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  1. The three issues straight off the bat for me are: - Neck position. See how it's completely out of alignment with the rest of your spine as you're looking (presumably) at the mirror in front of you? Instead keep your neck neutral. This means almost looking at the floor at the start of the rep and finishing looking ahead. - Looks like you have 10 or 15kg plates on there. This is increasing the ROM on an already tough movement. Either buy yourself some bumper / training plates (where ALL of the plates are the same height / diameter as a 20kg plate) OR deadlift from raised blocks. - Using an over/under grip. Unnecessary stress on the supinated wrists biceps tendon. Get used to over/over. My advice wokld be to start with rack pulls from just below the knee. Nail down that technique and then progressively lower it so that ROM increases. Also, think of driving your elbows back toward the hips. This will tighten the lats and in turn stabilise the spine further.
  2. One of my friends owns this company: http://www.trainingtotrain.co.uk/ No idea of his rates, but he's a really nice guy, arranges to meet you 1-2-1 I think and will give you the qualification you need. Just say Adam Hayley sent you his way and he'll look after you
  3. Trained with Will Griffiths today! Some of you may remember him on here - Bad Alan. We did back: Cable Pullovers - 4 x 10-15 Barbell Bent Over Rows - worked upto a top set of 130kg x 6 and then a back off set of 115kg for 10-11 can't really remember how many lol Closed Grip Pulldowns - worked up to a top set of 12.. Then did an RP set of 9/6/4 Seated Rope Cable Rows - 3 x 15 1 Arm DB Rows - 2 x 20/14 f**ked! Doesn't look a lot on paper, but intensity was pretty high Had 3 RKT's 20min before, 1 scoop Raging full and 1.5 scoops Aminotaur during and then 2 cans of rice pudding + 50g whey PWO.
  4. Shoulders & Traps today.. DB Laterals - 6 x 15 Machine Shoulder Press - 4 x 12/12/12/9 Rear Delt Swings - 3 x 25-30 Machine Shrugs - 3 x 12 w/ 2sec pauses DB Shrugs - 2 x 8 Dips - 3 x failure with BW (between 15-20 reps per set) - these are just thrown in at the end of additional chest/triceps volume across the week) Going to drop the orals from next week, so will increase test dose slightly. This will keep total AAS dosage through the week up, whilst dropping the orals / stress on liver.
  5. Thanks mate - will aim to update more regularly now!
  6. For sure, anecdotally I get this every prep without fail. Horrible, tired but just lay there wide awake. In the end I think I end up sleeping in 30-45min sleep cycles. Sometimes I'll get up at 3am just to answer client check-ins for an hour or two and then go back to sleep.
  7. As the above two have said, I'd diet a little longer. And perhaps revise macros to something like: 40% Pro 30% Cho 30% Fat
  8. Yeah I thought Tiromel was the original pharma T3 - I just saw it was being ordered through TM (I assumed the forum for some reason.. Can you tell I don't post much on the boards anymore?!), so wondered if it was different? I guess my point is, the PEDS I mentioned above are the ones I'd be super diligent with making sure they're legit and try to avoid taking risks with.
  9. When it comes to things like T3, anti-e's and AI's - I wouldn't touch them unless legit pharmaceutical grade. Especially when in the case of T3 it's dosed in mcg - and not mg/g. Margin for error is too risky IMO.
  10. Todays session was back pump.. Rack Deads - 150 x 8 (This is one exercise I get so far on, then hips play up, so I remove it, regress it and try building it back in) Seated Cable Rows - 3 x 15/12/11 Pulldowns - 3 x 10/11/10 Cable Pullovers - 1 x 15 & 1 x 20 (Really good stretch and contraction on here) Plated Loaded 1 Arm Row Machine - 3 x 10 each arm Hammer Grip Football Bar Curls - 3 x 12/10/9 Standing Supinating DB Curls - 1 x 12 + drop set + partials Partial Chins - 1 x 17 (Complete hang from bar, flare lats as though doing a front lat spread, and just chin to 1/3 the way) Have to say, during the sessions, I don't feel I'm working that hard as I'm used to going ALL OUT for a set of 6 or whatever.. But, by the time I get home I'm knackered! End up having to have a mid-afternoon napped. So, it's doing something different!
  11. If not Aminotaur, I'd probably just go with plain EAA's from one of the bulk suppliers
  12. Interested in this, too.
  13. So this past week has been a bit crap.. Issues with our web developers etc, pretty stressful! Was in Birmingham until 2am last night with a new developer working on the site. Anywaaaay, got to the gym for a 'chest pump' session. As I think I mentioned previously, I still start my higher rep range workouts with an 'indicator' lift I use to gauge strength. Today went like this: Incl. Barbell Press - 140kg x 6 (annoyed here.. The bars in this new gym are all skinny 1" bars - for some reason this makes me so unstable!) Hammer Strength Chest Press - 2pl per side for 3 x 15/12/12 Low Incl. DB Flyes - 22kg 3 x 15/15/15 Closed Grip Bench - 80kg x 15/12/11 (I can usually CGBP 120kg comfortably.. But doing these higher rep sets has caused a huge drop off) V-Bar Pushdowns - 12/12/12 Dips - BW x 20/20/17 Got a huge pump from the session - which is the goal.. The 20mg Cialis, 50mg Anadrol, 40mg Dianabol and 50g HBCD may have helped with that
  14. Visceral fat is fat surrounding the organs. How are you planning on seeing this visually by tucking your stomach in? Unless you're either referring to sub-cutaneous fat (fat under the skin) or have X-ray vision - I think you may struggle. Distinguising between bodyfat, a hernia or bloating is quite simple. 1) Does it occur predominantly after eating? 2) Is the whole stomach distended? If yes to the above two - it's probably bloating. There's thinking outside the box, and then there's overcomplicating things and being way off the mark.
  15. Thank you for the mention! Although the website isn't finished yet, a look at the development page here will show a few of my client transformations.. Still working on getting my prep clients up there. (It tends to load funny the first time, so may have to hit refresh until they sort it). http://devptapp.connect5media.com/our-results/ Feel free to drop a PM if you'd like any info / have any questions.