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  1. Some great savings to be had today guys.
  2. Evening bump.
  3. Evening bump.
  4. Offer is still live today guys.
  5. They are excellent mate. Enjoy!
  6. At the moment i take: Coq10 Evening Primrose oil High strength omega 3 Curcumin D3 Baby aspirin Vit C Cialis Liver+ Multi vitamins ZMA some evenings
  7. Bump.
  8. Evening bump.
  9. Offer has increased to an additional 20% off today.
  10. Extra 15% off today guys.
  11. Evening bump
  12. Used a few times. Worked well.
  13. I'd say the Cialis is bunk. I was off for over 3 months with no PCT. Took bloods and Test was around 4. I'd been taking daily Cialis all through being off, as I do year round and not once did I have a problem getting an erection. I'd go as far to say it's a prerequisite on or off cycle for its numerous benefits to blood pressure, prostate health and sexual function.