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  1. I personally prefer aromasin. I never got to grips with the rebounding effect of adex. Aromasin seems easier to manage for me. There's also the logic that aromasin is a newer drug. Newer drugs tend to be better regarding effectiveness and sides.
  2. Cheers man, great post.
  3. Yeah, I got the slops on anything around 50ius a day so dropped it down to 20ius-30ius a day. Guts seem to sort themselves out in about a week after cessation. Cheers.
  4. I've just finished a 5-week run on Lantus, 20ius-30ius per day. Did go as high as 50ius on a previous run but that seemed to make me bloat up and go red (plus gave me digestion issues). I put on 2kg in that time. Obviously that's not all muscle. However, I didn't add any visable fat and I dropped water weight as I adjusted my estrogen management. While these will still have been contributing factors to the weight gain, I'd like to think there was some muscle growth as well as glycogen uptake. Apart from the size added, I actually prefer slin for the strength and endurance it gives me when I train. I seem to be able to squeeze out a few more reps or lift a little bit more weight when on a slin run. I should also add that I am on a cycle of test and NPP, and using a progressive overload approach to training. So, of course, it could just well be the gear doing the leg work. However, gear doses and caloric intake were the same throughout the 5-week run as they were before, and I wasn't gaining at that rate previously. In short, is it worth it? Yes. I will also be using it again, possibly during my diet for prep. Yes, I know this is blasphemy to some of y'all, but been watching/reading a lot of JP's stuff on slin use with dieting and it seems feasible in the earlier stages/or till you stop dropping fat.
  5. Hey guys. For those of you who have used long-acting slin like insulatard or Lantus, did you ever experience stomach aches or digestion issues after extensive use? I'm been running 20ius-30ius Lantus ED for the last 5 weeks (a week longer than I had planned) and now seem to have a stomach ache after eating. Diet, drugs, supps are all the same so can't see what other factors might have caused this. I saw in one of Palumbo's vids that slin use can interfere with the digestive tract (can't remember but think it causes an imbalance in some way, shape or form), so assuming the stomach aches - if even related to slin use at all - could be my guts in imbalance/trying to sort itself out. Cheers.
  6. Think there's a PCA Muscleworks show in the pipeline. No dates yet, but getting sorted. Think it's Islington way.
  7. Yeah, been watching this. First time he did a London Real thing I was all 'bore off with the spirituality bollocks', but the more I got into it, the more I actually found it interesting. Was good to see how he dealt with the complete change in his life. Must be very hard for someone to have an identity crisis and come out of it with a lucid focus and a new direction in life. There's bits in there we can all relate to, particular as we get older. His wife is decent too.
  8. Same prob. I'm pretty sure they move aways from the clippers all by themselves too.
  9. Get nervous enough wielding my clippers around down there, not sure I'd want to up the ante of nipping my nut-sack off with a razor :/
  10. Hey guys. Anyone veeted their nuts with any success? If not, what are decent ways of getting them de-fluffed? I trim everywhere else down there, but clippers don't quite cut the mustard regarding my happy-sack. Ta, muchly.
  11. I've always got ever-so-slightly tingly nipples when on this time, assuming that's down to the copious amount of test. Won't lie, half the reason I wouldn't mind dropping an AI is when I didn't run it for about 2 weeks, sex drive was through the roof. Aromasin at 12.5mg EOD seems to keep things in check with my skin, emotions etc, but I do feel a little creakier in the knees and libido, while still higher than when off, becomes more moderate. Not too fussed with the puffy look at the minute as bulking. Being a naturally leaner lad, I welcome a bit of bloat for extra size. Just don't want to be a walking hot-water bottle that pushes BP way up. Cheers.
  12. Was hoping I might feel better just on a SERM (although I don't feel particularly bad on aromasin at present). And I agree with the test being too high. Looking to bring it down this week. Do SERMS have any affect on acne? Since banging a load of sunbeds, mine's almost gone but will it possibly get worse on a SERM?
  13. That's what I was hoping to ascertain: why an AI would be needed ASAP? If I just ran a SERM it would halt gyno, increase bloat - not a bad thing if not effecting blood pressure too greatly - lubricate/support joints as well as its other inherent benefits for bulking. I've always run aromasin on every cycle and saved nolva and/or clomid for PCT, but was wondering if it was essential and whether some guys have just run a SERM and felt any better for it. Cheers.
  14. My bad, 1200mg test e, 400mg NPP a week. Yes, test is high so looking to bring it down, but addicted to the strength increase at the minute :/
  15. Hey guys. I've almost run out of aromasin. I have nolva on hand. I know the two are different drugs and work different ways, but could I actually get away with running nolvadex rather than aromasin? Estrogen has a number of benefits when on cycle so would I run into any serious problems other than bloat etc if I no longer ran an AI and just a SERM? Cheers.