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  1. You're doing all this for a shoot? Damn I hope either 1) You look the dogs bollocks 2) You're getting paid for it
  2. OK, so Leucine is one of the key amino acids involved in MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis).. But, most foods we eat already contain it in a high enough amount to ilicit a positive effect on MPS. Populations such as vegans etc often end up eating 'incomplete' proteins whereby they aren't getting a full amino acid spectrum (and possibly leucine).. This is where supplemental amino acids at meal times could come in handy. But, rather than just leucine alone, I'd be using EAA's. Which will then give you the full amount of essential amino acids. Which will drive protein synthesis further than leucine alone. Re; glutamine. Unless you're a burns victim or have a muscle wasting disease like AIDS - it won't do much for muscle growth. Although can be benificial for gut lining. I wrote an article that touched on glutamine here: http://www.rntfitness.co.uk/5-supplements-you-need-to-stop-wasting-your-money-on/ I'm also finishing one up: The Amino Acid Roundtable - that will discuss BCAA/EAA/Hydrolysed Casein etc..
  3. Do you know the reason? (Genuinely trying to educate here - rather than just say 'no don't bother' - so please don't take this as me being patronising).
  4. Before you worry about how to take it.. Can I ask why you're taking it? (Not a loaded question) Typically supplemental leucine on it's own isn't really needed (unless perhaps your vegetarian/vegan.. but even then I'd suggest supplementing with EAA's at a meal > leucine alone).
  5. Woodford Reserve Bourbon
  6. Hmm I don't think I'd have added EQ in for vascularity. 1) It's effects on vascularity are over-rated IMO. Get lean, stay full - that's the key. 2) EQ will *probably* make you retain water. Not the route I'd have gone. Take T3 until show day unless you're flattening out too quickly/ready early. If you hate clen, and you're on target - don't use it. Logic really lol
  7. 1. When do you start carbing up?? I got chatting to one guy who looked awesome at body power and he said 3 days before he starts with proper carb meals again every 3 hours. Other people have told me just sugary stuff on the day!?! It's person dependent I suppose but it's essential I get that right or risk looking flat or going in too watery and lose my veins etc. Lot's of different ways; Skiploading, frontloading, rapid backloading etc.. If this is first show and you're wanting to play it safe: 3 days out consume 2-3x your usual carb amounts (lean towards 2x unless you're v flat/handle carbs extremely well) 2 days out, decide on amount based on look/bodyweight from the previous days load 1 day out, again go based on look.. But for most I'll increase fats on this days and lower carbs. 1) You'll drop a little of the water from the carb load and 2) If you are truly lean and depleted, the. additional fats will fill out IMTG stores which can also aid in fullness. 2. What food do you use to carb up???? I don't want to do it the really dirty was with cans of coke etc but I obviously want to get the right carbs on board at the right times. Go with carbs you've used on diet.. But keep fibre somewhat low (as it ferments in the gut). White rice is usually the safest option for most. 3. What can be taken to make me more vascular and veins popping out??? Iv got rich Pianas 'full as f**k'. Cialis and Nitr-OX are what I use. BUT, I also use these throughout the diet so I know they're not going to irritate my stomach on. show day. DON'T try using a product you're not used to! Recipe for disaster. Ultimately, if you're full and have kept water in you should be vascular and full. These products are the cherry on top of the cake. 4. How does the dehydration work. Again Iv heard conflicting opinions on this. Some have said drink 8 litres a day in the weeks leading up and then just drop the water out completely for 24 hours before the show. Someone else told me to taper the water down from litres to nothing over a two week period?? Dehyration doesn't work lol. Water/sodium manipulation can work.. But dehydration doesn't. You'll end up flat as a pancake. Basically. Go into your last week f**king shredded. If it's your first show and you don't know what you're doing - leave both water and sodium alone. You're going to try and chase a 5% enhancement on your look.. But risking looking 50% worse. Oh, and IF you try anything (you shouldn't) no you don't want to taper over two weeks. The whole point of water manipulation is that you're trying to 'trick' your bodies regulation of hormones such Aldosterone. Your body regulates this super closely.. So you've a short window to do it in. Slowly tapering over 2 weeks is a sure fire way of ending up flat and NOT being vascular/full like you reference in point 4.
  8. Exactly. I don't use it. But lot's of top amateurs and pro's will use it to refine their physique. And, done correctly you shouldn't be able to tell. I do find it odd how using testosterone, insulin, GH, DNP is acceptable - but using an SEO isn't.
  9. So, I don't understand much of this - but it doesn't sound good Meeting web developer tomorrow afternoon, will show him this message and ask him to sort! Thank you, I really do appreciate people like yourself looking at it and feeding back constructively.
  10. Unfortunately not used Lilly, so can't comment here mate. Pretty sure Paul.S can advise
  11. Exactly. If your goal is body composition and not pure numbers (PL) then why risk it? I use these.. Amazing: http://www.versagripps.com/versa-gripps First saw colleagues using them and rolled my eyes. Eventually gave in and tried them. Game changer. I use these on BOR and deadlifts and traditional straps on pulldowns, cable rows etc.
  12. I do personally, yes.
  13. Haha Have you registered through the email thing for the plan? I'm going through the list at 10pm tonight and sending out the PDF to everyone Thanks for the feedback on site
  14. I wish! Unfortunately I'm still stuck at 5'6 & 3/4 I originally had Osgood Schlatters disease.. Then turns out I also had Blounts disease. So, had them broke, and fake bone added in to correct that.