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  1. Infiniti's old UltraRip tren blend was the dark red/brown colour of old radiator water. Looked horrid but felt atomic. Great stuff.
  2. Looking decent dude. I'm assuming you pin 2ml/600ml of test e at a time? How do you find the high-ish test dose all at once? Does it cause any skin upsets or lethargy? And are you running aromasin EOD? Cheers and good luck.
  3. Not one mum joke. Disappointed.
  4. Looking forward to the Pro show, eager to see how Jordan and Molnar come in. Was debating doing the show on the Saturday, but expect the standard to be very high so don't fancy getting crushed.
  5. If the choice is between SIS and Pharmacom, I would always opt for Pharmacom. If you already have AP, save your money and go with that.
  6. Never got on well will 5ml barrels. Takes a million years to inject.
  7. Ahhhh, did I norrr know that. Thought needles were different (threaded or something) as already have a load of pins.
  8. Bosh! Cheers chaps.
  9. Could be estrogen imbalance, however some chap on here the other day was saying he was feeling sh*t after every shot he did and I believe he was using Sphinx test e.
  10. Anyone know where I can get some decent 3ml syringes from? Ideally ones with pins that just pop on. All I can seem to find are the one requiring screw-ons and lock-in pins. Currently have Terumo's 2.5ml but could use a little extra room. Used 5ml cannons in the past but they take all night to frickin' shoot. Cheers.
  11. Yeah, I'm a big believer in that - got some MT2 on the way. Cheers.
  12. Anyone doing the PCA Bodypower show on the Saturday? Was debating about doing it but not sure I'll have enough time to add a decent amount of size before cutting. Can't be arsed looking like a bikini competitor next to a bunch of behemoths, ha.
  13. Hey guys. As the title suggests, can I run test e EOD? I currently pin every third day along with NPP. However, I think the NPP at that frequency is giving me acne. Therefore was debating switching NPP and test e to EOD. I know I could swap to test prop, but I have a load of test e and I was thinking I could get in more mg of test a week if using a 300mg/ml ester rather than 100mg/ml. Could that work? Cheers.