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  1. Its totally fine bro, at least you made effort to post, its most than a lot of people on here have done so far :), so for that i appreciate your help, However, don't supose you rate Primus ray labs? or heard them? because thats my latest stuff i got.
  2. Hey guys, long time no speak.
  3. This is what i tell each and every single pencil neck charv i come by "A packet of walkers crisps and a mars bar, you can't go wrong"
  4. Hows the TRT treating you these days?
  5. God damn, its been a long time since i posted this s**t :P, both completely different steroids, like comparing a chair to cheese
  6. cheers guys, much appreciated.
  7. Don't even want to be banned, i just want information!. Bump.
  8. That moment, you realize you where never truly loved, as 2 minutes goes by, without any response. jesus. either this site has went dead, and we lost all our regulars or i'm just a worthless meaningless tosser with quotes from taken!, damn if only londonboy was here, he'd acknowledge me!
  9. When you don't get enough attention, so you have to change your display pic to get a fast response! dayuuummmmmm
  10. Hey guys, just got hold of some of this, what do you guys rate this? I've been told its supposedly the old alpha pharma, but i don't know what to believe would rather have the views of the people on this forum who have a more in depth insight as to what this brand is like and so fourth. too much garbage floats around where i am from.
  11. Anyone rating C4 pharma? heard good reviews in 2016 april last year, how about now? is it still going strong?
  12. I remember back in the day, When we had Ausbuilt, Con, Hacksi, Weeman, and big JW, these guys where the most helpful, any of these guys still knocking about? Preferably Ausbuilt?
  13. Does anyone have the steroid calculator that shows you how to make your own from the powder? There used to be a site showing you how to make the solutions, which helped you calculate how many MG/ML etc. and what percentages!.