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  1. Fixed
  2. No... that was a fallacy mate!
  3. Nooo
  4. Dunno mate...
  5. What has this got to do with peds?
  6. You on to something blue?
  7. I got two just in case I got brought back to life....
  8. Can't argue
  9. LOl You won me over...
  10. Yeah marrnn... don't want to burn myself out for when I up the weight for my working set
  11. Just messing brother, do whats right for you. Good going, Its all about progressive overload with time and consistency I can only bench 130 for sets of 12
  12. The amount of energy he has put into it, you would think he would have got some of it back by now PMSL
  13. Don't cut, Build...! This is a body building forum NOT weight watchers.
  14. A unicorn having a s**t. i DIDN'T KNOW UNTIL THAT DAY, UNICORN s**t IS RAINBOW COLOURED