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  1. Mate can I ask what sides u experienced on Deca and tren just wondering if they are the same as mine? Cheers
  2. Anygood?
  3. P.s not counting orals
  4. After a lot of research and experimenting with different compounds in various doses (a lot less than most on here) I've come to realise that after test it's either tren or Deca everything else is just a watered down version...anyone disagree?
  5. s**t mate best up it to a gram then see what that shows up as!!
  6. Last one was more like an earbud than an unmbrella mate!! Lol still fu**ing terrible thou
  7. Just an experiment mate had a blend left over
  8. Cheers for the responses all. I don't think my wording was clear enough I was meaning will it effect the test results themselves as in false negative/positive for stis?
  9. I'm expecting a good rinsing for asking this but serious answers would also be appriciated. Got a full STI screening book at the end of the month, ATM I'm cruising on 150 test 100 Deca just wondering if this will effect the results? Got no symptoms just a check
  10. Can I ask if you are still planning to publish the unkown compound findings mate? Also I noticed that not all the published reports on here showed carrier oils etc do pharma grade steroids not include these? Thanks bud!
  11. FairPlay mate I can see your points. Would be interesting to see how it came back!!
  12. Cheers man
  13. Can I ask you to expand on that a bit mate? Curious now!
  14. TBH mate that's why I'm starting to think The games not for me too side intolerant! Lol