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  1. Serious?????????? if so defo getting me a load......
  2. Sometimes will have 125grams of cereal, or mix 2 cereals together if feeling particularly daring, with lashings of whole milk
  3. When I went to Portugal was drinking lots of Aquarius as it's so damn nice, made by Coca-Cola but can't find it in UK
  4. Do you know how many calories it takes to answer the door ffs?
  5. I don't pretend in not at home, I just cba to answer the door to some fuckwit, I'm at home relaxing, some c**t wants to knock on my and disturb me when I'm not working and relaxing, my relaxing time is not going to be given to them! Our lives are so interrupted by s**t, telephone calls, walking down the street "excuse me sir this is for You" *leaflet thrust in front of me*, emails, texts, leaflets through the door..... enough is enough ffs!! Any f**ker tries to stop me in the street now I just shake my head and smile, it's funny when they ask "do you have internet?" And they think it's an opportunity whereas really I'm giving them a shake of the head and a smile so I don't have to be forced to speak.... as I'm fed up of the times I used to say no thank you.
  6. If not expecting anyone then no, as don't wanna waste my time opening it for some s**t, hate being disturbed when at home, just leave me alone!!!
  7. Lol turned into a human sodastream. Can certainly feel stomach goes into overdrive with acid, suppose it's trying to kill the bacteria and s**t.
  8. Suffered from food poisoning on Saturday early morning in which I'm blaming my last meal of 7 whole eggs scrambled, either a bad egg in the batch or from when I dropped half a shell in the bowl which could of had chicken poop on maybe... lasted a good 48 hrs and felt so run down and frail was nasty, hate the hot and cold with nausea and sickness, also found my elbows and wrist joints where very achy also. Keeping out of the gym this week to give my body a rest and slowly increasing food again, over Saturday and Sunday only ate 4 teacakes, rest was water and isotonic drinks. don't think I shall be eating eggs for a while as now they are tainted by the though of being ill again.
  9. Yes you can... Tesco does them, still tasty as ever
  10. As many have said already Time and keeping yourself busy, I spent about 3 months being an empty shell, thinking what was the point in anything that I did, luckily did not turn to alcohol, but I did smoke then to help my mind which was stupid but hey. Utilise the support of family and friends, keep busy and look at yourself and how to better yourself, either career, learn something new, experiences, life goes on regardless. 3 years split from wife now and still single as enjoying the freedom lol, I have no time currently for anyone else until I'm ready, work and gym keeps me busy all week (mon-fri) weekends usually family/friends or relaxing and doing what I want to do.
  11. I have breakfast at home and then I eat 1 Skyr strawberry yoghurt 450gram pot every morning when I get to work, sorts me out until lunch time, wish they did more flavours of the large pots, would love a nice Peach or black cherry flavour *drools*, tried the honey one and was not impressed eating it on it's own, maybe if mixed with something it would be ok
  12. Such a good deal
  13. I do a 4 day split from Mon to Friday with a cardio day in the middle
  14. Complainers are the worst in chain restaurants as Head Office don't care about staff, if a customer complains to Head Office then the whole team of that establishment gets penalised for no reason, so many times have seen peeps whinge about nothing and the manager gives them anything to keep the matter hitting Head Office, as usually if it does reach their some places give out disciplinaries to the staff on duty, is it fair ? no? staff take so much crap from idiots. So glad I don't work in catering no more lol
  15. We don't have any in the running, none will tackle it head on with common sense and true thoughts of the British people