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  1. Smoke weed eat weed f**k prostitutes. Your welcome
  2. With a samurai sword
  3. Getting a lot of visits to your page I wonder why :rolleye:

  4. If they're willing to drop their knickers bang em hard
  5. Quads is my go to area easiest for me then delts but mainly on cruise smaller doseage but glutes I find is a bitch always find it hard to twist around and always think I'm either pinning wrong place or not going deep enough
  6. Just seen the new trailer if it's as good as the 1st I for one can't wait to see this
  7. Needs a bit of thought mate my head was killling by the end of watching that
  8. A big box of f**k all
  9. Yes mate mine came from USA tracked it all the way still to use mine though as I'm awaiting an operation on my broken cheekbone and can't workout yet
  10. Going for a cut the test is sis 300 so I'll run it at 300test 400 tren and is 50 on Winnie sufficient not used that before only dbol. Cheers for reply mate
  11. @stuey99 alright mate seen as you and dead seem to be very knowledgable and used tren and other compounds before whereas I e only run the test. What would you suggest as a good cycle i.e. doseage wise. I've got sis test e some Sphinx Winnie and will be getting the tren next week or so. Just wondering what you'd suggest
  12. @faipdeooiad get in touch with this fella got mine from noticing his post mine came all the way from the USofA took about a week but I'm hoping it's worth the wait will be using it once I've had my operation on broken cheekbone been advised not to train until it's done which sucks
  13. I'm no expert but I'm sure your still within time frame to make a claim for the injury. Surely it comes down to company negligence. Ps if and when you do get fired take a turd on the bosses desk or piss in his cuppa
  14. Damn he is one funny guy will miss his straight talking no bullshit I hear the Brazil thing went the same way as the other operations no luck at all poor fella understandable he's quitting must be hard to take going from what he was to like he said half a bodybuilder. I do hope he keeps up the videos though funny as any comedian out there
  15. Good thread this makes a change to the usual you see started everyday