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  1. How's it rubbish Skye if my missus threatened to kick me out over an argument I would gladly leave, it would kill me to leave the kids but its no good for anyone in a relationship like that. I would then demand that she pays half the bills, currently I don't mind paying them but if she played the eviction card, sorry, she can pay her own way obviously I would make sure the kids have all they need as I'm not that much of b@stard, although she might disagree
  2. Correct, if they needed food,clothes or whatever it would be bought no questions asked.
  3. It is mate, we're not rich so if we were to split up its a case of divide assets and move on.
  4. No divorce, fuk that marriage sh!t.
  5. No mate she would get half of what's she's entitled to and child support, but she would pay half of everything until it was settled.
  6. If my missus said that, I would say don't bother, pack them my fcuking self and I would go, only so the kids dont need to leave. Then we would see how smart she is when she has to pay for half of everything rather than me paying about 80% of it.
  7. The man wants to stop companies leaving america, wants to create jobs, wants to cut taxes. Wants to stop illegal immigrants need I go on, sounds like change to me. Whether it will happen remains to be sren
  8. True, but there is to many people like you to make sure someone like trump would never get in to allow change.
  9. Mate, I pay my taxes and sometimes I wonder why the fuk I bother, cos the working class is at bottom of the ladder in this country
  10. He didn't avoid it, he paid the least amount he had to, its only us smucks that gets raped on a weekly/monthly basis.
  11. Seriously, mans made billions and paid next to fuk all tax, sounds pretty smart to me.
  12. On test, tren, DECA and oxy's right now, had a burning sensation on the nips at start of week, not lactating luckily, upped adex and taking 20mg nolva and seems to have calmed it down. Strength and appetite is good, horn is up too.
  13. Lol at op, mate that's what your heads full of.
  14. Was a bit dissapointed with it saying that never put many hours into, fallout 3 and Vegas were excellent tho