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  1. Like everything, I imagine it all comes down to personal preference and 'what works for you'.
  2. Yeah, you have to be a member. He talks of exogenous insulin, its use in contest prep and his views on fast- and slow-acting slin. He feels fast-acting is the way forward and there isn't really a place for slower stuff, however, many other accounts I've read or seen (some of Palumbo's, for example) believe the opposite.
  3. HMG

    Not alongside, after. If I recall, the triptorelin/HMG protocol starts once the ester leaves the body. So in the two weeks prior to that I used HCG weekly. I think I actually started using it about a month before I came off completely, so probably 6 weeks in total. Then I switched to the single 'pulse' shot of triptorelin, followed by three shots of HMG every three days afterwards. Then I ran clomid. Aromasin was used throughout. I did post the whole thing on here in more detail, but can't find it. Have it all down in a book though so will try and dig it out. Some might say this is overkill, but I'd been on for about 18 months, mostly using tren so thought I was going to be fooked when coming off. Subsequently, I was getting rod ons within a few weeks and felt back to normal - libido, energy etc (anecdotal, no bloods) - within 3 months.
  4. HMG

    I always use HMG with triptorelin as part of my PCT. Found this to be more effective/faster for recovery than SERMs and HCG alone.
  5. Hey guys. Recently swapped out NPP for tren ace to go with my test prop. This last week or so my body has started to feel achey/creaky. First it was in a few joints and I just assumed that was the NPP finally out of my system, but I've start to get aches in my muscles. Neck, lower back, inner back. Its not painful but just feels uncomfortable/tired. Plus when I go to train, my body doesn't feel it wants to go heavy as it's 'feeling' it a lot more now it seems. Anyone else had this? Could it be dehydration, an effect of tren or even my body telling me it needs to take a rest? Cheers.
  6. Fine without GH. I've run it on gear and when natural and was fine. Slow vs rapid and which is better is an ongoing debate. Personally I preferred slow-acting. More manageable and had better results. Downside for me is slin interferes with digestion after a while. Something to do with excess something in the gut. Check out Dave Palumbo's slin reports on RX Muscle on Youtube and Jordan Peter's videos on his site.
  7. To be fair, there was a discussion on here only the other day about blues being fine if you're careful with them. For me they just seemed bloody big. I get on better with oranges. 1" pin for quads, delts, glutes etc are fine for. Might be because I don't hold much fat. Speed of injection is fine whether I use 2.5ml or 3ml barrels. 5ml took forever, however, and I'm sure I nearly snapped off both thumbs trying to get that stuff through. Each to their own, I guess.
  8. Ha, I did the exact same thing when starting out. Big blue lances left bloody great holes in my quads. Someone then told me you could use oranges. Much better. Never tinkered with slin-pin shots for anything other than slin, GH, HCG and whatnot. I used to love VG shots as they were easy. Did them for yonks. However, like yourself I stopped as I believed their elasticity or flexibility was being compromised by such frequent pinning to the region.
  9. Ventro-glutes like DLTBB mentioned and triceps are easy too. More the merrier.
  10. If he rotates as many sites as he can, EOD pinning won't be a problem for an 8-10 weeker. This is only his second cycle too, so can't see his muscles having too much scar tissue from the first time round.
  11. I find short esters are more manageable and have less sides. Plus if anything goes tits up, they're out of your system quickly. I ran 900mg test e with 500mg NPP for months, pinning EOD. Skin didn't like it at all (proper sore spots on my head which I've never had with any previous cycles), despite more frequent shots. Switched to the test e to 800mg test prop and skin has cleared up and I feel much better.
  12. Mrs prefers me bigger and smoother. She absolutely hates contest shape - she says my striated glutes make her feel sick. Takes her attention away from my face though so every cloud.
  13. You're supposed to tailor your slin dosage to suit your carb intake, not the other way round. However, when I first started using novorapid I just banged in a load and made sure I had enough carbs to cover me. Having said that, I did start low at 4ius and work up to 15ius over the week. Plus I was running the 2-shake-1-meal protocol at the time which is far more forgiving. I didn't venture over 15ius as I thought that was pretty excessive. I think Jordan Peters uses 15ius novorapid post-workout, but he's a knowledgeable pro with a lot more mass so makes more sense him doing that than anyone on here. Plus he's a big advocate of huge post-workout meals so, again, he's covered carb wise. If you want higher dose slin, maybe switch to longer-acting stuff like Insulatard or Lantus (but even then I wouldn't go over 30ius a day).
  14. I'm all for veeting the meat and two veg, but I'm leaving my arsehole well alone. Must be itchy as fook when that grows back. Only reason I see to keep el butthole bald is if you have a bird who likes rimming it. But then in my experience, if they like doing all that malarkey they tend not to be too fussed about hair anyway. Schllaaaags.
  15. If pinning EOD, you'll need to rotate sites to reduce scar tissue build up. Glutes, quads, ventro-glutes, delts and tris for me. Piece of cake. Others will no doubt suggest their sweet spots too.