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  1. Also rate the new apollo test e from the same source put on a lot of size from just 2ml a week but hasnt been as popular for some reason and have some of the sls test e which i will be trying soon
  2. Ive used a lot of sigma over the last year and rate them personally. Ive used the test e, test prop, mast e, rip 200, tren a and dbol and all g2g in my opinion
  3. When i was unemployed i got my licence through the job centre. Just bear in mind you will have to do the course with a load of wrong uns that will never get a security job lol.
  4. Go on the sia website you can put all your convictions in on there and it will tell you if you will be granted a licence.
  5. Pretty sure its olympus anabolics which was complete garbage my source at the time had in stock once back in 2014 and never sold it again. I had a vial of test looks very similar with the bodybuilder posing and the black tops. You wont find them online anywhere now
  6. I never used the original one ive only used the one that didnt contain dmaa. It was fruit punch and tasted ok and got a decent buzz and pump from it. I prefered the sachets but also used the tub but if i can get the sachets il get some of them. I wanted to try the gh blast but never did in the end didnt think it would be worth it but sounds like it may have had some secret ingredient not listed on the tub if it was as effective as you say maybe some benzos or other sleeping tablets lol
  7. Thats one of my all time favourite pre workouts it hit the spot for me everytime. Not used it for years now but tempted to get some myself now lol
  8. Doesnt clomid also raise estrogen significantly as well? Im sure i read it somewhere which makes sense seeing as it is a synthetic estrogen. Correct me if im wrong though
  9. Im currently using the new apollo test e and sigma mast e and its probably the best cycle ive done so far also using 25mg of proviron a day. Will be starting the SLS test as soon as i run out
  10. You know it mate i remember a couple of years ago i used a lot of c4 gear with really good results and there was a guy on here that rated it too and got banned which i thought was strange. Im also using the rebranded apollo at the moment and getting great results but doesnt get a mention on here so definitely trust a reliable source more than the people pushing certain labs on here. Not to say that those labs arent good but i dont really use this site much anymore because you pretty much get flamed if you try a lab these guys havent used themselves so i dont take this site very seriously anymore. Used to be a lot more open minded a few years ago.
  11. Yeah i see your point. The main reason is i trust my source and have used for a long time and never sold me bunk gear. And i got a really good deal so thought id try it. Normally i go for vials so this is the first time ive ever bought amps just looking for people who have used. And to be fair i went and bought a load of renvex and noble gear when it was being pushed on here and turned out to be utter shite lol so i dont always believe the hype on here anymore, although im sure most the labs are legit and i was unlucky
  12. Has anyone used this gear yet? I've got a couple of boxes of test e and must say they look impressive by the packaging and the amps. I know that doesn't mean much as all that matters is what's in the amps but after any feedback from anyone who's used? Been around a little while now but haven't seen any reviews
  13. 500mg of test e and 500mg mast e nice and simple
  14. I used the test prop test 400 and Winstrol. I felt the Winstrol was dodgy but the test was good stuff
  15. Ok looks like im the guinea pig then. Just did my 3rd jab of test e (also using mast e from different lab) so will update when i know if its good stuff or not