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  1. Rip.
  2. Sounds good. Will save me money too that's always a plus
  3. Did you loose that kind of puffy when hot type s**t? It's only my left and it's pretty minimal and mostly shows when I'm hot in the evenings lol.
  4. Running at trt test Using nova at 40mg Armidex 0.5 eod Is working very well was wondering should I up my game to 60mg nova So nolva 60 40 40 then when is better down to 20 for a while then 10 then titty freedom? What ya think?
  5. People like this need putting down for there dumb ass actions. What you think should be done with this idiot? Warning gross video contains graphic scene's steamed via Facebook live. https://m.liveleak.com/view?i=75a_1500949597
  6. Asked God if was alright he say yeh
  7. Cause you made yourself into a bitch and lost your alpha. You'll have to do a bunch of alpha s**t to undo your bitchness. Going be hard work cause you sadly became a submissive bitch. I'd personally suggest. Fuk hoes but be alpha as Fuk maybe slap em about a bit. Take steroids I dunno can't be bothered going gym cause I didn't loose my alpha but i did try bang a trannie other day but couldn't nut but this didn't effect my alpha because I don't care but if it bummed me alpha would of been lost.
  8. Well i just woke up and poped an Anna and dianna with a half limp mornin glory cause my natty test is low. Standing nude in the kitchen with an erection that looks like a sun dried worm i pinned some test put my vest on and go. I walk In the gym make sure not to make eye contact with the secatary cause I love her. Yea I'm big quite swloe got fairly good gains but I'm intimidated by beautiful woman one wrong look and I'll nut my grey joggers I wear cause i don't train legs. And my steroid abused spunk load so thick she'd probably here it drop out my joggers leg like a lego brick.