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  1. Can I ask if you are still planning to publish the unkown compound findings mate? Also I noticed that not all the published reports on here showed carrier oils etc do pharma grade steroids not include these? Thanks bud!
  2. FairPlay mate I can see your points. Would be interesting to see how it came back!!
  3. Cheers man
  4. Can I ask you to expand on that a bit mate? Curious now!
  5. TBH mate that's why I'm starting to think The games not for me too side intolerant! Lol
  6. Cheers guys. I had seen a couple chem clarity reports and one of the sources I had used had 3 unknown compounds listed and got me worried any ideas?
  7. Does anyone have any knowledge on the possibility of a virus/disease that could be transported in a contaminated UGL bottle if test? Apologies if this is a rediculous question to ask but I'm clueless. Cheers
  8. As above 250 test nd 250 EQ VS 500 test? Sides and gains? cheers all
  9. A lot of people I hear get it bad on PCT like myself. Not a single spot until then. I went with accurate myself low dose and it worked
  10. Cheers all for the advice. Going to cruise through Jan and have a think
  11. Thanks mate. Is EQ any good in your opinion?
  12. As above. Going to run either EQ or Deca in my next blast but have scarring from last blast so want to avoid this. If I was to run both at 400mg which would give the least? cheers
  13. I'm starting to agree with you mate from my own experience. Do you ever get acne on / off?