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  1. Always get this in the office, I have to have a big fan on my desk as always too warm and they all whinge its cold ffs!!
  2. Looks nice chap!!
  3. I need to get mine tested really, I'm 37 and my Dad has gone through this and chose to have it removed completely, he been ok for nearly 10 years but now has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer he is awaiting the test results from the biopsies and scans to understand what can be done, nasty thing is the big C
  4. AAKG I just use for pump purpose I'm just experimenting with various doses, 3grams of Creatine Nitrate and no ill feelings at all, I get very good pumps and feel like able to get in a few more reps, which could be from the combined substances. Doubt I'd go higher than 3grams though, just wish the pumps were permanent lol
  5. I have now removed the Vitamin C going forward cheers!
  6. I take my phone in the gym for music only, I have a gym mix on shuffle then I just pick it up when moving from one piece of equipment to another, never take calls or check texts/social media when in there as focussed on lifting and what I'm about to do and getting the aggression ready for the lift
  7. Monday famous for International Chest Day, I cheat and train Back on Monday's so I don't get impacted by them
  8. cheers chap I shall have a read tomorrow at work
  9. ok cool thanks would defo wish to read!
  10. I have read about the Pro's and Con's and quite hard to understand if antioxidants actually hinder muscle gain
  11. I use Creatine Nitrates in my own pre-workout mix, but just so it adds Nitrates, for Creatine I use Mono What I take - CItrulline Malate 9 - 10 grams AAKG - 8 grams Creatine Nitrate 2-3 grams VItamin C - 5grams I take around 250mg Caffeine via tablets at same time roughly 20 - 30 mins before Gym
  12. that sounds amazing but..... defo wouldn't be able to have that everyday for me lol
  13. I love weekend breakfast, today is scrambled eggs made with 6 whole eggs, butter, dash of milk and some cinnamon, then 4 pork sausages made with caramelised onions also.... What you have today? or usually go for on a weekend?
  14. I read all the posts and tbh sounds like over complicating an issue. The question was asked - Are you losing weight? you answered No, not losing fat atm, but really need to answer if your overall bodyweight is reducing if that was contained in your answer of No then needs to be more explicit. All calorie calculators are rough guides as everyone is different, really need to learn your body and find the correct calorie/macro split to reach a stage where you are reducing overall body weight, make slight changes and document them, which have already been suggested (reduce calories/macro splits). Looking deeper into complex issues at this stage is a waste of time imho, do the basics first if that fails then look more in depth, surely?