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  1. Some good savings to be had today guys.
  2. I've been taking my Yohimbine with a black coffee and some sucralose. Will the sucralose blunt the yohimbine effect? Haven't seen any studies citing this. Have you something I could read on this mate?
  3. 30% off everything now.
  4. Evening bump.
  5. This offer is still live today guys.
  6. Good savings to be had today guys.
  7. You can take them with black coffee no problems mate. Do it all the time and they work just fine. Best time is actually just before bed i believe. I think it's actually T4 that needs an empty stomach to work effectively.
  8. Offer is still live today guys.
  9. PM me your full name, address and order number please and I'll see what's happened.
  10. Evening bump.
  11. Good deal on today guys.
  12. Evening bump.
  13. I took It years ago and had joint issues. Started it again less than 2 weeks ago and my wrists, shoulders and even my calf has started to suffer from aches and slight pulls already. I'm going to try and persevere with it for another while yet but if the issue persists I'll need to drop it again.
  14. Evening bump.
  15. Offer still live.