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  1. Hey guys. Anyone ever run tren hex right up to a contest? I know the general consensus is to switch to ace in the last however many weeks, but could hex be a viable alternative? If not, could anyone explain why? Cheers chaps.
  2. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Everyone knows the risks with gear.
  3. Currently running 600mg test prop with 600mg NPP per week. Sex drive isn't raging like it was when the test was higher (which is good to be honest), but libido's still up, getting a rod on's easy and rattling is fine. Never really suffered from deca dick, fortunately.
  4. Did you use superdrol on its tod, or did you stack it with halo, var, winstrol etc? Ta.
  5. Sorry if I'm being dense, but is that 40mg/60mg for the last 4 weeks of prep? Cheers.
  6. Haha, yeah. To be honest, will probably only run it for the final two weeks as not looking for any long-term anabolism or strength increase, just aesthetic benefits come show day.
  7. Cool, only looking to use with Halo for the last 2-3 weeks of prep as supposed to give a great hard, fuller look. Cheers.
  8. Anyone have a favourite tried-and-tested brand or UG lab regarding this compound? Cheers.
  9. I'm currently on 150mg test p and 150 mg NPP EOD. Have a bottle of Dbol too, so will be taking 40mg ED. I'm 12 weeks out from potentially doing a show, so I was debating switching the shots to ED to significantly up my weekly dose. Objective is to preserve muscle, but also to see if I could grow a little more despite reducing my calories. Then around 6 weeks out, I'd switch to the usual stuff such as tren ace, mast p and orals (recently read that halo and superdrol are a great combo for a fuller, harder look - although would only do this for the last 4 weeks). Anyone think the above has legs, or should I just stay the course with a 'if it's not broken, don't fix it' approach? Admittedly the prospective new plan would mean taking a lot of gear (may not seem a lot to some, but it's more than I've ever taken), so the plan would also be dependent on how I manage the sides. Cheers.
  10. Hey dudes. Had a quick look about on here, but couldn't find any posts on this. When going into prep, does anyone significantly increase their doses? I've heard some folks do this to counter any possible atrophy when on low cals or even to promote more growth despite in the diet phase. Anyone do/done this with any success? Cheers.
  11. Anyone run a cycle without test? My last test shot was last week as ran out so just been running the NPP and tren a. Thought I'd be in a bit of schtick without it, but sex drive is still decent and my skin's actually looking better than before. All lifts seem to be the same too. Might still be test in my system, of course, but thought being prop it'd be out of there by now. I'm guessing test is a staple part of making things in the body function beyond muscle hypertrophy, but would there be any benefit of a cycle without test? Not planning to carry on without test, but am curious as was surprised how I've been without it. Ta.
  12. Hey guys. My bac water went out of date on the 1st July. So not long ago. It's only ever been in the fridge for months. Assuming it's all right to use, but wasn't sure if water expiry is more immediate than drugs etc. Ta.
  13. Done. Cheers.