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  1. Fair enough, hadn't seen too many complaints/poor test results. However, considering their size and global distribution, I imagine they still have fewer hiccups than smaller outfits. But like you said, no lab's perfect and there's always going to be a bit of hit and miss. Cheers.
  2. Packaging aside, Pharmacom is known for being consistently good, no? Other UG labs that have received good feedback here have also had the odd complaint about dosing and whether the compound is what it is supposed to be. Enough to confuse folks on who to go with anyway. Pharmacom, other than grumblings about its pricing - which I agree is expensive - seem to always be bang on. For me, I'd rather pay an extra £5 per bottle of gear and no have to worries if my stuff was legit, fully dosed or going to differ from batch to batch.
  3. 9 eggs, 5 yolks, 100g oats with semi-skimmed milk, wholemeal bagel. Tuna, 4 Weetabix, semi-skimmed milk. 50g chicken breast and white rice in black bean sauce, apple. Turkey bolognase. 50g chicken breast and white rice in black bean sauce, apple. PWO shake of 75g protein in OJ (semi-skimmed milk if running insulin). Salmon fillets/steak, root veg mash, broccoli, wholemeal bagel. Hovering around 18 stone, lean-ish, vascular with water under control. Feel growth has stalled so don't think I'm eating enough (again). Going to add rice pudding pots and mini pancakes to some of my meals over the next two weeks to see if it prompts some more growth before diet begins. Might throw in a couple of burgers too as had no idea you got 1000cals in one of those bad boys, cheers @QUACKERS.
  4. So, gave this a bash last week. Been taking 50mg (25mg didn't do a great deal) all last week along with Kill It preworkout. Pumps are good, but nothing astounding considering I'm on that and the NO complex in the preworkout. Slin pumps felt better IMO. However, I do feel that the more efficient blood flow certainly helps with performance, particularly recovery between sets. Seems to enhance my focus too. I feel more awake than just on the stims. Again, all to be expected really. Sides are usual: I go red, feel fluffy headed and my hearing softens, ha. Sadly no boners so far.
  5. Rotating is all well and good, but is there any benefit of swapping back to compounds that are weaker, which will inevitably happen. For example, I enjoy test and NPP. Gains are good, sides are controllable, joints feel great. However, soon I drop the NPP and add in tren. Glycogen uptake will add about 10lbs, strength will increase and as it's deemed the King of anabolics, more muscle should be on the cards too. Great. But what if, after X weeks, I swap out tren for something else? Most compounds aren't as strong as tren, so would that almost be a backwards step? I know you change up compounds to keep the body guessing, but where do you go after taking the strongest drugs? It can't be a case of simply upping doses as we all know that even test doses will only go so high before the returns aren't worth it. Or is it that you add in another compound or oral into the mix? Do you try addressing other factors like upping calories or adding insulin etc? In short, where do you go with rotating compounds when you've been taking the strongest stufff? Cheers.
  6. Really? I've been reading the odd article and watching a few Youtube videos where folks have been using it as a preworkout to great effect. I'm been using viagra preworkout for the last week. As well as the obvious pumps, I feel it enables blood to get to the muscles faster, transporting everything it needs, to work harder for longer (no pun intended). What are the health concerns around it then? If it's going to make my heart explode, I'll give it a miss from now on. Cheers.
  7. Jay got a lot of stick in his career for being blocky and his back lacking detail, but damn he was stacked. Sick wheels, clavicles for days and wide as a house. Some of the best delt-tri tie-ins in the business too. Wasn't everyone's favourite era of bodybuilding, but I used to love his battles with Ronnie.
  8. Had the same thing on just 200mg of hex pw so went back to NPP for bulking. Switching to tren again for contest prep so appetite issues aren't so problematic.
  9. Yes. I'll be trying it out for my next prep. Check out trainedbyjp's site. You might have to subscribe, but he has a number of videos on there that explain how he uses fast-acting slin for diet/prep.
  10. Can you take viagra alongside your other preworkout or is that overkill/risky? I want the stims and creatine etc in my Kill It but will the NO complex in there, combined with the viagra, be too much? Cheers. Edit - soz, think I posted this in the wrong thread.
  11. I had same thing using adex. Never managed to get it right. Switched to aromasin which I found easier to manage once I stopped dicking around with my gear dosages.
  12. Are people taking it along with stimulants etc or just by itself?
  13. Sounds dodgy to me, would think I was going to have a heart attack at any minute. Prolly no different from taking a strong pre-workout - which are probably worse - but for some reason taking a V before pushing my body to its limits (which if you ask the mrs I never do in bed, ha) doesn't sit well with me.
  14. I personally prefer aromasin. I never got to grips with the rebounding effect of adex. Aromasin seems easier to manage for me. There's also the logic that aromasin is a newer drug. Newer drugs tend to be better regarding effectiveness and sides.
  15. Cheers man, great post.