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  1. Breaking Benjamin- what lies beneath Gets me amped.
  2. 220g basmati rice (uncooked weight) 4 reduced fat barbecued burgers 150g fine beans Piccolo tomatoes
  3. Towel Revealing vest so I can do poses without breaking the shirtless rule in good lighting Antiperspirant 1.5L buxton Wrist wraps Cobra grips Knee sleeves Knee wraps Liquid chalk Also brought my own lat pulldown bar since I'm starting working there next month Sennheiser dj headphones and a banana.
  4. Maybe you should have a fight with the mirror and see who wins.
  5. When I came back from Nepal I was benching 100kg for 5. Shot up to 140 a month later. Granted I had lost 30lbs but... There's definitely time mate. Also trying to convince my gym to run a local pl meet... it's a pure gym but we've gained quite a few big lads from other closing gyms the past year. Finding it impossible to get back over 115 again. Sorry for hijack, any suggestions? Other than peanuts- allergic. Oh and in.
  6. Were you enjoying life at the size? I've never been above 120kg and even getting there was a horrid struggle.
  7. Reckon your face is holding a good 10kg of fat and water there mate haha.
  8. I work in retail management at tesco so we get a measly 10% off. Makes food shopping so easy though as the store I work at is a big 'un.
  9. I workout at pure gym. Think that's all I need to say.
  10. Fish? I'll be honest I spend upwards of £20 a day on food - not eating out and come august I've got to get it to about £13. Mainly fresh fish, love cod and it's £13 kg for loin. Fresh fruit too, raspberries aren't cheap.
  11. I'm 6'3? And I sweat a lot in summer haha.
  12. Getting full bloodwork done in 2 weeks, doctor thought it was beaus line which would be due to my trip to mount everest. Body underwent many psychological changes & seems to think this is what caused it. Though I protested it wouldn't have taken me 8 weeks to notice- which is what he was suggesting. I hope he's right
  13. Literally just read this before you posted. Wish you all the best @Pscarbsucks about the 6 months delay for the transplant but as you say look at the bigger picture.
  14. They appeared yesterday, in almost all my nails including my toenails. I'm a serial nail biter which is why I noticed they were discoloured. Anywho, appointment at 2.55 today with another GP to get bloods done.
  15. Yeah, I don't soak the rice. It's a possibility, in all honesty if that were it it would be a relief