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  1. I love my weekend breakfast - 4 Lincolnshire Sausages 5 Large eggs - scrambled 5 slices of bacon medallions Weekday breakfast is 500grams of Greek yoghurt with honey, followed by a spoon of peanut butter.
  2. Food takes a while to digest, stomach maybe feeling a little empty but it is still in the digestion process, personally I eat a last small meal around 1.5 - 2 hrs before sleep but this is down to available time to eat. Typically when is your last meal and bedtime?
  3. My Tuppaware of Peppers, Avocado and seasoned skinless and filleted chicken thighs. Always use chicken thighs for work lunch as eating them cold they not so dry as the chicken breasts
  4. I used to do tandem for rows on the Hammer Strength machine, now I do one side at a time and feel it engages target muscle more. Have a play around and see what is best for you is the main answer
  5. guess not
  6. shop security not able to use any physical force??? *goes into shop ....takes what I want ......walks out* shop security: "sir please don't steal the stuff..... please? you know I can't touch you, so can you please come back and put it back?" no wonder it's all going to s**t
  7. Only in England eh....... even though story is from dailyfail it irritates the crap out of me as I know sometimes they true. About time our justice system stopped being such a protector of criminals
  8. not right after lol maybe this evening
  9. It's surprising that just small changes in diet can impact how your body reacts, maybe start looking to switching out some foods for others, I tend to use my work trousers as a gauge, if they start getting too tight I know I need to reduce calories a little, so make minor changes until loosens again.
  10. Why not train? could redeem your sins and go for an hour? I added 1/4 pouch of M&M's crunchy this morning to my Greek Yoghurt and I felt guilty lol
  11. It's ok all sorted, changed it to USD!
  12. lol no
  13. Not through using WU?!?!!
  14. ok....went to Kanoo which does western union...they can't send the funds in euros....only USD she informed if change my mind to come back and bring ID also incase needed, I was expecting a form to fill out but she was entering it all on computer this normal process? will have to see if can change order to USD rather than Euros