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  1. it's 25 fu**ing degrees. What is wrong with some people. You have no right to complain till it gets above 40 and is humid.
  2. I'm going back next year to do merra peak haha.
  3. had me burst out laughing.
  4. I was ill, wasn't directly altitude related. In essence, I was vomiting the entire trip, lost my voice on several occasions which wasn't because of the altitude, but due to the altitude my body couldn't fully recover. Appetite is also greatly reduced because of the altitude, and your heart is beating over 100 times a minute at resting. just to list some of the difficulties.
  5. rose tinted glass yes. it was fu**ing horrific at times though, i'd have pressed the quit button a thousand times
  6. jesus mate you animal
  7. shame half of them are with their cuck partners.
  8. wish you were my history teacher back in secondary school, think I would have needed a change of pants from laughter.
  9. Only working 10 hours next 3 days too.
  10. I've never really understood people talking proudly of part of a nation's history if their said involvement equated to nothing. Yes, you could argue some of your distant relatives may or may not have helped, but why stop there, we are essentially related to everything living in one way or another. I rather liken it to individuals taking credit for sports team winning silverware when they did absolutely nothing themselves, "we were great, much better than"... It has to be said though; that a country having a rich history makes for an interesting discovery if one were so inclined to read up.
  11. I saw free, sign me up for the free plan. Long as you don't mind skyping on the toilet. Site looks clean, and professional
  12. Salman abedi 22. confirmed killer.
  13. haha, worst time of them all
  14. 5pm-9pm don't go in that window if you want to avoid crowds