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  1. Thanks mate will look it up
  2. Throw it some meat laced with laxitives it'll be too busy shitting to bark
  3. He were proper bo
  4. Dave Grohl & the foos just took it to another level last night THE best frontman out there right now
  5. Right side everytime
  6. Broaden your horizons
  7. Liam & in tune. Words I never thought I'd see together
  8. Double hard bastard
  9. What more info is required tits and ass is sufficient
  10. Tits & ass everywhere
  11. He said afterwards he's retired from WSM but will still compete at uks and Europes
  12. Goes in with fractured ankle comes out with a need for his next hit of Ket
  13. @Frandeman the dude cracks me up
  14. Keep seeing these pop up on every social media I use anyone got one? I think they look tacky just wondering what your thoughts are