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  1. Anyone know if its possible to use HCG when synthetic is out your system? still haven't had an second opinion.
  2. 50mg gives me vision problems for a long period of time, it took exactly 6days after coming off to regain normal vision after it, i just don't respond well to it, its almost like an allergic reaction... obviously not but, it just effects differently to other people... however it did work wonders at recovery
  3. Is there any way possible to use HCG when you're off cycle to help aid recovery without taking nolvedex, or clomid... reasons being is, Clomid really badly f**ks with my vision, something rotton, each and every time i've taken it, people argue with me and say its not the clomid and s**t and i cba with that, its a fact to me that it is that, the streaks i see in my eyes and the double vision i get is horrid.... hence why i stopped taking the clomid... Nolvedex i never had a problem with, but im still afraid to take it, because its said that can also have effects on the vision and my eye sight is really poor as it is... so its a kick in the ass not being able to run a PCT... i hate it... so my only hope is HCG and i been told taking HCG off cycle is more damage then it is good... as you need synthetic hormone to prevent the shutdown from the estrogen spike from the HCG... so i'm looking for a way to take HCG and recover my balls or help speed it up? is this possible or is there a method?
  4. Didn't get a printed out copy, i ain't sure just how much got done in the bloods, i'd need to re-make an appointment to find out exactly, but she did say they where all in the lower end for a male of my age (26)
  5. Haha, I've been looking into magnesium recently also jatin.... what sort of magnesium absorbs the best?... cause i'm thinking of buying my ZMA supplements separately. individual minerals.
  6. Anyone got any good advice? @Pscarb... don't suppose PS is about? i know he's a smart bloke when it comes to things like this?
  7. Hmm, wheeeyyy sides are just low testosterone, weak Early morning erections... some strong depends... erm... find it hard to get out of bed in the mornings, my body requires longer sleep, 10-12hours where as i was able to function fine on 6-8hours, erm... depression and feeling low quite a lot, where as before i never felt any form of depression... ermm... mid section bodyfat is on the increase, and cardio isn't doing much to lower it... I'm doing 30minutes of cardio 5days a week to try combat it, and its quite stubborn... so yeh, i'd say a noticeable few sides if i'm honest.
  8. Yeah, thats what's got me thinking... usually its 3months and i'm fine if i run HCG throughout cycle... and i don't usually need to do PCT at the end when i do 500iu twice a week throughout cycle... hence why i thought i'd be alright this time giving it a miss... but i suppose i f**ked up, cause i was on a high dose... 750mg of testosterone... What would you advise to help get the good old ping pongs get a jump start from here on, or would it just be a waiting game???
  9. yeah my bad bro, just posted up the testosterone levels. And yeah my balls are on the limp side, don't have anywhere close to my usual volume, and they feel saggy, don't have that firm feel to them.
  10. 200ngl or something... i know that i usually peak at around 740ugl... yeah HCG does in turn help, but it also spikes estrogen i believe which shuts you down twice as hard usless you have some synthetic in you, i may be wrong, im no genius to this game anymore, i forgot half the stuff i educated myself on
  11. @hackskii If you're there dude, i'd appreciate a little help from you if possible... messed up <3
  12. Did a simple testosterone cycle a couple months back and stupid me, i decided to miss the PCT and not bother running HCG throughout cycle... anyhow, its been around 3months since i calculated the steroids being out my system, and when i had my bloods done my testosterone has came back on the low side... i kinda knew it would due to body fat increase, mood changes etc. I was just wondering, would HCG just shut me down more if i was to do it now? without any synthetic test being in my system? cause i know it can shut you down worse if you don't get the timing right, and its easier done by running throughout cycle. If not. then what would be your suggestions? So far i've tried a more natural approach to increasing my testosterone and LH hormones. I'm taking these. 8,000iu Vitamin D 8grams of fish oils Eating foods high in Monosaturated fats. and ZMA 4caps before bed. I could give it a couple more months and see how i get along... but the pain of being low in test is depressing the f**k out of me.... Anyhow help would be much appreciated @hackskii < if anyone knows this man, let me know, it'd be nice to have his thought on this also.
  13. Does anyone know where i can buy some high concentrated omega 3.6.9 pills from? I'm trying to get healthy fatty acids and im after vitamin D high concentration aswell. I'm trying to increase natural levels of testosterone, but i'm not after herbs mainly after natural products, also i'm after vitamin E aswell. I've been told if i take enough vitamin D around 8000iu with high amounts of fish oils this helps increase testosterone.