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  1. What's your routine?
  2. Apparently I'm what Leonadis in the 300 would look like if he took peds. Although, Gerard Butler did take peds for that role.
  3. There were more londoners that voted in the referendum than in Scotland, and consequently, more that voted to remain in the EU than those in Scotland. Should we now allow London to have a referendum on whether to leave the UK to be apart of the EU? Should certain counties be allowed to do this as per the referendum results. Scotland was, and is apart of the UK. The UK voted as a whole to leave. A once in a lifetime referendum?
  4. I'm keanu reeves mate.
  5. Why do you watch this?
  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2325414/Men-physically-strong-likely-right-wing-political-views.html Haven't looked at in depth, looks like a flawed study is where this perception comes from.
  7. was having a s**t saturday, constantly arguing with the miss. Thank you England for making my Saturday
  8. I'm the minority in my home city.
  9. I'd do it at £40/hour.
  10. Basically this. Most do modelling part time and have full time jobs. Not a model myself I look more like a caveman, just few friends in the industry.
  11. Most people in London aren't cockney... Infact many aren't even fluent in English.
  12. Islamaphobe* or religious intolerance.
  13. Where's your avi though? x
  14. Stage IV colon cancer?