fish
  2. I think he's sexy just the way he is.... Only a poncy type would go to such lengths to pull some ol slapper. Real women like real men. So don't be surprised when you pull some superficial bint who looks like a horror show in the raw that takes a fortnight to get ready in the morning. Taking an age to throwing all of that false crap on their bracket! False tits, false teeth, false eye lashes, glass eye, false leg, false tan, with a face like a frightened puffer fish, But hey sheeee looks really hot right? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. perception is projection! If you are so insecure about yourself then go for it...! Grow old gracefully mate. The male face as it ages shows character and life experience, coupled with a good physiques is a turn on for younger mid 20s and middle aged women.
  3. I only ever have them once like that... afterward they are broken!
  4. I like rain and thunder, It keeps the dust down
  5. Looks looks like mouses ears...
  6. Should get life
  7. I've Scratched them plenty but I can't bend enough to sniff em!
  8. Dose not look like the best cut of meat I have ever seen! Looks horrid, fatty and grisly.
  9. Great Britain used to rule most of the world because we had 18" guns and were not scared to use em!
  10. Meltdown Chill... I only asked... The guy who detonated the bomb was "British" Living in a civilised affluent part of the world. Faith/religion has no ethnic or genetic preference. If your an easily lead, gullible and of weak mind then that's what you are! This was a faith terror attack.
  11. I'm not pointing any fingers mate just reading between the lines...I could well be coming up with 40. Its just the way some of your posts read. I don't follow you with the Gumbo remark matey. Are you of Muslim faith?
  12. delete... quoted wrong person
  13. Slagging the British and condoning the terror attack! Your doing well. I take it you yourself are Muslim?
  14. They say genius and madness are a very close thing! You will find the right one one day Unfortunately not.. its a curse I have to live with.