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  1. 80 Cals per 10 mins is a good basis for your stats.
  2. Appreciated buddy
  3. Evening bump.
  4. Midnight 19/2/17 buddy.
  5. Last day for this offer guys.
  6. Offer is still live today guys.
  7. Evening bump.
  8. I had an F30 335d for just over a year. Great all weather car. It really is in the low 4's 0-60 but it's rolling acceleration where it really shows its power. The x drives run on Se suspension so a set of Eibachs or ACS (warranted by BMW) are a good fix for the car. New 335ds are supposedly much improved from a suspension perspective but I never had an issue with mine personally. Gets 40mpg regularly too which is good for a 300+ bhp diesel.
  9. I'm using their Aromasin mate and it seems spot on. Haven't had bloods to check fully but due for some in 2 weeks.
  10. Afternoon bump.
  11. These are good quality tops guys. Certainly worth a look.
  12. Offer now increased to an extra 15% off.
  13. Offer is still live today guys.