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  1. Try this if you are expecting an Apocalypse, loads of good videos.
  2. Excellent movie.
  3. The big short, story about the housing collapse that led to the financial crisis, very good will make you think twice about investing in supposedly safe bonds.
  4. What kind of welding is involved with the alloys mate? you get much work doing them?
  5. Hidden figures, outstanding film about 3 black women and how they contributed to the space race. One for watching with the missus, have to say ashamed of the human race the way black people were treated. 9/10.
  6. Defo mate great to this sort of spirit on here. I would rep @Haunted_Sausage but you can't do it no more
  7. Thanks mate I used to do welding 20 odd years ago so that may have helped.
  8. Good stuff mate even if no job comes of it, still good fun and be good to learn for personal use.
  9. Thanks mate for the kind words, the outside weld was at the end just as I felt I had got the hang of holding the gun, you can see a small joint about an inch long at the start where teacher showed how its done and then I finished it. Funnily enough I found running the beads more awkward than doing some welds. The teacher moved me on to welds even though I had missed two weeks as he said they were OK. I saw some other work some good, some as you described. The only thing I thought was lacking was they didn't tell you about adjusting the power for different welds as I was doing a t bar and I could even tell it wasn't right it just looked as tho the weld was lying on it and not fused into it, if you know I mean. I didn't buy a mask yet will give it a couple of weeks before I tell her I'm spending another few hundred lol
  10. So first night at welding course, really enjoyed it, thought there would a lot of talking and sh!t first, but no straight into it, basically weld as much as you can for 3hrs. It was mig as it is the easiest apparently. Took a bit of time to get used to the gun and just as I was time run out. Some pictures for you to critique, was well chuffed with the external weld. @Haunted_Sausage
  11. 4" grinder will be better and cheaper if you have to buy it. Always cut finished edge first.
  12. Did you have kids when you put yourself in debt, the only reason I haven't accepted a lower paying job is I don't want my kids missing out.
  13. That's just me down to a tee mate, except when I finally get to the stage where I've had enough I tend to explode and it's normally those closest that feel the brunt of it.
  14. Couldn't ask for better missus and kids, will eventually have the nice house, but won't be happy till I get away from the sh!t job that I'm stuck in.