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  1. Thanks for the reply mate. Yeah i was getting confused as after reading i came to the conclusion that proviron will not suppress you if your not actually shutdown but if your already shutdown then it will keep you suppressed. So wasnt sure what impact that would have on fertility. Im not actually bothered about recovery as will most likely jump on again anyway and seeing the amazing results you guys had shows its clearly possible. I notice its a big stack of different bits what would you say are the essentials hcg, prov, clomid? Do you think nolva helps?
  2. Hi mate sorry for hijacking your thread but just have a quick question. If you are wanting to use proviron and clomid to increase chances of fertility is it better to come off all test or stay on a really low dose of test due to proviron being suppressive? Ive got loads of proviron and clomid in with the intention of aiding me getting the misses pregnant and have planned my taper off all steroids so will be doing last jab in a couple of weeks. Was going to then run clomid and proviron indefinitely untill i get the job done but confused whether a lack of test will hinder or help me. I also have nolvadex lying around do you think that would be worth adding in or pointless? Thanks for any advice
  3. Have used twice since with no problems. Word of advice for first time users to shake the tub before first use.
  4. Has anyone tried this pre workout yet? Ive used many preworkouts over the years but this one was seriously intense for the wrong reasons mainly. I took one scoop and within 10 minutes started feeling dodgy. My face was tingling severely and felt really hot and had red blotches all over my skin. Then the tingling spread down my arms through to my legs and toes until the whole of my body was tingling. If i moved my arms or legs in any way i would get an intense tingling feeling and it lasted for well over an hour. However i still had a great workout with it once the tingling started to die down but wasnt worth the overwhelming feeling. Ive used preworkouts with beta alanine and niacin before and experienced mild tingling but this felt like nothing ive felt before. Has 2g of BA and 80mg niacin per serving which isnt a huge dose. Has anyone used this and felt the same? Im thinking maybe i should have shook the tub before use as can only imagine i got a huge dose of niacin or something
  5. Im going to continue using as well tbh. Getting more comments about how big i am than ever so must be something working. Plus feeling amazing on this current stack. Plus that could have been a bad batch doesnt mean the whole range is now s**t
  6. Using sigma atm and those results are worrying. Ive gained a lot of size on the test e mast e and dbol so thought they were well dosed but looks like its not the case. Wonder if the mast is actually mast. Been using sigma exclusively since june as well and thought they were good for the most part.
  7. If im currently using the same batch off test e you had then im only on 298mg a week then which is disappointing. Im also using 2ml of mast e so wonder whats actually in that. But as it varies from batch to batch you never know what your getting
  8. Getting on really well with their test e, mast e and dbol atm. Adding a bit of test prop to each jab as i have some left but putting on some good size with this stack
  9. Take it to the needle exchange and get another one
  10. And if you were going to pay for quality gear you probably wouldnt go for gentech lol
  11. Yeah im the same mate ive used loads of pre workouts and was really looking forward to trying it but it literally did nothing that would suggest it had dmaa in it. Im wondering if i was sent a dmaa free sample but it did say geranium on the ingredients list. I felt more of a buzz from mutant madness which id say is a pretty average preworkout. Their just not as good as they used to be lol
  12. I felt absolutely nothing from meso either which surprised me as jack3d hemo rage etc had me buzzing hard when they contained dmaa. Didnt feel like it had any in there at all it was a free sample off here
  13. My first cycle was 500mg test e for 10 weeks. I only used nolva for 30 days for pct and felt like i recovered pretty quick. It depends how long your cycle was really but no harm adding a test booster as well
  14. Cant believe ive seen a thread today where someone has used roids for ages and hasnt jabbed themselves yet and then this one where the person injecting feels dirty. I look forward to a nice jab hence why i mainly use test prop lol
  15. Im thinking it might be ingredients wev never heard of at all if they are actually used by high end professional athletes. Dont know why they dont just say what the ingredients are would never use myself