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  1. Well that settles that then.
  2. There's a sticky thread mate
  3. Look forward to that mate
  4. 300mg test 200mg deca 100mg winstrol and 75mg t3. I've done test winstrol and t3 before and never noticed these effects. Tren absolutely ruined me I stopped taking it after about 4 weeks no sleep whatsoever. I am definitely quite sensitive to sides that's why I stick to lower doses.
  5. I was just about to order some SIS test e but after reading the Lab reports I am changing my mind. It seems like quite a few have come back underdosed. Has anyone else found this? thanks
  6. Has anyone else found Deca has effected their sleep or general mood and any possible explanations? i have been feeling lower than usual and started blasting again 4/5 weeks ago using deca.
  7. On the 23andme website it states treatments effecting WBC such as chemo may effect the results only reason I ask. But I think your right I can't see this effecting it
  8. I hear that aslong as whatever your on doesn't effect your white blood count it should be ok. So none of these compounds do that? Cheers guys
  9. Would being on deca test and winstrol effect the results of 23andme?
  10. While I'm at it. I've got some Winnie left aswell. Bad idea?
  11. Cheers for the responses all. Going to leave the T3 and crack on with the Deca just cos I have it now
  12. Tbh I just thought that was the normal range!
  13. What dose do you recommend?
  14. Tbh mate I have aswell! Mostly Went away when I lowered the dose
  15. Hi all, Going to Do a final blast right through summer before and extended break and cut. I am entering tough mudder at the at the end of August. It's 12 miles, I've never been a runner so need to train for it. Just wondering if then cycle will effect my running e.g shin pumps? And if T3 is dangerous while doing this heart wise etc? I don't do high doses as I've had bad side effects before. Cycle plan ATM is Test 300 deca 200. T3 75-100mcg cheers