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  1. Speaking of Mesomorph, they are releasing a new flavor.... Snowcone. The green apple was good so I have high hopes for it.
  2. Compared to the Hi-Tech version of Jack'd Up it is stronger. Compared to the old version of Jack3d back in the day it is close. To be fair Jack3d had so many different versions. I still remember the samples being stronger than the actual product. Both were great.
  3. Mesomorph is stronger than the Jack'd Up by hi-tech. IMO.
  4. Like a couple of people mentioned already - Melatonin. http://www.samedaysupplements.com/melatonin-by-optimum-nutrition-3-mg-100-tabs.html
  5. Wicked Pre Workout By Innovative Labs.
  6. What does everyone think about the new formula for Gaspari Novedex XT? http://www.samedaysupplements.com/novedex-xt-by-gaspari-nutrition-60-caps.html
  7. You can also look into getting a stim free pre workout
  8. I love mesomorph. Just becarefuly which one you get because they do have a dmaa free version.
  9. ^^^^I pretty sure ON makes unique formulas for certain places like Costco and Walmart.
  10. Hydroxyelite is great for appetite suppressant. Been looking to try lipo 6 rx. Find a good deal on it. http://www.samedaysupplements.com/lipo-6-rx-by-nutrex-60-liqui-caps.html
  11. I prefer GAT PMP stim free. I get great pumps from Mesomorph as well.
  12. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals makes one.
  13. 5 Grams of creatine mono powder every day.
  14. GAT PMP or PSP Pre Workout
  15. Agreed. Mesomorph is great. Nitraflex is my strong number two. http://www.samedaysupplements.com/mesomorph-by-aps-nutrition-pre-workout.html