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  1. Up to 33% off today guys.
  2. I regularly run Tren A but after a while get scunnered injecting EOD. Just going to revert back to Tren E on my next blast in March.
  3. I always aspirate. In the 15+ years of injecting I've had blood draw into the syringe and few times. That's enough evidence for me to keep doing it.
  4. If you're injecting 4 - 5 times per week I'm going to assume the volume per injection will be low. If thats the case, I'd be looking more into the smaller muscle groups like Bi's, Tri's, Delts, etc and save the big sites like Glute, Ventro-glute and quad for the larger volumes of oil. You should always rotate sites. Don't want to build up too much scar tissue on the big sites and you'll be snookered years down the line and have to pin every small site you can to get the oil in.
  5. Can't put a price on your health mate. Stick £30 a month by for a test every 12-16 weeks.
  6. Hi mate. I haven't tried them personally yet so couldn't say for sure. You can buy samples to try mate. http://m.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/vegan-protein-bar-sample/11308978.html?_ga=1.213178068.1518581820.1478203819 http://m.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/myprotein-bar-sample/11215006.html
  7. Personally I get mine done every 12 weeks. Blast or cruise. I take them at the end of a cruise to assess if I'm good to go back on and then mid - end of blast depending on duration to assess current status and how much damage has been / is being done. Intend to blast / cruise for 10 months and then have 8 weeks cold turkey (which I'm currently doing) just to refresh and detox a little. My advice: get bloods done every 3-4 months regardless.
  8. I'd go for the sports hormone test personally. Cycling for that long without regular bloodwork is not sensible IMO. High HCT and cholesterol would be my concern. Along with general lipids.
  9. Evening bump.
  10. I did all I could on this one mate. Out if my control now I'm afraid.
  11. Offer expires tonight guys.
  12. Did it regularly until I found out there's a large artery that runs down the back of your leg and if you hit it you'll bleed out!
  13. Quads, Glutes, Ventro-glute, Delts, Bi's, Tri's, Lats, Traps, Pecs. All decent site IME. I'd avoid the calf muscle like the plague. I've even done hamstrings before but wouldn't recommend.
  14. Offer is still live today guys.
  15. Mine never really rises above the standard 120/80 range even in a heavy blast. It's normally around the 115/67 region give or take. I take a daily Cialis tab, baby aspirin, citrulline, do daily cardio and try to eat as clean as possible. Makes a big difference.