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  1. I can only imagine they live very boring lives.
  2. If you're volunteering on donating £55 odd thousand, then i'll be sure to let you know when I try.
  3. Exodus. Only going to 6000m. If all goes well, 8000m is the next one. Couldn't afford, nor would I attempt at anywhere near my current weight. £55k-110k is usual price range of a summit attempt.
  4. 4000m, not in a while unfortunately. I was 225lbs then, wasn't a problem.
  5. Don't I know it. If you don't hear me back from me... There's been some heavy, heavy guys who I know of and they've faired ok. But I guess we'll see. If everything goes to shite, I come back down, and I've insurance that covers a helicopter ride - providing I pay an excess of £750. @2004mark how heavy are you?
  6. Ah brilliant. Only to 6000m. Couldn't afford to go higher nor, at this present time give up bodybuilding.
  7. Willingly? Absolutely not mate, haha. I'd avoid being vegetarian wherever possible. Unfortunately, in order to avoid probable food poisoning, and a handful of other possible illnesses, meat consumption should be avoided. I could probably eat meat for the two days we're in Kathmandu. I'll be having plenty of rice, oats, eggs and dahl bat. And thanks man. Best of luck with your continued recovery.
  8. Mix of anxiety, excitement and dread. Pretty sure this planned trip has made me realise I have body dismorphia as the first thing I plan to do on returning, is sticking 3ml of test prop in my arse. Will be vegetarian for a month, picking up the last few things today. Anyone recommend a good high calorie bar? Has cost me around £6500 give or take a few hundred all told. Trip itself was only £2800. Current size: wet 265lbs
  9. my first tinder date. I know, I'm savage. 4 girls later, found a keeper and finding a place this summer.
  10. Good luck to you mate. Fortunate enough to have found a donor in your sister. Was it a weight off your shoulders when you were eventually told it had naught to do with ped usage.
  11. tesco/aldi convenient
  12. ? Might need a stronger defence when you face allegations of sex with a minor.
  13. I'd love to have you over for a dinner party. You'd have us all in stitches.