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  1. with a '?' ?
  2. one thing I didn't understand with ordering from Strong Supps shop, there was an option for Flat Rate delivery and no explanation to what that meant? is it an American thing or? am I just dumb?
  3. Currently suffering like hell, really is a nasty infection, could feel a sore throat starting on Saturday, then by Sunday night every time I swallowed felt like knives slicing the back of my throat, l didn't go to work Monday due to lack of sleep and the pain from throat, but then started a load of nasty phlegm from back of throat, temperature and feeling run down, managed to go to the walk in centre on Weds due to couldn't get a Doc appointment for the next day, prescribed me Penicillin for 10 days. Apparently quite common around spring time for this infection to do the rounds, contagious also from coughing, sneezing and skin contact, this for me as been like man flu x 2, even today still suffering but only 2nd day of the meds. My diet has resorted to soup and ice cream to go easy on digestive system (soup) and also to ease my throat (ice cream). Might wanna use some hand sanitiser when been around public places before touching your face lol or eating. This has knocked me out of the gym until 3rd April now
  4. So tired last night didn't cook my food for today for work...... so..... went to Sainsbury's and grabbed a plain pre packed salad bowl, packet of sliced chicken breasts ready to eat and came across a box of sprouting lentil mix, now because it was morning I thought yeah that sounds a good idea, like 22grams protein in that box which serves 2, opened it up and tasted a few ...... felt like I was eating mouthfuls of dirt, a disgusting earthy mouthful of mush, managed 4 fork fulls then had to bin the rest, good job have emergency protein bars and jar of peanut butter.... Never again!! Though they would be like pine kernels and such but no............... *shudders*
  5. My mate has relatives there and worked with a few Aussies and is the usually kinda question I ask about creepy crawlies. They tend to say, have to check toilets, slippers and clothes but that's the norm for them, either for spiders or ants and such, apparently there is a nasty Ant, might be the venomous fire ant not sure, so they have to check washing outside too. Usually red backs and black widows in cities in regards to spiders. Then the further you go away from cities the larger and more careful you have to be, I don't think I'd survive in the outback lol even packs of dogs out there that are vicious.
  6. I had Naproxen when I tore my oblique from coughing, (had a hard coughing fit while trying to get up from lying down) it was amazing stuff, had been using Ibuprofen before but did nowt for the pain, OTC painkillers are virtually useless in my eyes for muscular or injury pain, joints and such, great for headaches but crap for anything else.
  7. Usually around £60-70 a week for food, supps not sure, I only buy supps when money off offers are on. Though the other week I had a week off from work and had 3 Tesco deliveries of food, spent just under £200 that week was a piggy
  8. To some extent.... until you have to wait for a piece of equipment that someone is using/half using/pretend using and have to wait or try find something else in the meatime that is not being used. Most don't allow chalk, even liquid chalk. A lot do not understand self awareness and common sense not to walk in someone's exercise space, many times training at such a place people bump while on a bench equipment. Decent gym with decent people = more motivation and atmosphere even if you can't hear them due to your music. Product of your environment
  9. I been with virgin media for 3 years now, 200mb line and not had one single problem
  10. much appreciated chap.....will give your suggestion a go!!
  11. tbh not 100% sure which it is, I just know when my feet get sweaty during the day my feet get lil red bumps that drive me mad and resist as much I can not to scratch but it feels so damn good when I scratch. guess better to get them checked so know which is best to treat it with. sometimes do get dry feet which have tried moisturiser (vaseline and cocoa butter) but seemed to make it worse with itching I tend to kick off my shoes at work under the desk to air them.
  12. Anyone know of any good prevention/ cure to Prickly heat on feet? every summer I get plagued with it even though don't wear socks at home, I wear sports socks and shoes for work and it drives me insane, I even make my feet bleed from scratching with my house keys as becomes unbearable. Any good soothers to take away that deep annoying itch? or to stop it completely??? I try to keep feet dry and clean as much as possible
  13. Who does your Facebook posts???
  14. Thor saying he is at 205kgs body weight now and still growing!!! crazy!!
  15. I love my weekend breakfast - 4 Lincolnshire Sausages 5 Large eggs - scrambled 5 slices of bacon medallions Weekday breakfast is 500grams of Greek yoghurt with honey, followed by a spoon of peanut butter.