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  1. Never trained a day in my life, 5 years later, I grew a beard and this happened. Below are pre/post beard photos. I only use natural beard shampoo. #natural
  2. Think I've gotten lucky with my tutor. We had a discussion about ped use yesterday in tested sports, hearing the stories he has from years gone by, interesting.
  3. He's 24. Think if i get close to that by the time i'm 30 i'll be happy. 7 years to do it.
  4. Agreed. I'm going to be based in central london though, highest possible earning potential in europe - I dare say (for pting). Overheads from the places I've had offers from aren't too bad considering what the current employees are pulling. My body will sell itself to a degree.
  5. This is why I opted to pay more so I could attend classes and have a tutor. Guys a former sprinter and coaches olympic lifters; knows how to explain things. Just with this exam there wasn't enough time. Thetrainingroom its a full time 6 week intense course mate
  6. I've just come out of the exam mate. The easiest was the origin of the triceps. The rest of the muscles, not so much. Easier bits are the heart, endocrine and nervous system. We'll see if I pass
  7. Origin, insertion points, planes of movement, axis. Knowing the names is not enough. Wouldn't be hard if I had more time. Had friday, Saturday sunday and I'm working weekends now.
  8. Had 3 days to learn a fair amount of new stuff in a 90 page book on anatomy With a pass mark of 70%, and questions near identical to this.
  9. Been cruising since late november, I'm heading to mount everest on April 21st so anything that affects my ability to do cardio e.g tren is out the window. I've 8 weeks for a quick blast, any suggestions? Was thinking to just run test and an oral. Need a bit of help on this one, or I I'll leave it till I get back.
  10. +1 for shure.
  11. We're both a bit low on money right now, so the plan is getting drunk while cooking together, dressed only in aprons... She has 3 other housemates...
  12. much more entertaining t than Premier league football. The best teams have to find a way to win when they're nowhere near to their best, that's what we did yesterday.
  13. Hook grip, but nonetheless, guys an animal.
  14. You can. Waiting to see all the above username change requests.